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 Training a new jutsu (DONE)

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Kitsune Hikari

Kitsune Hikari

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PostSubject: Training a new jutsu (DONE)   Training a new jutsu (DONE) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 1:50 pm

Name:Fire Style:Mist Waltz

Rank:D (please take off 10 points)

Description:The user spits out a huge mist full of flameable gas.It Is a stronger version of hidden mist jutsu.This jutsu can be ignited by a local flame or by a jutsu.It can be used just like Hidden mist jutsu.

Kitsune walked into the training area.He cracked his Knuckles while looking around to see if anyone was nearby,no one was there besides him.Kitsune looked up at the sky and Sighed.He then took out a scroll from his pouch.He opened it up and started to read it.He carefully examined it.He then formed the hand signs then inhaled and then exhaled put instead of mist coming out he ended up koffing out small poff balls.Agrhh!! man that back fired.Kitsune says while still koffing.He then stops and does the jutsu again.This time he only was able to make a small amount of mist.hmm that was better.kitsune smiles he then takes out a medical Cigarette and lights it.He then tried to do it again and again.Each time he did it,it was getting more Stronger each time.

About 2 hours later he was getting low on Chakra.He noticed that he had about 2 more uses from it.Man this is getting tiring.I need to start concentrating on this.kitsune cracks his Neck and does the Jutsu again this time he pulled it off Better than the rest.Alright!!! Haha i did it.Whew i,m glad thats over.he says while sighing.He then took out another Cigarette and then took out his lighter.He quickly forgot that the flames were highly flameable,As soon as he turned on the lighter the small flame grew bigger and spreaded around the entire area and exploded.The blast was huge but wasn't that huge.He flew back and hit the ground.When he got up he noticed that he was halfway on fire.aaAAAHHHH.HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!He started to roll on the ground.He noticed a nearby lake.he ran to it and jumped into it.he poked his head out of the water and started to look around.Thank god nobody saw that.kitsune says to himself.He noticed three people that looked like ninja appear from the woods.But he noticed that they were bandit ninja.He decided to not try and fight them.he then started to sink his head into the water trying not to be seen.He then starts to swim a way.
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Training a new jutsu (DONE)
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