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 Hoshi clan

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PostSubject: Hoshi clan    Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:12 pm

Bloodline Name/Surname:
Hoshi No Kodomo
[Typically called the Hoshi Clan]

Clan Classification:
[Bloodline Limit]

Kekkei Genkai:
[Innate Ability/Elemental]

Fire+Lightning =[Plasma]

Clan jutsu


Definition of Plasma:

I did NOT write this definition myself. It was one that I found on the internet that correctly described it as I meant it.

A plasma refers to a collection of atoms in their gaseous state that have lost some or all of their electrons, usually by being heated or electrically excited. Stars are entirely composed of plasma, akin to the astrological element fire. The four states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) differ only in the degree to which their atoms vibrate.

The measure of the average vibrational motion of the atoms or molecules of a substance is called its temperature. Thus the lowest temperature possible is when there is no atomic vibration at all. This is called absolute zero: 459 degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale, and the beginning—zero degrees—of the Kelvin scale of temperature. Curiously enough, the universe has a very low and uniform temperature in all directions. Known as the "3 degree Kelvin background radiation," this 3° temperature everywhere in outer space is an afterglow of the Big Bang cooled to almost nothing after 13.7 billion years, and the strongest evidence we have that a Big Bang occurred at all.

In a solid—the counterpart of the astrological element earth—the energy holding the constituent atoms together—their "bonding energy"—is stronger than the atom’s vibrational energy. This is what makes a solid a solid and gives it a fixed geometry. As a solid is heated, a point is reached at which the average vibrational energy of its constituent atoms equals or exceeds the energy holding them together. At this point the solid melts and becomes a liquid. A liquid is that state of matter—the counterpart of the astrological element water - in which the average vibrational energy of the constituent particles exceeds their bonding energy. If a liquid is continuously heated, there comes a point at which the average vibrational energy of the constituent particles so exceeds their bonding energy that they repel each other. At this point the liquid boils and becomes a gas—the counterpart of the astrological element air.

If the gas is heated even more, the vibrational energy of its constituent particles eventually becomes so great that its atoms begin to permanently kick off their outer electrons. A gas having lost some or all of its outer electrons is said to be ionized, and is know as a plasma—the counterpart of the astrological element fire.

Note: This is the definition of it in the world we live in but for Naruto purposes, it will be slightly different. Yes, it will still be it's own state of matter, but it won't be obscenely hot which will be described as I continue.


This Clan is very traditional in the sense that they do actually wear similar colors at almost all times. They also wear their Clan crest proudly on some article of clothing or such at virtually all times. They've been known to usually wear dark clothing or colors and usually have their arms exposed to the air as to lessen their limits on their arms.

Unique Insignia:
A Blue circle with four triangular shapes surrounding the circle. One triangle directly over top, to the right, left and bottom. The triangle on the bottom is larger and extends further than the others. The circle most obviously represents the Sun or a Star.

Traditions: The clan is known to worship the the god Oshihomimi no Mikoto which is the sun on the son god Amaterasu. It is said in legend that Amaterasu sent her sun to earth to rule over the land, but he soon vanished and was never seen again. The Hoshi clan legend picks up from there and goes on to say that Oshihomimi hid in a cave on the island near pesent day Kirigakure in order to hide from his current pain and fear. He is said to hide in the cave while the sun was out because if he was seen in the son then his mother (the son god) would find him. However when the sun went down he walked among the earth free as can be. He then meet a women by the name of estella and had 5 children. Each child lived in peace of the sun for many years staying in the sun to admire thier grandmother which allowed them to be free of thier fathers power. When the sun came down, they soon vanished under thier mothers cloak who feared that Oshihomimi would kill the kids if he knew they where alive. Later in the legendl the 4 child Mimioko , killed 3 of the other 4 children and gained the power of the black hole but was struck down by the oldest of the 5 children, Ama, who was named after her grandmother. She then went onto the land and established what is now the Hoshi clan.

Clan History: I hope you don't mind how I'm about to do this...

Theory 1:
Well, there are many rumors as to how this clan was started. It's been said that they have evolved from a clan so many generations ago. This clan was said to have controlled lightning and able to beckon it as they wished. The clan was referred to as the Harushino. This clan had undergone many ordeals in it's existence and had many great leaders over the years. There was one, named Suzaku who became an outlaw, but during those years, it had been rumored that he was developing a new type of release. Legends say that he had been successful and this was how the clan came to be. This was only a rumor of course, so it wouldn't answer all of the questions. Such as, 'If Suzaku was the creator, then how did the Doujutsu come to be?' Well, there is no definite answer. It was well known that Suzaku was well versed in the field of science for their time. Maybe he found a way to mutate the Harushino gene for himself and eventually was able to branch off the clan....while the Harushino died off and faded into the past. But.....this is only one theory.

Theory 2:
Another theory was that this clan was a mutation of the Kanzangan....a newer clan that is currently known for their odd Kekkei Genkai of manipulating Lava. This thoery says that a few members left the clan and went to another area to settle and eventually over time, their abilities evolved into what they were today. To this day, the Hoshi and Kazangan are neutral for the most part because they've never really encountered according to any history books written about the Hoshi Clan's past.....

Those are the two theories being thrown around out there...but no one really knows the truth. Thatls for a very specific reason. The Hoshi are so conservative that they've even hidden their own lineage and history from the members of the clan. So, somewhere, the history of the clan lingers and waits for the day that someone can find it and settle all of the rumors...but who knows if it'll ever be found.

Kekkei Genkai Information:
The Hoshi to literally convert their chakra into Plasma through the use of the latent chakra elements. It's been called Plasmatic Chakra Generation. Activation of the clan's ability causes the body temperature to rise to an inhuman number of 168.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. The usual temperature for the Hoshi is already higher than the normal, being 114.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. No, touching one of them will not burn you. They'll just feel a lot warmer than normal, like a person with a constant fever. In the earlier stages of this Kekkei Genkai, the increase in body temperature does take a toll on the user eventually. Also, a person's regular temperature will eventually rise [in later stages of the Doujutsu] signaling that their body has become more accepting of the temperature change and it will no longer really affect them.

Eye Appearance:
The eyes always match the color of the plasma he/she can manipulate. The iris develop a black ring in the middle, circling the pupil. The eyes are said to glow just like the plasma.

Taiyou Stage 1 [Red Super Giant]- Every member of the Hoshi Clan that posesses the Kekkei Genkai is born with at this level. At this level, maniputation of their chakra into the plasma form is quite weak. The plasma is able to be molded into small objects such as kunai, shuriken, bullets, and the like. All Plasma at this stage is red-orange, signaling that it's the least hot of all stages..only at 218.6 Degrees The user can only keep the manipulation active for about 10 of their own posts before it shuts off involuntarily. The user will have a pounding headache and be slightly disoriented as well as experiencing slight fatigue and dehydration due to perspiration for typically 5 Posts. The normal Temperature for a member at this level is 114.6 Degrees.

Training: Default

Taiyou Stage 2 [Orange Giant]- At this stage, the user's manipulation becomes stronger. The objects manipulated also become stronger than that of the previous level's. They are capable of creating larger objects such as swords, katanas, shields, mokubishi [sp?] spikes, and stuff. Manipulation can still be activated at will but can still only be used for 10 posts at a specific time before it's shut off involuntarily. At this stage, Plasma remains a brighter orange and maintains a temperature of 296.6 Degrees. The results of using the eyes at this stage is a milder, yet still moderate headache, lesser fatigue, dehydration and other symptoms mentioned above. The after effects last for about 3 Posts here. A member's Temperature at this stage usually remains at about 122.4-124.8 Degrees without the Kekkei Genkai active.

Training: 300 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.** The user must overpower the Orb's Orange plasma by forcing his/her own plasma to progress.

Taiyou Stage 3 [Yellow Pulsar]- At this stage, manipulation becomes significantly stronger. The user is capable of calling moderate [8-10 ft.] sized waves of Plasma at a time to their will as well an virtually manipulating it into shapes and objects of will. The plasma is a bright yellow color. There is no longer a limit on the length that their ability can be active. Though upon deactivating them, the user will have an almost unnoticeable fatigue. The Plasma as this level is on average, a temperature of 396.8 Degrees Fahrenheit. The normal body temperature of a member at this stage also remains a constant of 136.8-138.4 Degrees. Manipulation is possible at the previous stage to conserve energy but it will remain the strength and color of Stage two though the level of manipulation will still remain at stage 3.

Training: 500 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.**Training must be supervised by the Clan Leader if not done by the Clan Leader him/herself. The user must overpower the Orb's Yellow plasma by forcing his/her own eyes and plasma to progress.

Taiyougan Stage 4 [White Dwarf]- This is typically the stage that most users end up reaching and never going beyond. At this stage, moderate plasmatic assimilation is possible as far as limbs. The user is capable of much stronger manipulation with less effort. At this level, the Plasma is a bright luminescent white and remains a temperature of 492 Degrees Fahrenheit. Plasma can me manipulated at the previous level's strength to conserve energy but the plasma will be equivalent in strength, color, and temperature as stage three though manipulation level will be at level 4. A person is now capable of generating greater amounts of plasma at a time.

Training: 700 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.** Training must be supervised by the Clan Leader if not done by the Clan Leader him/herself. The user must overpower the Orb's White plasma by forcing his/her own eyes and plasma to progress.

Taiyougan Stage 5 [Blue Nova]- This stage is the strongest of the Taiyougan and this stage is a secret one hidden from the bulk of the clan. Only the Clan Leader knows of this stage and he/she is told when the Clan is passed down to them. The reason it's hidden so well isof the bloodline's ability to manipulate at previous stages at will. [This means that a wielder of Stage Five can choose to use 5 or 4 at their own leisure.] In this stage, a person can completely assimilate themself into Plasma for a limited amount of time [5 Post limit] and their manipulation strength increases another great step. They are now capable of manipulating pretty massive amounts of plasma. The Temperature of the bright blue plasma in this stage is 600 degrees Fahrenheit and the body temperature of one who has reached this level is a constant 168.6 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Training: 1000 Word Training with the Celestial Orb* in the Nebula Shrine.** But this training is also slightly different as a chant must be recited before the training is begun. "Gods of the Stars that watch over, Open my eyes to the Truth." This chant is only known by the current clan leader and is passed through word of mouth and therefore, cannot be researched as it has never been written down. It really has never even been seen by anyone other than a Clan Leader at this point in time so it's inexistent to anyone else. At this point, the Orb will glow cause a chain reaction within the shrine, 'awakening' it in a sense. The shrine glows with a blue very similar to the orb and it will transport the one attempting to gain it's final power to a dimension known as the "Celestial Universe". This area appears to be Outer Space with the lights of stars shining brightly in the distance. Nebulae and Galaxies can be seen and other atronomic bodies. It is here that the user will do the last training. This training is not physical like the others, but more of a meditation to reach the correct state of mind to unlock the last stage. The user must realize why it is that they want to gain this power and how they will use it. This can be done through the recalling of past events or whatever. When the training is complete, he/she will be transported back to this dimension and all will seem as if nothing has happened. This person will now have true knowledge of Plasma.

Taiyougan Stage 6[ Black hole ]- This stage is a stage that can only be obtained by killing not one but TWO other user of blue nova. This stage allows heat of 1000 degrees. They eyes are seen as pure black, even the white part of your eye. The plasma is indeed black and can do everything the 5th stage can do to a greater level. This means the ability to turn yourself into full plasma is now 10 turns instead of two. Now with this stage a 3k training post of pure meditation and using the new chakra is needed to control the 6th stage or the black plasma chakra in the user will collaps in on itself and reduce them to nothing. However one who reaches this stage is stuck here and can not go back to the 4th or 5th stage. At this stage the user is now given the ability absorb other plasmas and use that as chakra.

Training: 2k post of meditations and using the black plasma to allow the body to control this new and wierd chakra.

* The Celestial Orb is a Legendary Artifact/Heirloom of the Hoshi No Kodomo. It is comparable in size to a marble when inactive and because so, it's usually carried by the Clan Leader at all times while a decoy one will reside in the Shrine. When the time has come to use the Celestial Orb for training, through the reciting of "Hoshi No Kodomo Call Upon Thee.", the orb will defy Earth's gravity and begin to hover in the air itself and will become the color of the Stage that the one using it wishes to reach. No, skipping stages is impossible. The orb itself will be covered in plasma generated by itself causing it to increase to the size of the average basketball. The Celestial Orb will now have the appearance of a small star which will attack the Hoshi clan member in ways to test the skill of the ninja and force him/her to increase the Stage of their abilities.

** The Nebula Shrine is located on the Clan's Family household. The shrine is always built underground and is pitch black. Orbs of yellow plasma light the room when walked into so that one can see while in the Shrine. In the middle, is a fountain that is also filled with yellow plasma.

=Color of plasma always determines the temperature which is as noted above.=

Limitations: [+:Overpowering/ -:Weak to/ =Equivalent to +=:Somewhat Overpowering -=:Somewhat Weaker]

•Water: [-=]
•Lightning: [+=]
•Fire: [+=]
•Earth: [+]
•Wind: [=]
•Ice: [-]
•Wood: [=]
•Lava: [+]
•Crystal: [+]
•Dust: [=]

Number cap:4 ( Must ask me to join )
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi clan    Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:17 pm


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Guest My birthday is coming up soon so i might be a little inactive as before cause i won't be coming on computer much.
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi clan    Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:56 pm

I have one question....isn't lava technically plasma?
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi clan    Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:04 am

Hoshi and yoton are different.
Yoton=fire and earth which makes molten rock.
Plasma=lightning and fire which like a more...i can't think of a way to describe it but im sure they are different

I'am Coming For You Guest
Guest My birthday is coming up soon so i might be a little inactive as before cause i won't be coming on computer much.
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi clan    Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:40 am

no i mean that lava is technically in the state plasma.
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PostSubject: Re: Hoshi clan    

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Hoshi clan
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