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PostSubject: Agito/Ginto Nanjisuma   Agito/Ginto Nanjisuma Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 8:57 pm

Name: Nanjisuma, Agito

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Relatives: Foster parents, and older brother

Personality: Is a kind person who always enjoy being with people. He hates it when a friend of his is heart. Also he has a seperate personality named Ginto. Unlike him, he is a ruthless killer, cares for no one but himself, and is a loner. Whenever Agito is close to death or is losing, he takes over and would kill his opponent. The two of them are always fighting over for who controls the body and becomes the dominant personality.

Appearance: Agito [white hair] and Ginto [black hair]: Agito/Ginto Nanjisuma Anime-guys-anime-guys-5756788-351-500

History: By the time he was four years old, his parents were killed on a mission. Him and his older brother were taken in by a foster family that were friends with their parents. They never had kids of their own and treated them like their own. When he was 8 years old he had joined the ninja academy. While there, he was able to make some good friends. He was also the best in his class and did well using jutsus. By the age of 11, he had graduated from the academy and became a genin. As a gift, his foster father created a blade for him for graduating. While on missions, him and his team would get along with each other and would talk about stuff. One day, on his way home from a mission, he met a man who had resembled a snake. Walking up to the man, he asked who he was. The then looked at him and smile, saying that his name was Orochimaru. After telling him his name, the man punched him in the stomach, making him uncounscious. When he woke up, there were six other people with him. Getting up, he saw chains on his legs. Then, when the door opened, Orochimaru had came walking in. Smiling, he did a handsign and his neck extended and bit him on the neck. After biting the others, they all fell to the ground and were screaming. Then, when the screaming had stop, most of them were dead accept for Agito, who was still panting. The next day, Orochimaru made him fight a few sound ninjas. He was told that he has to kill them to survive. Not wanting to kill them, they all began attacking him, without showing him mercy. When they knocked him into the ground, one of them raised a kunai and pulled it towards his throat. He then closed his eyes, waiting for it to kill him. Then, grabbing his sword, he deflected the blade and stabbed the man. Standing up, his hair began to change and a grin grew on his face. A black flame like pattern had formed around his body.When another one came from behind, he turned the blade upside down and stabbed him. He then ran towards the others and began slaughtering them. After killing the last one, his hair turned back to normal and he fell uncouncious. Orochimaru, watching from a tree, had an evil grin on his face after seeing him kill all of them. Weeks after that, he took him to a room with a cylinder like container in the middle. Then, by taking out a bottle filled with pills, he gave it to Agito who had then ate, knowing that he'll get killed if he didn't. After eating it, he had felt pain like he did when he got bitten, but more painful. He was then placed in the container and four other ninjas appeared and made a few handsigns. Days later, the container was destroyed and Agito was standing where it was. His hair turned dark red and was waist length, has light red skin, wing-like protrusions on his arms, fingers turned into claws, and his eyes are yellow with black scleras. He then changed back into himself, but his appearance was just like the time he killed all those sound ninjas. He then jumped through the ceiling and escaped back to his village. On his way back, he changed back into his regular self. When he came back to the village, he went to his house. Knocking on the door his foster parents were happy to see him and gave him a hug. When his brother saw the mark on his neck, he asked what it was. Covering it with his hand, he told him that it was nothing and not to worry about it. On the night he returned to his village, he had a strange dream. He was standing in front of a mirror staring at a reflection of himself. However, the reflection didn't look like him. It grabbed him and when it did, images were being shown of what happened to Agito when he was blacking out. The image told him what its name was Ginto and that he was created when the curse mark was placed on him. He also told him that if he's too weak, that he'll take over his body and that Agito will be just a voice in his head who couldn't do a thing to stop him. Waking up, he told himself that he's going to become stronger and learn how to control the curse mark, while not letting Ginto take control.

Other: Has the cursed seal of heaven on the right side of his neck. He covers it with bandages, so no one would see it.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin


Village: Konoha

Chakra Nature: Raiton


A katana with a wider sickle-like blade.


Name: Raiton Bunshin no Jutsu (Lightning Clone Jutsu)
Rank: D
Element: Raiton
Description: A clone made out of lightning that resembles the user. It can do the same jutsus as the user. If it is destroyed, it turns back into lightning and will shock the enemy.

Name: Raiton no Kiba (Fang of Lightning)
Rank: B
Element: Raiton
Description: Covering the blade in lightning, Agito does a downward swing that creates a creascent shaped wave that moves towards the enemy.

Name: Raiton Ryuusei no Suisei (Meteor Comet of Lightning)
Rank: A
Element: Raiton
Description: Covering his body in lightning, Agito attacks his opponent with numerous punches. He can also shoot balls made of lightning at the enemy if they are far away.

Name: Combination Transformation: Feathered Winged Demon
Rank: A
Element: None
Description: By doing a transformation jutsu with a partner, they transform into a giant crow with six wings.

Name: Summoning: Crows
Rank: C
Element: None
Description: Using his blood, Agito does the needed handsigns and summons a crow. The amount of chakra he has determines how big the summon can be.

Rp Sample

Walking in the village, he heard his stomach grumbling. Not remembering the last time he ate, he went to find the closest store. Seeing a food stand, he looked at the food it had. Seeing some candy, he then bought them. After paying for them, he then left while eating some of the candy he bought. Sitting on a bench, he started eating more of the candy. Seeing that there were more left, he decided to save the rest for his family. While walking back to the house, he then got a headache. "You are a total idiot," said a voice in his head. Ginto was talking to him and causes headaches when ever he does this. "I can't believe you just wasted money just for sweets!" Ginto told him. "Will you ever shut up, and I was hungry so what would you suspect." telling him using his thoughts. "Why don't you stop fighting and let me take over your body?" he asked. The two of them have been fighting over who gets to control the body while the other just becomes a voice in the head. Angered at him, he noticed that the heaven curse mark was about to spread from the bandages, he began to calm himself down. The curse mark then stopped trying to spread and went back to normal. He then started ignoring Ginto, who would keep yelling at him for ignoring him while walking towards his home.
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PostSubject: Re: Agito/Ginto Nanjisuma   Agito/Ginto Nanjisuma Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 5:33 pm

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