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 Yukie Ozigaki(finished.

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PostSubject: Yukie Ozigaki(finished.   Yukie Ozigaki(finished. Icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 11:39 am

Personal Information

Name: Yukie Ozigaki

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Relatives: Father, a couple of cousins around in the clan, a younger brother

Personality: Yukie tends to have a soft sport for younger kids. Due to her past, Yukie tends to be strict in her trainning. Despite her strict trainning menthoes and combat skills, many would say she is a charming young woman that could make any man happy if he had the desire to it.

Appearance: Signature


The Ozigaki family had always been abit odd, yet no doubtfull very powerfull. The family wasent small, it had the size of a smaller clan. The members of the family was born with a unique trait. Their chakra control seemend to be more balanced than any in the hidden cloud. At genin rank, they would normaly already had masterd tree climbing and water walking, through it depended if the member had choosen to learn it or not. At chunin rank, most would begin to learn basic medic jutsu`s. With their almost perfect chakra control, most members of the Ozigaki family goes the path of medic nins, aiding the village on the battlefield or at the hopsital, through a few of them goes the path of taijutsu/ninjutsu users.

It was a spring morning when the wife to the current family head gave birth to a girl. The women in the ozigaki family tended to have unsual hair colors, going from pink, to blue, even very dark red. The girl was born with green hair and swamp colored eyes with a hint of yellow in them.

Yukie grew up among her cousins in the family, who was settling in, in the newly formed cloud village. Her father, along with some of the other adults in the family, became the first medics of the hidden cloud village.

As Yukie passed the age of 13, and the village was growing, her father seemend it right for her to learn the jutsu`s that had been passed down through the family. When she turned 18, her father gave her a choice. To carry on and become a medic, or do as her uncle and few cousins and learn the fighting abilities the clan had passed down through its fighters.

When yukie turned 20, she was inrolled as a jounin of the hidden cloud, were her abilities as a medic and unique jutsu`s came known to the village.

Today, yukie is 23 and continuous to grow in power for each passing month. She has been assigned a genin squad considering of 3 boys, that she will lead through the first steps of becomming a ninja

Other: Has a almost perfect chakra control.

Ninja Data

Rank: Jounin

Position: Medic ninja

Village: Hidden cloud

Chakra Nature: Wind and Fire


Kunai`s, small medic kit, shurikins, eksplosion tags, smoke bombs.


Name: shadow clones
Rank: B
type: ninjutsu
Similar to the Clone Technique, this jutsu creates clones of the user. Unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after one or two solid blows. They can also disperse on their own. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the original.

Unlike other clone techniques, they can't be detected by the Byakugan because the clones have the exact same amount of chakra and aren't made from any other substance, making them indistinguishable from the actual person.

Rotating Shuriken
Rank: C
Type: ninjutsu
element: wind
This jutsu will infuse wind-based chakra into bladed weapons. The user can than manipulate the blades in a spinning manner to attack the target.

Name:Divine Wind
Rank: B
type: ninjutsu
element: wind
The user releases a gust of wind that forms several small tornadoes.

Name: chakra strength
element: N/A
This is a jutsu in which the user focuses precise chakra control into their hands or feet and releases it with pinpoint timing, which greatly enhances their strength. Yukie`s father created the concept of this jutsu to intimidate enemies and keep them at bay while he healed injured ninja. The jutsu is giving the user enough strength to easily make gigantic craters or kill opponents with single strikes.

Name:Mystical palm
type:N/A-medical jutsu
Element: N/A
This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it highly useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury. This requires a great amount of chakra control. Because of this, only a few highly skilled medical-nin are able to use this technique.

Name: Sky leg
Rank: B
Type: taijutsu
This jutsu is simply a falling axe kick to the ground. Combined with Yukie's incredible strength, this kick results in either a gigantic crater or a deep fracture along the ground, killing any opponents caught in its immediate strike zone.

Name:Chakra Scalpel
Type: N/A-medical jutsu
element: N/A
This medical technique forms one's chakra into a small, sharp blade. This can then be used for highly accurate incisions necessary for surgeries and anatomical dissections. Unlike regular scalpels, the Chakra Scalpel can actually make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection.

The Chakra Scalpel can also be used offensively, although it requires great precision to be effective. Because of this requirement, using the Chakra Scalpel offensively is highly unusual. In heated combat, even the greatest medical-nin won't be able to exert the precision needed to make fatal cuts, but it can still effectively cut muscle tissues and tendons, rendering the target immobile.

Name: flying swallow
Rank: B
Element: all, through it works best with wind.
Using 'Chakra Flow', this technique requires a bladed weapon; by feeding chakra into the weapon, the ninja will increase the length and density of his blade to strike an enemy from several feet out of the physical blade's range. This is accomplished by creating an invisible extension of chakra that shapes into an edge that functions like the normal blade itself.

Seeing the blade, the opponent may misjudge how far they need to move to avoid an incoming strike and thereby still be cut even if they manage to avoid the metal portion of the blade. The chakra-enhanced blades are strong and sharp enough to strike through solid rock or cut through iron. This technique works best with elemental chakra, especially with wind chakra for offensive cutting power.
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Yukie Ozigaki(finished.
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