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PostSubject: Alucil Tokiori   Alucil Tokiori Icon_minitimeTue Apr 06, 2010 7:22 pm

Personal Information

Name: Tokiori, Alucil

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Relatives: None Alive


To be developed, but overall nice enough.


The Rokubi, like the rest of the Chakra Demons, is malignant. The slug is openly mocking of Alucil, criticizing his lack of skill and power, and laughing at his attempts to fight opponent on his own. The slug will usually refuse help unless begged for it, save in a life threatening situation. When influencing him, the slug will usually make Alucil especially cruel and contemptuous, similar to the slug itself.


Alucil Tokiori Wojtek_by_treijim


Alucil was born to the Tokiori clan 13 years ago. Neither one of his parents was prominent in the clan. His father died before he was born while his mother died during childbirth. It was unknown what to do with the child, eventually going to a pair of aunts who had no real desire to hold on to the child. They were desperate to climb the political ladder of the clan, and did not think taking in the average boy would help them much. However, pressure from the clan was too much, and the boy became theirs.

Meanwhile, the 6 Tailed Demon Slug, the Rokubi, had awakened from its nearby hiding place in the mountains. It had made several small attacks, and the village worried that soon a major assault could occur. Realizing that every other ninja village had created a Jinchuuriki but their own, the village elders put out a call for a volunteer newborn baby to become the host of the demon. However, the villagers had heard what became of the Jinchuuriki, their hard life and usual insanity, so no parent would willingly offer their child. Only one volunteer could be found: the adopted son of the two aunts, Alucil.

The village elders quickly accepted the boy, and the slug was continuing to attack the village. Gathering together a team of six Jounin, the villagers quickly devised a seal. However, lacking the time to perfect it, it would cost the lives of the Jounin in the process. Taking the child, the group of six found the Slug, preparing for its final assault. Forming a massive hexagon, the group quickly performed the complex seal, each ninja successive gasping as their life force was snuffed out, and an additional tail was sealed within the crying baby. Eventually both the ninja and slug were destroyed, and a ninja from the village came and collected the child.

The act did little to help the boy’s standing in the clan, and unlike his more prominent peers he received little training in his clan’s jutsu, instead abandoned to fend on his own. As his status as a Jinchuuriki was largely unknown by the villagers, he did not face the hardship growing up that many others with the tailed demons faced. His time as the academy was uneventful, and his recent graduation meant that soon he would be assigned to a team of his own, to finally feel excitement, and maybe even have his life in danger for the first time.


Jinchuuriki ~ Rokubi, the 6 tailed slug

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: Rokubi Jinchuuriki

Village: Iawgakure

Chakra Nature: Suiton


Typical ninja equipment

Quote :

Name: Rokubi, the 6 Tailed Demon Slug
Type: Chakra Demon
In times of great stress and need, the Rokubi will appear within Alucil, affecting him much the same as other Chakra Demons.

However, even when not active the Rokubi grants Alucil a very useful power: Alucil can grow and extend tentacles from his body. They can come out from anywhere, although usually Alucil uses his arms and legs. They are 1.5'' in diameter, pale white, and covered in a thick slime. They are fairly easy to get rid off, as they don't have any bones, so are easily cut or destroyed by jutsu. However, each tentacle ends in a sharp, hard point and as such can be used to painfully stab the opponent.

Name: Subtle Hands, Sharpen
Rank: C
Description: The edges of either side of the palm develop a bone like edge, making them sharp. The knuckles just outward and sharpen, adding points to punches, and fingernails grow, making direct stabs with hands more deadly.

Name: Subtle Hands, Tranform {Only Rank C transformations)
Rank: Varies
Description: The hands can transform their substance in nearly anything, depending on the user’s skill, while maintaining hand mobility. They can also change shape, forming sharp points, etc. Changing substance requires reuse of the jutsu, changing form does not.
C-Rock, plant etc
B-Metal, etc
A-Diamond, Elemental

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