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 Jokouro Clan [Not Finished]

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PostSubject: Jokouro Clan [Not Finished]   Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:20 am

Basic Details
Clan Name: Jokouro

Clan Location: Kirigakure no Sato

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai:
Dokukongou Kodou [Poison Mixing Ancient Methods]
Dokukongou Kodou is the Kekkai Genkai of the Jokouro Clan. Having followed a different path of evolution than the rest of mankind, members of the Jokouro Clan posses an unique organ, their so-called Venom Sac, which allows them to generate venoms and antidotes at will. Through the usage of Suiton, clanmembers can secrete these chemicals and use them both to envenom enemies as well as to save their allies. Once formed, the venom and antidote will be present in most body fluids of the clanmember, including blood, lymfe, and spit. The Venom Sac cannot form venom and antidotes infinitely however. It takes time to restore itself after using a technique before it can use another. How long it takes depends on the clanmember's skill and the first technique's size.

-Members of the Jokouro Clan can learn how to expel numerous types of poison. This always allows them to pick a poison suitable for the task ahead.

-Members of the Jokouro Clan can ''memorize'' what antidote fits what poison. Should they be envenomed by the same poison a second time, then this will allow them to immediatly fight that poison and fight off its effects. Note that the first time they encounter a poison, it is as lethal to them as it is to any other regular person. Also, certain advanced poisons cannot be fought off or take significantly longer to form an antidote against.

-Members of the Jokouro Clan can use Suiton to expel fluid containing venom or antidote formed inside they body. This allows them to provide their allies with poison or, if they know an ally is dealing with a poison the clanmember himself dealt with before, provide them with the right antidote.


Suiton Techniques

Venom Sac Creations

Clan History:

Clan members:

Clan founders:
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Jokouro Clan [Not Finished]
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