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 Kojiki Clan

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PostSubject: Kojiki Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:15 pm

Basic Details
Clan Name:Kojiki

Clan Location: Kirigakure

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai:

The Hakyougan(Shattered Mirror Eye)

The Hakyougan is capable of doujutsu perform through the eyes themselves. These can be defensive or offensive depending on the one performed. The most notable techniques in its arsenal is the ability to conjure up a corporeal summon. The summon itself grows with the user and seems to evolve from a mere set of arms to a Monstrous creature that envelopes the user. However Control plays a key factor in the use of the bloodline, each user must have above average control to prevent them from literally blowing their eyes out of their skull. This higher control also makes it easier to

Wit and Stamina play parts in the bloodline as one would need stamina to use the bloodline for prolonged amounts of time, especially for the corporeal summoning jutsu. Wit entails an understanding of the bloodline and what one must do in order to use it properly. Overall the three stats that are required to bring this doujutsu to bear at its most basic level are control, stamina, and wit, but this is just for basic application.

This brings us to the extra jutsu present, they may require other stats to be at a certain level before being usable. It should be noted that the Hakyougans power being sealed makes certain that unprepared people can't reach jutsu above their level until they're viewed as ready or they'd most likely inflict more harm upon themselves than anything.

Abilities: The abilities of the Hakyougan are directly linked to it’s rank and the rank of the user. The rank of the Hakyougan is directly linked to the user’s rank and thus is their cloud burst.

Academy Students get D, Genin C, Chunin B, Jounin A, Elite Jounin get S. However, to gain any crack beyond D rank, requires the user to RP with the head of the family and obtain it. And, they can only start with D ranking.

Rank:D- S
D Ranking-The doujutsu itself lays dormant in the black eyes until a handseal is made and chakra is focused into the eyes, the eyes will seem to crack and reveal the physical marking of the eyes strength. When it comes to the Doujutsu abilities, this can be divided down into categories for the Hakyougan. The bloodline essentially allows the clan member access to jutsu the stronger they become. However when it comes right down to it, having one crack doesn't grant you much in terms of abilities. You have access to the first stage of Doshaburi with your Hakyougan activated and that's about it.
C Ranking- Once a Kojiki member goes through the ceremony and is granted their second crack they will find the Doshaburi ability will be stronger but they will also be able to learn the first form of the Oni Majutsu. When it comes to the Hakyougan's abilities they present themselves almost in direct connection with the doujutsu itself. However to prevent an 'overload' so to speak, they can only use one ability at a time. This prevents the user from straining their doujutsu with too much output.
B Ranking- When it comes to the jutsu that can be used at this point, the Hakyougan not only grants the ability to once again increase the tiered abilities but it grants access to another. For instance the Doshaburi ability and Oni Majutsu are the tiered abilities, obviously. With the acquiring of the third crack the user can learn Yata no Kagami their first singular ranked jutsu. Another point of interest is that the Sohen are usually the ones that reach this stage but their clan won't allow them to progress any higher unless the clan member is selected as a Sanmenkyou replacement or there is a special order given out by the Mizukage such as during a time of war, preventing an invasion, etc.
A Ranking- With the obtaining of the fourth crack the clan member is more often than not replacing a Sanmenkyou or carrying out a special order by the will of the Kage, which is rare unless during a time of war. Those that do gain this power not only lead the clan but are considered one of the most powerful members within said clan. Often a Jounin in rank since there have been only three Chuunin as Sanmenkyou in the clans history, they have the power to learn Yasakani no Magatama as well as increasing the power of Doshaburi and Oni Majutsu.
S Ranking- Saikou Hakyou
When a clan member obtains four cracks in their Hakyougan they can eventually move on to learn the Saikou Hakyou. This stage is considered the ultimate form of the bloodline and only comes to privileged Hakyougan users that have either earned the right to bear it or in times of war. When activated the entire eye will be covered in multiple cracks almost like a broken mirror. This is the absolute form of the bloodline as it grants access to the strongest forms of the tiered doujutsu, only a powerful shinobi can manage to use and withstand the Saikou Hakyous power. The Saikou Hakyou will lift the last traces of the seal when removed and more often than naught requires approval from the Elders. This technique enables the user to literally shatter any other Doujutsu simply by looking upon it.

Doshaburi (Cloudburst)
Rank: D - S-rank
Requirements: Properly Ranked Hakyougan
Type: Doujutsu
D Ranking-This is commonly the most well known ability used amongst the Kojiki clan members. A simple technique that is used when a Hakyougan is active, the user focuses chakra through their eye and releases a burst of energy outward from the crack(s) in their eye. Obviously with one crack this will be useful only for repelling things like kunai of shuriken so long as they are within the cracks path of travel, deflecting them away. When fired off it grows after leaving the eye, being roughly a foot in length. The range of this technique is only 3 yards as it is primarily used as a deterrent against physical projectiles.
C Ranking-When the user advances their Hakyougan they can advance Doshaburi. A second crack not only increases the bursts in number but power as they start to become a low level offensive jutsu that can repel kunai, shuriken, etc or go up against C-rank offensive Ninjutsu. This is also a useful skill to have when you're trying to put some distance between you and your opponent. The size the bursts grow to remain the same as the D-rank burst. This level of Doshaburi has a range of 6 yards.
B Ranking-Three cracks once again allowing the clan member to increase the number of bursts and the power of Doshaburi. It becomes increasingly useful for a variety of purposes, these bursts capable of things like blasting away clouds of smoke/poison, repelling projectiles, countering opponents in close combat, etc. Being a B-rank jutsu it can handle similarly ranked offensive Jutsu. In this form the bursts grow to two feet in length and holds a range of 9 yards.
A Ranking-Should a Kojiki clan member gain 4 cracks the power is capable of being improved as it not only becomes a more focused attack in the way it releases these bursts, and yet again the number is increased. This level is effective in terms of deterring close range combatants from charging headlong at the clan member as they'd be blasted backwards very easily by this technique. The bursts grow to three feet in length in this form and have a range of 12 yards.
S Ranking-The final tier of Doshaburi, and as such it is the most powerful and deadly. With the Saikou Hakyou in their possession, the user can gain the ability to use this form of Doshaburi in combat. When obtained this form can contend with defensive jutsu of a lower rank as well as cause great harm to anyone that moves in too close. When fired off this jutsu will have an almost weblike pattern to it given how the eye looks like a broken mirror, thus the cracks reflect this in the projection of Doshaburi. The web like burst grows to be five feet in diameter. This version holds a maximum range 16 yards.

Clan Jutsu:

Clan History: Sanmenkyou(Three sided Mirror aka the Elders) - Leaders of the clan, each one granted a title and rules over one of the three houses of the Kojiki clan. They are the Mirakyousen(Warring Mirror), the Kyoumen(Surface Mirror), and the Enkyou (Round Mirror). The Mirakyousen handles matters between the Kage and the clansmen in terms of handing out missions and training the more adept doujutsu users. Another role of Mirakyousen is that of Doujutsu master as they are usually the one out of the three with the most cracks. The Kyoumen deals with the political affairs between the clan and village, they also are responsible for teaching from time to time. They are often formally dressed at all times of day, often working out of the villages offices during the day. The Enkyou handles internal matters of the clan, often disciplining troublemakers and the like. However amongst the Sanmenkyou, the Enkyou also watch for signs of rebellion from within that might affect their standing in the villages eyes. They also keep watch over the Kojiki Compound in Kirigakure as well as their Clans former stronghold on the coast. They are considered the three strongest members in the clan.

Despite their tasks, the Sanmenkyou can take on Genin teams. However they usually never take on members of their own clan unless they have to. Kyoumen often refuses a team to stay beside the Kages side and pick up the slack should one of the other two go on a mission. Enkyou often takes on a team but rarely goes on missions. This brings us to the Mirakyousen, while he often takes teams on a trial run to see if they can pass a test to his standards he is known to regularly fail even passing students for personal reasons.

Sohen(Fragments) - Members of the clan that carry out the Elders will within the clan. Given how the clan is comprised of a total of 97 members total at the present time, about 10 of them are Sohen and three are the Sanmenkyou. This leaves 85 members as either shinobi or people that help the village in other ways. The Sohen are placed below the Sanmenkyou in terms of power, often showing proficiency with their bloodline that most clan member don't short of the Elders.

The Sohen are probably the only members who will readily use their bloodline as much as the Clan Elders. The remaining Clansmen will often rely on their other shinobi skills, this makes the Sohen and Sanmenkyou the primary bloodline users and they often strive to improve themselves. They seek to excel their shinobi skills as the village still views them as outsiders

The birth of a bloodline

Born to a poor farmer, Oburi lived the first few years like any other child. Learning to follow in his fathers foot steps and be a farmer himself. Back during times of war, battles between villages took their toll on his village. Oburi was seven when his village was razed to the ground. When members of the Kojiki clan came to the village they provided aid and supplies for the village to rebuild, they of course were looking for people they could train in order to make there ranks swell, the village would most likely have willing young souls ready to taste revenge. Oburi was one of these young souls.

Obviously he would not have been thrust into the war due to his age, but instead he was placed in the ranks of young people being trained to fight in the future. Wanting to get back at those that murdered his family he quickly learned what he needed in order to become stronger. Because of his time spent being a farmer, the physical excercises and activities during his training were not was hard as they seemed. During his time training he was paired with a comrade in the Kojiki compound. During their years together they relied on one another to obtain their goal of becoming stronger.

Graduation Day. The final exam one might say, obviously something neither Oburi or his comrade were prepared for. Once informed of the test Oburi and Ryuuzaki were at each others throats. Oburi at this time seemed to be at a disadvantage once Ryuuzaki pinned him to the floor and drove a knife through his right shoulder. Before Ryuuzaki could deal the death blow, Oburi's body surfaced something. A new bloodline appearing in the face of danger. Giving Oburi an edge of Ryuuzaki's next move, Oburi quickly reacted and used Doshaburi and knocked Ryuuzaki off of him.

Free to rip the knife from his shoulder he did just that and with almost blinding speed sent the weapon into Ryuuzaki's forehead, killing him instantly. Oburi sat there in disbelief as he tried to slow his breathing. A latent genetic ability that he possessed had become activated in a near death situation in the form of a Doujutsu. After graduating Oburi continued to train and as he did so, his Doujutsu became stronger. It was to the point that he could must the power of the Hakyougan's tiered abilities with ease.

The Clan

Over the years Oburi had children, and they had children, and so on. He was allowed to join the clan and in his youth he was rather "popular" with the ladies even if it was at the Clan Elders request. The Kojiki Clan became a nomadic clan, hiring themselves out in times of war. By the Second Great Shinobi War the Kojiki clan had grown greatly in size, having dozens of members made the Kojiki clan become seen as a serious threat. Over the years members of the clan started to be born with the doujutsu bloodline rather than having to activate it through training, some members of the clan becoming skilled fighters, the bloodline eventually becoming the very symbol of the clans power.

The clan seemed to thrive and prosper, their nomadic lifestyle taking them around. It seemed well established and their future bright, at least that's what they believed until a village attacked them and took them completely by surprise. One of the clan Sohen at the time, Sachi, rose up with his doujutsu and helped fend off the shinobi. The other Sohen taking up arms with as he used the Saikou Hakyou to move through the battle while using the strongest abilities the Doujutsu had to offer. The village ninjas dispatching a goodly number of their clan members before they escaped to safety. The Elders lamented the lose of the men, women, children lost to the attack.

It wasn't long before the clan as a whole agreed that they would not survive another attack from village shinobi and trekked to the closest one in order to seek asylum. The safest choice being Kirigakure. With that decided they all boarded ships and sought out the Hidden Village in the Mist. After a year they finally came upon the village and the elders sought out the Mizukages counsel with Sachi in tow. The negotiations were shaky at first but eventually the Kojiki clan was allowed to become members of the village. However due to the mistrust toward them they were sent to guard the coastline of the wave lands and had to place seals upon their memebrs from that day forward to limit the clans power. To most back then, the seal was seen as a leash that the Mizukage could yank on his new pack of lap dogs, to others they saw it as a symbol of peace in some strange way. They remained on guard duty with a few village chuunin that trained and helped the clan grow. The children quickly growing into shinobi, some even being sent back to the village to take on missions and become part of the genin teams.

Some generations later, the Kojiki clan was folded into the village, given a compound with which they stay, and recognized for their stalwart effort of maintaining the shores around the village. Despite the Kojiki compound, the clan members always refer to their home as the small stronghold resting on the Eastern Coast. The Kojiki in the end were removed from their nomadic lifestyle and granted a small fragment of peace within Kirigakure, given their official duties to protect the village. An age of tension was eased in the clan and Kojiki clan members were given the chance to merely serve their village. However there are still some shinobi that live up to the clan former title as "free spirits".

Clan members: Kojiki Bishamon

Clan founders: -
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Kojiki Clan
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