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 Tokiori Clan

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PostSubject: Tokiori Clan   Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:32 pm

Basic Details
Clan Name: Tokiori Clan, “Clan of the Subtle Hands”

Clan Location: Iawgakure

Clan Symbol: An open hand reaching forward, and the seal on the palm of their hands.

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai: N/A


The clan revolves around the use and transformation of their hands as a supplement to fighting.


*No jutsu require hand signs, only uttering the name

Name: Subtle Hands, Sharpen
Rank: C
Description: The edges of either side of the palm develop a bone like edge, making them sharp. The knuckles just outward and sharpen, adding points to punches, and fingernails grow, making direct stabs with hands more deadly.

Name: Subtle Hands, Tranform
Rank: Varies
Description: The hands can transform their substance in nearly anything, depending on the user’s skill, while maintaining hand mobility. They can also change shape, forming sharp points, etc. Changing substance requires reuse of the jutsu, changing form does not.
C-Rock, plant etc
B-Metal, etc
A-Diamond, Elemental

Name: Subtle Hands, Messenger
Rank: B
Description: The hands can transport into a separate animal, leaving the user and carrying a message. This can be anything that is up to 3 times the mass of the hands, such as a bird, or small animal. The animal can only say the message, and only to the intended recipient. When the animal returns, they can be turned back into hands. If the animal is killed, the hands are lost.

Name: Subtle Hands, Genesis
Rank: A
Description: The user can regrow their hands completely, although only their own. It takes 24 hours of calm meditation, and at the end the user is completely exhausted.

Individual users can develop their own techniques.

Clan History:

The clan was founded long ago when a ninja named Akira lost his left hand. He was condemned as worthless by his village, as without a hand he could perform only the most basic ninjutsu. Desperate to regain his status, Akira trained hard to become a better Taijutsu fighter using only one hand. To do this, he heavily modified his remaining hand, developing self modification jutsu that required no hand signs. He became a master of his hand, and could easily defeat most other taijutsu users, even those with their original two hands.

When his son was born, the father trained and taught him how to use his hands for the various jutsu. The son grew skilled, and past on the techniques to his own son, adding and developing. The clan grew and spread, forming a respectable middle sized clan.

Clan members: Tokiori, Kichigai

Clan founders: Akira Tokiori, deceased

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Tokiori Clan
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