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 Kangaku Clan [WiP]

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PostSubject: Kangaku Clan [WiP]   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:13 pm

Basic Details
Clan Name: Kangaku

Clan Location: Konohagakure

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai: Oshiegan

Abilities: The Oshiegan, despite its name, is more of a state inside the users brain than an actual Doujutsu. Because it also alters the users eye color however, it is often mistaken for one. The Oshiegan consists of a greatly evolved chakra system inside the clanmembers brain which, once the clanmember has grown enough, can be activated and trained. Once activated, the clanmembers utilizes chakra to increase his brains preformance. This results in greatly increased memory and the ability to think and calculate at an astonishing speed. No chakra is lost in the process, but instead the Kekkai Genkai requires a great deal of chakra control to remain activated. Although the limit of the Oshiegan depends on how skilled the clanmember is, ever clanmember will eventually suffer increasingly painful headaches and be forced to deactivate their Kekkai Genkai. Pushing the Oshiegan past this limit will result in the clanmember passing out and waking up memory loss. The Oshiegan knows three stages:

The dormant Oshiegan is either an inactive Oshiegan of an elder member or the eye of a clanmember who is not yet old enough to activate his Kekkai Genkai. Au contraire to the popular belief the dormant Oshiegan grants no memory or intelligence bonuses at all, thus younger clanmembers do not profit from any benefits until they managed to "unlock" their imperfect Oshiegan. Clanmembers who do posses the Oshiegan but are simply keeping their bloodline limit inactive may not receive any intelligence boosts, but can still access memories they stored while using their fully grown Oshiegan.

The imperfect Oshiegan is common among clanmembers between roughly 12 and 17 years old. Clanmembers utilizing the imperfect Oshigan have developed their Kekkai Genkai well enough to utilize it, but have not yet managed to grasp its full potential. As a result, their iris only turns yellow and they receive a fraction of the powers of the perfect Oshiegan. Clanmembers using the imperfect Oshiegan are slightly better at memorizing and think significantly quicker than their peers. Due to their lack of skills however, they are often unable to use it for extended periods of time.

The perfect Oshiegan holds the true power of the Kangaku Clan and forms the basis of the fighting style of most adult clanmembers. Like the imperfect Oshiegan it turns the clanmembers iris yellow, but it also adds a very distinguishable, verticle, black stripe through their eye. While active, the perfect Oshiegan allows the clanmembers brain to function with maximum efficiency. It perfectly captures everything the clanmember senses, allows any available memory to be retrieved in an instance and allows calculations and plans to be made within a fraction of a second. The Oshiegan is feared for its ability to predict enemy movement with sheer logics and make up the most fitting counter attacks within seconds. The longer a clanmember gets to observe his opponent with his perfect Oshiegan, the more accurate he can predict his opponents next moves.


Name: Aibo no Jutsu ~ Memory Cherishing Technique
Type: Hijutsu
Rank: D
Element Affinity: Neutral
Description: Aibo no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the imperfect Oshiegan of the Kangaku Clan. While holding the "bird"-handseal, it allows younger clanmembers to perfectly imprint their sightings inside their mind. This way, they can make up for their lack of photographic memory by making so-called snapshots of important things or individuals. Unfortunately, their underdeveloped Kekkai Genkai does not cope with more than two captured memories per day.

Name: Kinen Inmetsu no Jutsu ~ Memory Destruction Technique
Type: Hijutsu
Rank: B
Element Affinity: Neutral
Description: Kinen Inmetsu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the perfect Oshiegan of the Kangaku Clan. After forming a "rat", "tiger" and "bird"-handseal, the clanmember guides a harmful flow of chakra past an accurately selected section of his brain to erase any targeted memory for whichever reason. As selecting a single memory with perfect accuracy is incredibly difficult, it is not uncommon for the technique to destroy fractions of other memories as well.

Name: Kinen Eisha no Jutsu ~ Memory Projection Technique
Type: Hijutsu
Rank: B
Element Affinity: Neutral
Description: Kinen Eisha no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique utilizing the perfect Oshiegan of the Kangaku Clan. After forming a "dragon", "rat" and "bird"-handseal, the clanmember gazes into the targets eyes and places him under a Genjutsu. While the target is under this Genjutsu, the clanmember can show the target any desired memory from his perspective. This can be used either to torture an enemy with harmful memories or to transmit information in the most accurate way possible.

Clan History:

Clan members: Kangaku Oubun

Clan founders: Kangaku Kijin
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Kangaku Clan [WiP]
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