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 Fuuinjutsu Training

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Makai kasai

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PostSubject: Fuuinjutsu Training    Fuuinjutsu Training  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 12:40 am

Name: Nuno shiru fuuin (Sealing Fabric seal)

Type: Fuuinjutsu

Rank: B-rank

Element Affinity: None

Description: THe Nuno Shiru is the 1st part of a 3 way part compression Fuuinjutsu. White sheets of silk fabric made of chakra will wrap around the opponent and constrict holding them in place. The fabric will start to drain the chakra. The fabric will form a large X shape on the ground

Makai yawned loudly. The jounin's shirt fluttered in the cold wind as he headed to training field 27. His dark grey eyes narrowing as he surveyed the area for signs of any other shinobi. He didn't want anyone spying on him seeing him practicing his fuuinjutsu. His looked around the place as he walked to the training field in peace,. His byakugan activating scanning the area for any intruders. His byakugan deactivated as soon as he noticed know one as about. Good he hated company.

Stretching his limbs he warmed his body up before he even thought about starting. He channelled his chakra into his limbs and flexed his muscles. He clenched and unclenched his fists as he pulled a scroll from one of his belts. He tossed it into the air and formed a 'T' shape seal, 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)!" In a puff of smoke three shadow clones appeared. He caught the scroll and tossed it to them, "Read that scroll and fix any details in it. I wouldn't want to accidently kill myself in the attempt to create this technique. So ill let you deal with it and perfect it."

The clones saluted and opened the scroll. Makai sighed and walked over to a tree and decided to practice tree walking while his clones finished the details for the Fuuinjutsu. Channelling chakra into his feet he placed his right foot on making it stick then did the same with his left. The Jounin slowly started to walked vertically up the tree. He needed to get his chakra control up before he started to learn another Fuuinjutsu.

Makai slowly climbed up to the top of the tree before he began to run. he dashed up to the top of the tree within seconds. Leaping off, he landed on a branch and swung on it hanging upside with his feet. He hung there for a few moments before dropping towards a lake beneath him. He flipped and landed on the water pushing chakra through his limbs keeping him afloat.

The clones were writing down things on the scroll revising words as they looked over it to perfect the fuuinjutsu. They were drawing seals on the ground before drawing them on the scroll. They had to make sure nothing went wrong in the testing of this fuuinjutsu. The clones were working vigorously to get the technique completely. After a little while more they stood up and dispersed into smoke. Makai shook his head as information raced into his mind. He walked over to the scroll and began to read it.

Makai sighed and folded the scroll before putting it away. Stroking his chin he looked around the area before creating another shadow clone. He looked at his clone and started to perform hand seals. “Nuno shiru fuuin (Sealing Fabric Seal)” Chakra strands started to erupt from his body. The strands flew into the air turning into white silk fabric. The fabric of chakra flew towards the clone wrapping around the clone. But the moment is did the chakra exploded.

Chakra erupted into a giant explosion sending Makai flying through the air and destroying his clone. Makai groaned as he crashed into the ground skidding across the dirt. He coughed up dust as he slowly climbed to his feet dusting himself off. Makai looked at the area and scoffed. He formed the’t’ sign and summoned five more clones.

Makai formed more hand seals, “Nuno shiru fuuin (Sealing Fabric Seal)” Makai concentrated summoning tendrils made of chakra. The tendrils floated into the sky slowly turning into silk fabric cloths. The cloths flew through the air spiralling around the clone. Fabric shot forward wrapping around the clone and constricted. The fabric started to cut the clones supply of chakra. But the fabric began to glow and the mass of chakra exploded destroying the clone.

Makai yelled as he was sent flying through the air. He spun in the air and skidded landing on his feet. His hand dug into the ground as he skidded back coming to an abrupt stop. A giant crater in the middle of the field. The Jounin sighed in grave annoyance, 'What am i doing wrong." he stroked his chin and activated his Byakugan. He created another shadow clone.

He started the hand seals up again Bird, Dog, Dragon, Monkey, “Nuno shiru fuuin (Sealing Fabric Seal)” Chakra erupted from his body slowly turning into silk fabric strands. His byakugan watched each they seemed to be being over loaded with chakra. Makai began to separate the chakra creating more and more fabric. The fabric spiralled around him flying towards his clone.

The fabric shot forward rapidly spiralling around the clone and latched on. The fabric constricted forming a large ‘X’ shape on the ground. The fabric held the clone tightly. The fabric began to seal the clone’s chakra off. The fabric started to drain the chakra. At that moment the clone burst into smoke vanishing along with the seal. Makai looked on with a grin as he finished his technique, “That was good.” He clapped his palms together grinning.

He created another shadow clone. The clone activated its byakugan. He performed the four seals channelling chakra into the air. Fabric strands started to form in the air. The silk fabric flew towards the clone at high speed. “Nuno shiru fuuin (Sealing Fabric Seal)!” The fabric spiralled around the clone and wrapped around constricting holding the clone in place. A large ‘X’ shape on the ground. The fabric began to drain the clone of its chakra making its bloodline deactivate. The clone shouted as it burst into smoke. Makai retracted his hand smiling slowly deactivating his byakugan. Makai dusted himself off and grinned, “Finally its complete.” He grinned and started to walk away from the training field, ‘Tomorrow I’ll get start on the second part to it. I need to finish these techniques off to deal with my Jinchuuriki students. They will come in use to suppress their hosts if they go berserk.” Leaping into the air Makai vanished via leaf Shunshin.
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Makai kasai

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PostSubject: Re: Fuuinjutsu Training    Fuuinjutsu Training  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 10:20 pm

Name: Tetsu Boruto Fuuin (Iron Bolts Seal)

Type: Fuuinjutsu

Rank: C-rank (Please remove 20 points)

Element Affinity: none

Description: The Tetsu Boruto Fuuin is the 2nd part of a 3 way technique used for suppressions. Bolts made of iron will form in the air and will impale through the opponent wrapped in fabric. The pins will keep the fabric in touch. Bolts will shoot through the X pinning them to the ground

A spiral of leaves appeared in training field 27. In that spiral of leaves appeared Makai Kasai. The jounin dusted some leaves of and looked around the training field. The Head of the Konoha Kasai clan grinned it was time to learn the second part of his three part Fuuinjutsu to help control his Jinchuuriki genin if they got out of control. He grabbed the scroll containing the information for it and slowly opened it up. His eyes looked over the scroll and he began to slowly read its contents. He activated his byakugan as he scanned the scroll. He slowly got to his feet after reading every single detail. He had to create iron bolts made of chakra in the air to impale the fabric from his Nuno Shiru Fuuin (Sealing Fabric Seal).

Makai activated the hand seals for the first part, “Nuno Shiru Fuuin!” Chakra tendrils erupted from his body turning into white silk fabric. The fabric shot forward wrapping around a tree. The fabric constricted around the tree. A large ‘X’ appeared on the ground made by the fabric. Makai nodded as the first part was finished.

Makai formed the tiger seal, “Tetsu Boruto Fuuin (Iron Bolts Seal)!” He pushed chakra into the air and began to try and shape the chakra. His eyes shut as he concentrated trying to shape his chakra to form bolts made of iron. He groaned as his chakra exploded in the air around him. He quickly sued Kawarimi to avoid the explosion appearing to the side. He sighed in relief as he avoided the explosion.

Makai slowly got to his feet to much chakra not enough control. He formed the tiger seal, “Tetsu Boruto Fuuin (Iron Bolts Seal)!” Chakra erupted from his body and into the air. He spread it over a large area making strands of chakra. He made sure that each strand was condensed with enough chakra to hold its shape. He was in no mood to let this technique blow up in his face again.

He concentrated his eyebrow in a frown as he concentrated. His byakugan flaring as he created more chakra tendrils. The tendrils began to take shape turning into thousands of sharp iron bolts. The bolts spiralled around the tree. The bolts faced the fabric and shot towards the tree and the fabric. The bolts tore into the tree piercing the fabric keeping the fabric in place. The bolts pierced the X pinning the fabric to the ground. If it was a person the bolts would pin them to the ground. The bolts wouldn’t draw blood the chakra had sealed up the wound around the bolts.

Makai grinned as his technique was a success. He formed the tiger seal, “Kaiin (Unseal)!” The bolts and fabric burst into chakra. The chakra dispersed into the air leaving the air. Makai panted slightly from the access of chakra. He had been training everyday before he met up with his new Genin team. He sighed he needed rest but he was one step away before he could rest. Makai leapt into the air and vanished in a spiral of leaves heading home by the leaf Shunshin.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuuinjutsu Training    Fuuinjutsu Training  Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 7:00 am


I'am Coming For You Guest
Guest My birthday is coming up soon so i might be a little inactive as before cause i won't be coming on computer much.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuuinjutsu Training    Fuuinjutsu Training  Icon_minitime

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Fuuinjutsu Training
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