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PostSubject: Naruto Nation.   Naruto Nation. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 06, 2010 1:29 pm

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Official Storyline

Three years after the radiance war, Akatsuki has met its end. Madara somehow escaped the war, and was kept alive. Madara Uchiha needed a plan to defeat Konohagakure and it's allies, but there was no way Madara Uchiha could do it himself. So Madara Uchiha made the new organization known as Neo Akatsuki. Madara Uchiha stayed in his hiding spot for years, trying to rebuild the new Akatsuki organization. Right after Madara Uchiha was done rebuilding the Akatsuki, he found someone to control the new Akatsuki with. The Neo Akatsuki eventually destroyed their controller and all 8 members killed Madara because they hated their leader. All 8 of them decided to go to Konoha for no apparent reasons. Konoha did not expect them to come. Especually since they sended half of there ninjas to fight Madara Uchiha. Neo Akatsuki planded this day. Since there was less ninjas today at this day. They all decided to kill the Land of fire. The Land of Winds were there allies, but not anymore due to them thinking there own ways on the radiance war. Oriochimaru died. Every Naruto character died on this war except for Madara Uchiha, but he was killed by his own Neo Akatsuki. After that, a world of new ninjas were born. (Custom Ninjas) and those ninjas were a bit similar to Naruto and all those other ninjas, but stronger. What will happen in the future now? Will the Ninjas ever defeat the Neo Akatsuki? Who knows?

What is Naruto Nation?

Naruto Nation is a role playing base forum created by Err. Err created Naruto Nation on: 2010-07-05. The forum has been nearly under construction for a whole month. The Administrator Err has been working on this forum for a long time now. Hoping, it will succeed, and it has. You will also expect a lot of things about this forum. Such as:
  • Ninjas Role playing.
  • Tournaments.
  • Challenges.
  • Wars and battles.

    and much more.

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