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PostSubject: Kado, Avatar of Destruction   Kado, Avatar of Destruction Icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 3:41 am

Personal Information

Name: ??? Kado

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Relatives: N/A


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Kado, Avatar of Destruction Behind_The_Wall_of_Sleep_by_dying_p

There is some confusion over the Birth of Kado. What is known, is that he was born to a pair of Jashinists, Jonin of Kirigakure, and respected due to their skills... their odd little rituals to their God's not really effecting the Ninja of the village, as most were quite bloodthirsty, and saw their worshipping as simply turning their Slaughtering into a Religion. Even if it was a little odd to some.

On the day of his birth, they began to Enact a ritual, to give him the blessings of Jashin, Empowering him to become a True Priest, an Avatar of their God. Not much is known about the ritual itself, the components needed to create it, the sacrifices that were given... All that is known, is that the day after, Only Kado was left alive inside their Temple. From there, He was found a few days later by some of his parents friends, and Raised in their household... a Bloodthirsty one of its own sort. Raising him alongside their own children, they taught him how to read, how to write... and gave him texts from the Temple, as they knew his parents would want him to continue their faith.

The texts were informative of the Rituals he should use, learning a very Useful technique for hurting enemies... his bloodlust Awoke at those thoughts, and he remembered... There was an Academy. For Ninja's... they fought strong opponents, didn't they? Strong Opponents, plus missions that would give him Sacrifices for Jashin. With those two thoughts in mind, He started at the academy, even if he was a little older then most at this stage. Ferverently studying the technique, to finish them, and become a genin, he took in as many techniques that they were taught as he could, learning some basic Chakra manipulation abilities as well... and using those, to create some technique of his own. His First technique was the Puppetry technique, as, During one of his more... Vicious fights, he had been Beheaded, with his body no longer responding to him... and odd experience, and one he didn't wish to repeat. He had learned at that time, that he was... Different. Shocking his opponent due to the whole, Head swearing at him.

He managed to get a medic nin to reattach his head to his body, and stumbled off to consult his texts. Finding a reference to himself wasn't too hard... And that was when he discovered, he was the Avatar of Jashin. As such, he decided to keep his texts on him at all times, reading through them when he had a break in time... and that he needed a weapon. He did have money, leftover from his parents, and given to him when he first started in the academy to help buy his textbooks, among other things. He had most of it left, and had already bought all his books... so he journeyed down to the Weaponry shops, looking for something that would suit him. He found it, eventually... or Them, anyway. Two Massive blades, each made of Six blades. It took a little convincing to get the Smith to sell them to him, even though he was only an Academy student, but he managed, eventually. From there, he began carrying the blades around with him... though it did cause a drop in challenges, unfortunately.

Using the Chakra manipulation abilities, he did manage to create some techniques with the blades, badgering the Ninja that had taken him in to help a little with them... With their help, he created two more techniques, his 'Reclaim, Reformation!' technique was one, the other... didn't really need their help too much, though he did check with them to see if there was anything to add to it, and was advised to 'Wait until he had learned his Affinity' as that would help... whatever that meant.

From there, he quickly finished his classes, though he was disappointed that no one challenged him anymore... He was now a Genin! Now, all he needed to do, was try and convince the Jonin he was assigned under, that he was good enough for outside the village missions...

Has Achieved an insanely high level of dexterity in his hands, while having its benefits in increasing hand-seal speed, is mostly used for Complex Kenjutsu moves.

High level Chakra Capacity/Reserves- Constant training for his chakra has resulted in him having one of the Highest chakra reserves of the Genin.

Swordsmanship- Though he wasn't trained by anyone, he has proven to be quite inventive in his techniques, blending in several different styles he had seen, to try and create his own unique way of fighting.

Is the Creator of the Jujutsu (Sorcery) Techniques, and is currently working on Creating an actual Technique tree of them, instead of a Single technique.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: Destruction Specialist, of the Genin Variety.

Village: Kirigakure

Chakra Nature: Wind.



While rather Unique in appearance, and the fact that His sword can actually split into six if taken apart, the sword itself has of yet, No unusual abilities of its own, apart from being seriously hard to break.

Kado actually has Two of these massive swords, strapped to his back. This makes for a rather intimidating sight, quite helpful if he is needed to help Intimdate enemies.

The only additions to the Original form, are that he's attached the symbol of Jashin to the end of it, via a band. He also wears a second one on a chain around his neck.
Kado, Avatar of Destruction 250px-Jashin_Symbol.svg


Academy Three are automatic, Bunshin no Jutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, and the techniques learned during classes as well.



Kekkei Genkai[/center]


Bloodline Jutsu:


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PostSubject: Re: Kado, Avatar of Destruction   Kado, Avatar of Destruction Icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 5:29 pm

Apologies about doing this, but it's another profile I've seen that was not correctly looked over by other staff before being accepted. You need to fix a few things.

1) No puppetry technique. Not only is it on the unavailable list, but you would not be able to utilize chakra strings (or any techniques) if your head is severed from your body, so it would not be of any use anyway.

2) I was going to also mention you have too many jutsu. The limit is three, and as it currently stands, you have more than that. Also - The fact that you have immortality as a bloodline is fine, but also possessing the ritual technique as a Genin is FAR too powerful to be balanced in any way. I will add it to the forbidden list so you can be the one to obtain it later on, as I'm totally fine with the technique itself, but as a Genin, that would put you FAR above anyone else in terms of potential power.

If you disagree with any of this, just let me know and I will fairly discuss with the other staff members and get back to you.

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