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 Umouji Clan

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PostSubject: Umouji Clan   Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:13 pm

Basic Details
Clan Name: Umouji Clan

Clan Location: Konohagakure

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai:
The Naibugan is a lesser Doujutsu utilized by the Umouji Clan. It has no visual effect on the users eye when dormant, but when activated the Naibugan causes the pupil to expand, overlapse the clanmembers iris and eventually cover roughly 80% of the user's eye's surface. The Naibugan enables its user to look into the targets blood circulatory system. Not only does this allow them to pinpoint the location of veins, but it also allows them to obtain detailled information on the targets blood flow, blood pressure and muscles.

-The Umouji Clan shares a close bond with the rats. Its clanmembers are thus capable of signing the rat contract and summoning rat companions into battle.

-Using their Naibugan, Umouji clanmembers are capable of utilizing an unique fighting style based around the target's important muscles and veins.

-Using their Naibugan and the clan's ancient, medical library, Umouji clanmembers can make great medical shinobi.


Naibugan Techniques

Rat Techniques

Kokutsume Techniques

Clan History: The true origin of the Umouji Clan remains a mystery. The clan's legend says a young man from the Tea Country named Umouji Nechouju one day unlocked the Naibugan which he used to earn a great deal of reputation both on the battlefield as well as in medical research. A couple of years before he died, Nechouju is said to have built himself a permanent residence in the southern Fire Country, close to the border of the Tea Country, where he dedicated his final years to medical research and recruited a great deal of followers.

Supposively, Nechouju's children were among those followers and, thanks to the Doujutsu they inherited from their father, excelled more at his learnings than any simple peasant. Thus, as the residance expanded and became a small fortress, those lacking the bloodline were simply driven away by those fortunate enough to have inherited the genes. A clan was born, bearing the same name as their common ancestor: Umouji.

Wether this is or is not the actual history of the clan remains a mystery. What is a fact however is that the clan is rather ancient and posesses one of the most impressive medical databases in existance. Through years of research, the Umouji Clan managed to work itself to the top of the leading clans involving poison, medical Ninjutsu, and sealing techniques. In addition, they refined their skills on the battlefield and learned how to properly utilize a fighting style based on cutting the opponents important veins. It is no wonder that, when the Senju and Uchiha Clan formed the Hidden Leaf, the Umouji Clan was one of the first clans to be officially invited into the shinobi village.

Ever since the Umouji Clan has accepted the Leaf's request and moved to Konoha, there has been a shift of balance in the power of the clan. The majority of its shinobi now residing in the Leaf, new headquarters are starting to form inside the Umouji quarter of Konoha. More and more shinobi leave the fortress in the southern Fire Country and head to the big city. Most important scrolls and data still being located in the fortress however, it remains an important location for all clanmembers.

Clan members: N/A

Clan founders: Umouji Nechouju
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Umouji Clan
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