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 Training the Third Element

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PostSubject: Training the Third Element   Training the Third Element Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 5:23 am

Third Element: Katon (Fire Release)

Makai sighed as he slowly stepped into the konoha training fields. Sighing the male jounin looked around training field 27 his regular training field. Cracking his neck he sat down in a lotus position breathing in and breathing out calmly as he grabbed the scroll containing element training for Fire. Slowly opening the scroll his eyes scanned each page as he began to read the context of the scroll. His eyes narrowed as he read every single last word carefully memorising each word making sure he didn't miss a single word. He had read up on his new genin and sadly he could only train the ones with futon properly. As some of the genin on his team were not Futon. Katon was their element. He had been meaning to learn to use Katon but put it off. But now this made it quite a good time to start learning Katon.

Makai slowly got to his feet once he had finished reading the scroll. Getting to his feet he approached a leaf and held it in his hand. He channelled chakra into the leaf. The leaf was shredded in an instance his wind nature. He grabbed another leaf pushing chakra in. This time it turned into mud his earth nature. Grinning he grabbed a third leaf. he held it in his palms and started to push chakra in. he had to super heat his chakra to create a flame and start burning the leaf. Shutting his eyes he grunted as he started to push chakra into the leaf. He would master this element then he could begin learning fire jutsu.

After all how could he teach his students properly if he didn't have the jutsu to teach them? As they would be learning he could be learning along side them. He activated his byakugan to get a good look at his flow of chakra as he pushed it into his leaf. He could see his wind and earth nature and a small flicker of fire but it wasn't strong enough to ignite the leaf. Sighing he sat down and started to concentrate on igniting the leaf in flames. Chakra spiralled around his hands as he tried to super heat the leaf. This was one of three exercises needed to master Fire element chakra.

Makai created five shadow clones each grabbing and leaf and got onto the exercise. Makai’s eyes narrowed as he began to concentrate harder along side his clones. His byakugan watching as the fire nature chakra fused with his and began to slowly grow. A small bit of smoke rose from his hand. He opened it to show a small burn mark on the leaf. He grinned and looked at his clones they had managed a burn as well. Placing his hands over the leaf again he began to concentrate on igniting the leaf into flames. Byakugan narrowing as he watched the chakra spiral into the leaf.

Grunting he watched as the flame of chakra slowly rose in power and strength. It grew in size as it moved inside the leaf. He watched as Flames slowly starting to come to life as more burns appeared on the leaf. Makai quickly pulled his hands back dropping the leaf. His grasped his left hand in small pain he had burnt himself. Reaching into a holster he pulled some medical tape out and started to wrap the wound.

Grabbing another leaf he started the exercise again. He watched the flame of the chakra burning into the leaf. He concentrated as he tried to ignite the leaf. His clones doing the same until one gasped and grinned showing a one fifth burnt out leaf. All the clones burst into smoke sending a wave of information to Makai’s head. He grunted and summoned five more clones. Each clone grabbed a leaf and started activating their byakugan’s.
Makai concentrated pushing chakra into the leaf. He concentrated all day trying to burn the leaf. He spent five hours at the training field going through clones and soldier pills and leaves trying to burn them. Makai collapsed onto the ground panting he had only managed to burn half the leaf but he had yet to ignite it into flames. The sun was slowly setting. Sighing he set up camp for the night. He put cream on his burns and wrapped them up in medical tape. He would continue in the morning. Laying down he pulled a sheet over his body and fell asleep beneath the stars

Makai awoke the next morning early around 6am. Yawning he rubbed his eyes and got up stretching his limbs. Washing his face in a near by river he got back to work after eating a soldier pill to fill up his stomach. Walking over to a tree he summoned five clones and grabbed a leaf. He concentrated pushing chakra into the leaf activating his byakugan once again.

Makai sighed in grave annoyance as he only managed to burn half of the leaf. He concentrated on burning more. If he could burn the leaf he’d be one step closer to setting it on fire. Flames sparked as the leaf burnt in his palms. He ignored the burn marks as he gained more of them. He continued to concentrate he would master this technique no matter what it took. His clones concentrated hard as they tried to burst the leaf into flames.

Makai’s eyebrows narrowed s he concentrated with all his might. He had completed the earth and wind nature training and now he would complete the fire nature chakra. As soon as he did he would get onto learning fire techniques for his new element so he could train his students properly. Even if they were kids it was his duty to train them properly to be true Ninja.

The Jounin’s Byakugan flared harder as he watched his fire chakra spiral into the leaf. He noticed that it wasn’t quite shaped properly. He began to shape his chakra into a flame. He concentrated pushing more chakra into the leaf. The moment he did a flame flickered burning his hands. He gasped dropping a now quarter burning leaf. His hands were slightly on fire. He dumped them in the river cooling them down. He sighed in relief and had one of his clones patch his hands up. He had a week to master this before he met up with his team.

Sighing he got the clone to bandage his wounds. Each of the clones burst into smoke sending what they had just learnt to the original. Sighing he took a short five minute break swallowing a soldier pill. When he finished his training he would get his hands healed and looked at before he met his team. Getting to his feet he summoned five more clones and grabbed a leaf and went back to his training.

He held the leaf in his hands concentrating hard. He needed to surround his hands in chakra to stop his hands from burning again. Using his byakugan he watched as he created a thin layer of chakra around his hands to keep them from burning again. He pushed the chakra into the leaf and concentrated hard. Small sparks formed on the leaf burning it as with his clones. Soon though all his clones and him their leaves burst into flames. They dropped the leaves and grinned at one another.

He dispersed his clones retaining all the new knowledge. Grabbing a new leaf he held it in one hand. He concentrated chakra channelled into the leaf igniting it into flames. Makai smiled as he completed one part of the training exercise only two more remaining and they would be more difficult then the one he had just finished. Sighing he walked over to the scroll and grabbed it. Opening it he began to read the second part of it.

Grumbling he headed back to town to get some candles. He needed to be able to ignite a candle with his flames. This would be, even harder having to create a flame in mid air instead of through an object. Walking into a store he bought himself two hundred candles and created clones to carry them back to the training field. Paying he left Konoha and headed back to his training.

Sitting down he created five extra clones for a total of ten. He placed a candle and a stand in front of him. He held a hand over the candle and concentrated activating his byakugan along with his clones. He needed to make a small spark to ignite the candle to create a flame. Makai’s eyes narrowed he groaned as he concentrated. His eyes widened as a spark erupted. He fell back as a large fireball shot right past his face. He calmed himself down this would harder than he had first thought. If he wasn’t careful he would burn his face off.

Grumbling Makai concentrated on creating a spark. His clones doing the same their byakugan’s activated along side of Makai’s. Sweat dripping down his forehead as he concentrated pushing fire chakra into the air but it wasn’t strong enough to create a spark. Makai sighed and wiped the sweat from his forehead before he began again. Flames spark around his hand only to vanish. He needed to create a spark and form a fireball to ignite the candle. Makai concentrated harder. Suddenly a fireball erupted from one of his clones hands melting the entire candle. The clone scratched its head, ‘Whoops to much chakra.”

The clone dispersed all with the others sending a wave of knowledge to Makai. He clutched his head as a wave of knowledge struck him. He laid back waiting for his headache to pass. Sighing he looked into the sky watching the clouds, “My genin team huh. I wonder what they will be like. I only have their profiles. A Hyuuga and two Jinchuuriki but from what I’ve been told I might get a team switch. What a bother.” Shaking his head he sat up.

Makai formed a‘t’ shape, ‘Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)!” Ten puffs of smoke appeared along with ten identical clones. The clones got to work along side the original. Sweat forming on their foreheads as they started to master this new element. Their eyebrows curved byakugan’s flailing sweat dripping down their faces as they concentrated to light the candle on flames. The candles melted under the heat only to be replaced with a new candle each time.

Piles of wax in front of the clones as the hours passed clones being sent off to buy more candles hundred of them thousands of candles for this exercise. He gritted his teeth as the sun rose and began to fall as night descended. Makai stayed up all night his desire to master this exercise keeping him and his clones up as they tried so hard to ignite the candles.

As morning came Makai’s belly rumbled. His clones vanished and he fell back panting in exhaustion. He was running out of chakra. He grabbed two soldier pills and swallowed them filling his belly and refilling his chakra reserves. Sitting up he took a short break. He got up and decided to go for a swim. Stripping to his trousers he leapt into the river. He swam about in the river cooling down. He sighed as he relaxed in the water. Makai cracked a smile before it vanished as he relaxed in the water.

Getting to his feet he swam to the edge he would get back to his training. Getting on land he summoned a towel unsealing it from a scroll and tried himself before sealing it. Putting his shirt and jounin flask on along with all his equipment and his sword he went back to work. He formed the‘t’ sign and summoned ten shadow clones.

Makai sat down in front of a candle with his clones. He held his hand over the candles and began to concentrate. His byakugan flaring as he created a ball of fire of chakra in mid air. He gritted his teeth concentrating trying to spark that ball into life. Flames spark from his hands. Flames sparked in his eyes. He turned to the left watching as a clone created a ball of fire igniting the candle. It grinned and went up in smoke along with the other clones.

Makai held his hand out and summoned his fire chakra. Flames sparked in the air as a fireball erupted from his palm hitting the candle and igniting it. A flame burnt brightly on the tip of the candle. It grew in size glowing before Makai. A triumphant grin spread over his features as he completed the second part of his training. Now it was onto the third part of the training.

Sighing he slowly got to his feet and snuffed the flames out on the candle. He gathered up some wood and created a massive bon fire. His next part of training was to move the flames bending them to his will to create a split in the flames. He created five more bon fires and created five clones. He stood in front of one his clones doing the same. They held their hands out just in front of the flames. Makai held back pain as flames touched his skin burning it.

Makai concentrated activating his byakugan again. He would finish this exercise no matter what. He would not back down he would do what it took to complete it. Chakra gathered in his hands followed by fire chakra. Chakra moved towards the flames grinding against it trying to cut through the flames splitting it to make a path. He gritted his teeth holding back the pain. He quickly rolled to the side as a stream of flames shot engulfing the area he had been standing in. he quickly put the flames out and bandaged his burns.

He got back into position and began to try to split the mass of flames once more. His Fire chakra, grinded against the flames, trying to split them apart. Chakra carved through the flames making a small path. He grinned this was easier then the other exercises. He created a sword with his fire nature and extended it making it shoot straight through the flames his clones doing the same. His chakra carved through the flames slicing right through it. Fire chakra shot forward slamming into the flames making them part creating a solid opening to the other side.

The flames flicked on both side of the pathway. His clones had successfully managed to do the same as he had. He grinned in triumph as he completed the final part of the fire element training. He walked over to a leaf deactivating his byakugan. He pushed flames into the leaf making it burst into flames. He grabbed a candle and held his hand over it. A ball of fire erupted igniting the tip. Makai then walked back to the bonfire and held out a hand. Fire chakra merged with the flames slowly cutting through the middle like a sword creating a path. Dusting his hands he winced in pain, ‘I better get my hands fixed up.”

Sighing he collected all his gear and put the flames out. He dispersed his clones as a rush of information hit him. He groaned as he got a tiny headache. Sighing he put his scroll away and finished putting the flames out. The jounin leapt into the air bursting into leaves. A spiral of leaves appeared in the Konoha hospital. He walked up to the nurse and showed her his burns where he was taken to a doctor to get them healed up and bandaged properly.
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Training the Third Element
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