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 Kitsune's jutsu training done

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Kitsune Hikari

Kitsune Hikari

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PostSubject: Kitsune's jutsu training done   Kitsune's jutsu training done Icon_minitimeMon Jul 05, 2010 12:57 am

Name:Fire style:Dragon flame bullet jutsu

Rank:C (take off 20 points)

Description:The user blows fire that is shaped like a dragon stronger than Dragon flame you can use it with earth dragon bomb.it will make molten lava.

Kitsune just came from his walk when he found a scroll with a jutsu inside.there was a note beside it.it said who ever finds this scroll its now yours to keep this scroll contains a powerful jutsu inside if you think are a ninja i strongly recommend that you should learn this jutsu but beware this jutsu takes a lot of charka out of the user also beware of flaming sparks.goodbye.heh powerful jutsu eh i never pass the chance to learn a new jutsu. lets do this. so kitsune walks to a nice quiet place to train.okay first i need to focus my chakra to my lunges......alright next is to perform the hand sighs.kitsune performs all the hands and blows hard but only a small amounts of flames came out.hmmm maybe i did this wrong.kitsune checks the steps but he did all the steps.so he kept on trying it over and over again for thirty minutes.he sits down and starts to think how is he suppose to do this.he thought for so long he didnt she his best friend Shina sneak up on him.Hiya kitsune whatcha doin?Shina how many times do i have to tell you stop sneaking up on me.someday i might hit you.sorry hey whats that?she says while snatching it from kitsune.hey give that back.ohh a scroll hmm nice.she says with cute sound in her voice.Kistune takes the scroll from her.you look like you need some help.she says to kitsune wondering whats his reacting will be.so?you thinking of helping?he looks at he with a please say no face.sure i'll help let me see.kitsune gives her the scroll she looks at it.then hands it back.nope can't help you kitsune.she says with normal voice.the best thing you said all year.but why can't you help me?I can't help you with what i can't help you with.but i will give you this.she give kitsune a chain with three red rubies on it.what am i going to do with this?no offense.none taken and its a good luck charm my grandfather gave it to me.kitsune looked a her puzzled.why?this is the only thing your grandfather gave you.so why give it to me?Because i dont need it so you can have it see ya.shina walks away.gee how weirdier can she get oh well need to keep training.Fire Style Dragon Flame Bullet!
great flames shaped like a dragon formed from the fire shot out and hit some bolders and shattered one.At the same time the chain was sparkling red like fire.kitsune who was startled fell back on the ground.whoaa what the?whats this chain let me try that again.Fire style Dragon Flame bullet!Once again he tries again and the flames appeared and distroyed all the bolders.Theirs more to this Chain than meets the eye.But i'll keep it just in case.now its time to find shina and ask her whats up with this Chain i think i Know why the the jutsu worked it was because at the last second i belived in myself any way time to find Shina.Kitsune says while smiling.then he jumps up to the tree and grabs it then disappears into the forest.with a new jutsu done.
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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune's jutsu training done   Kitsune's jutsu training done Icon_minitimeMon Jul 05, 2010 6:48 am


I'am Coming For You Guest
Guest My birthday is coming up soon so i might be a little inactive as before cause i won't be coming on computer much.
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Kitsune's jutsu training done
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