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 Makojin Clan (WIP)

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Sendo Makojin

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PostSubject: Makojin Clan (WIP)   Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:02 pm

Basic Details
Clan Name: Makojin Clan

Clan Location: Konohagakure's Forest

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai: Rokuma Heika ~ Six Demon Arms


NAME: Rokuma Heika ~ Six Demon Arms

Makojin clan members can generate up to six muscular, red, demonic-like arms from anywhere around their body except for the front of their face. They will also have black claws on their hands. These arms are four feet long and they could also generate from other demon arms as well. Each demon arm would only inherit 1/3 of the user's strength (unless enhanced with chakra). They can work in the same way as regular arms and moves quite fast. Which is why it's important for Makojins to be primary battles in Taijutsu. This works because Makojins possess a unique organ in them that produces this arms. By using chakra to guide the cellular structure of the cells out of the skin layers, they'll be able to use the arms. However, as a trade-off for these arms and the organ, Makojins are severely limited in elemental ninjutsu. This means it's hard for them to learn an element until they're at a very high skill level. High Jounin Level Makojins are able to learn one element and Kage level Makojins are only able to learn up to two elements. Because of such weakness, almost all Makojins are main specialists in Taijutsu.

Makojin clan members gains enhanced strength with their extra arms to use in physical battle. Makojin can channel 15% of their chakras to all of their Demon Arms, they can enhance each arm to gain super strength, just 20% stronger than the Makojin's overall strength. By using the chakra, they can stimulate the cells and heighten its molecular density. With that, they can punch through some tough objects (up to the hardness of Iron) and can leave rather strong impacts to enemies. The demon arms can extend to up to three meters when it is enhanced. The demon arms can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. Rokuma Heika can puncture through a few feet of solid ground with ease. Because of this power, they are feared to be excellent Taijutsu masters. It would take four minutes for an arm to fully regenerate should it get severed. It'll take C-rank chakra to tap into the regeneration. Makojins can combine the Demon Arms with their Taijutsu prowess and techniques to unleash deadly attacks. The size of the arms/hands can also be manipulated, but only to smaller sizes besides the meter enhancement. The hardness of the arms can also be enhanced.

When enhancing the arms, the user must sacrifice almost 1/5 of their chakras for it to work so. Makojin will feel the pain of whatever the arms feel since they're connected if it gets cutted off. This first level can be pierced by B-rank Kenjutsu/Taijutsu and C-rank Ninjutsu. A Makojin's overall speed is slowed down by 25% when using the arms, which is also another reason why it's important for Makojins to train in Taijutsu. Weapons made out of steel or stronger can cut through the arms and severe them. Due to the way the arms are released, they're two consequences. Since a Makojin produces the arms out of the body through the third skin layer, if they retract the arms when they're not cutted in pieces, the skin layers will follow and patch up the openings, thus making it appear as normal. If an arm does get diced like that, it must be retracted or else it won't regenerate. However, if they do so, all of the skin layers around the part where the Makojin released their arm will be exposed, thus leaving a fleshy part within that area. Blood will slowly spill from that area and if the Makojin cannot patch that up within eighty minutes, they'll lose all of their blood and soon die. From that, the fleshy part is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks, and the damage will also be increased. Even a simple touch to that opening will cause great pain. More patches can accelerate the rate of blood spill. However, this can be patched up when a demon arm is released from there to stop and heal the damage. Which is also another reason why Makojins should train Taijutsu, to enhance their endurance to absorb the most possibly damage at the most worstest cases.

Kuroroku Maheika ~ Black Six Demon Arms

This particular ability is the "upper" and second level of the Rokuma Heika. In this phase, Makojin clan members must have performed the ultimate class of destruction by killing the family of one of the people they murdered and create chaos. This could also be done through by having tons of battle expierence and to have killed someone with a main Taijutsu specialty.

In this form, the demons arms now have black hide instead of red. The arms also have a little jagged rock-like appearance rather than a sleek, skinny one. The black demon arms emit slight shadow "mists" whenever they're moved. This just might be from the dark aura released from the vile limbs. These arms have the same functions as the original demon arms but with more enhancements and much more hardness. They now inherit 3/4 of the user's muscle power.

Every Makojin has a different way to activate the arms. Also, if the user consumes 25% of their chakras to all of the arms, they inherit superhuman strength, further than that of the first level. Their strength increases to be 50% stronger than the Makojin's overall strength. They're able to penetrate through more harder objects (Up to the Level of Steel). These black arms are best used for smashing purposes. Ultimately, the demon arms and the Makojin's massive strength can be used to overcome and render opponents within a short amount of time. The claws are more sharper and the hands have a pretty powerful grip agianst objects, one that is greater than the normal arms. There're two higher levels than the Kuroroku Maheika but their existence is quite rare and unknown. (This meaning I'll create them later in Jutsu Creation, but only a Makojin that is quite connected to battle and the Demon King can unlock these two levels, and this is not limited to only the Makojin Leader)

Once they unlock a higher level of the Demon Arms, they can obtain enhanced senses. They also have enhanced senses. For example, Sendo can enhance his smell to superhuman smelling. The maximum amount of sense enhancement is three. A description of such enhancements must be added in one's Demon Arms description to describe how much is enhanced and what is enhanced.

For Kuroroku Maheika, it can be pierced by A-rank Kenjutsu/Taijutsu, and B-rank Ninjutsu. When enhancing these arms, the Makojin will have to consume 1/4 of their chakras. The second level can be pierced by titanium-made or stronger weapons. A Makojin's speed is slowed down by 1/3. It would take six minutes for each demon arm to regenerate, and B-rank level chakra to tap into the regeneration. Furthermore, a patch through all skin layers will oepn revealing a fleshy part. The overall size of the patches will also be a little bigger, allowing more damage to be inflicted towards the Makojin from enemy attacks. The Makojin will feel a large amount of pain during battle which can affect their battle power. Plus, blood will spill from that patch and if they do not cover it up in forty minutes, all of their blood will be drained and they will soon die. More patches can accelerate the rate of blood spill. This can also be overcomed with the same requirement as the normal Demon Arms. These Black Demon Arms can only appear anywhere in the body except for the head.


Clan History:

The history of the Makojin clan are known and recorded only to the clan itself. Its origin is shrouded by mystery to outsiders as no one else has known it s secrets. The secret of their history is jsut as secretive as no non-Makojin knows there is a higher level of the Rokuma Heika. it all started between the mating of a supernatural figure and a beautiful woman who identifies herself as a witch of ancient arts. The supernatural figure known as 'The Demon King" had grew in love with the witch, especially for her habit of causing havoc and destruction. When they had a baby, their offspring was abnormally muscular and strong as well as possessing strange eyes, demonic teeth, and an evil nature. The witch had adored her son as he might as well become the leader of an empire that has destroyed the entire world. But she wanted to test out a new spell that she had developed. The witch abadoned her husband one night and left to a faraway remote location. The Demon King, angered and betrayed, chased after his wife to the hidden area. The Demon King easily killed his wife who was firing spells at her husband. Before he can retrieve his son, nearby monks repelled the creature and sended him back to Hell. They took in the baby, who had concealed its demonic and evil features. The child grew up to be known as Mashin Makojin. Mashin destroyed the very temple he was raised it as he grew up along with his guardians. Sendo was awared of his Demon Arms ability and went on to unlock the second stage. It did not reveal to anyone, including his descendents, that he too unlocked the third stage of Rokuma Heika. He quickly founded a mate to produce some offspring that would carry on his bloodline and power. The Makojin clan were that of an old race, and they evolved to a great army. Shinobi members were organized in small families called hordes. Makojin elders and those who've unlocked higher stages of the Demon Arms were called Narakus and banished, disgraced, or rouge members were called the Toukais. However, during the 2nd Great Shinobi World War, the Makojin clan were the most primary battle force in Konoha and so many sacrificed their lives to make an obvious victory for Konoha. Because of that, only twenty Makojins are known to exist while the others hide in their households. However, that did not upset the clan has Makojins prefer dying in battle at a young age rather than dying a natural death out of old age. From this behavoir, it could be assumed that Makojins do not fear death but rather fear aging. The clan was founded by Mashin Makojin thirty years before Rikudou Sennin defeated the Juubi, became a Shinobi God, and taught the arts of Ninjutsu and chakra. The clan is nearly 400 years old, and there have been nine clan heads, including the current one.


Clan members:
Sendo Makojin- Leader
Shikyo Makojin
Takai Makojin
Shouten Makojin
Shikifuzen Makojin- "Prince"
Senashi Makojin

Clan founders: Mashin Makojin

Other: There're two upper levels of Rokuma Heika but I'll make them later in Jutsu Creation and train for them.

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Sendo Makojin

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PostSubject: Re: Makojin Clan (WIP)   Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:20 pm

Quote :
The fact that they gain other powers when their super strong Kekkei Genkai is inactive makes it even more overpowered than it needs to be, seeing as the weaknesses of the arms are not affected when not active.

Hmm, I agree, I removed all enhancements to capapbilities and abilities. However, can I keep the sense enhancement as an additional inherited demonic trait?

Quote :
Eyes that see chakra... We don't need more Danzo related Sharingan/Byakugan abilities. Please remove those.


Quote :
Remove all mention of comparing its strength to certain Taijutsu moves. Taijutsu moves are dependent on the user. If a Genin and a Jounin used the same technique, its power would be drastically different.

Removed, however, I still think that there should still be a technique comparison since if the arms are chakra enhanced, they'll be a little stronger than the Makojin's own strength. I think we should specify that calculated strength.

Quote :
Remove mention of "posts" and add an actual time limit. A post can last anywhere from a few seconds, to a few hours.

Editted, I think I got all of them since I fixed the regeneration rates. This would mean that for every post that my arms remain severed, I would have to keep track of the time frames within my posts?
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PostSubject: Re: Makojin Clan (WIP)   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:40 pm

Quote :
However, if they do so, one skin layer from the area the arm was released from will be exposed, so the Makojin will suffer damage similiar to a first-degree skin burn. From that, the Makojin is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks, and the damage will also be increased.

You can't really claim such a thing as a weakness when a first degree burn is entirely insignificant in terms of bodily damage. There would be redness, and pain, but that's about it. So, change something about that statement, please.

Quote :
However, can I keep the sense enhancement as an additional inherited demonic trait?

If you really demand to have super senses even though this is an entirely taijutsu-based bloodline limit, then so be it, but you'll need to done down the abilities of the arms to keep it more balanced.

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Sendo Makojin

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PostSubject: Re: Makojin Clan (WIP)   Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Makojin Clan (WIP)   

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Makojin Clan (WIP)
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