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 Amaya Himura {Ichibi}

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PostSubject: Amaya Himura {Ichibi}   Amaya Himura {Ichibi} Icon_minitimeMon Mar 29, 2010 5:06 pm

Personal Information

Name: Himura, Amaya

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Relatives: Father and an older brother

Personality: Amaya likes to make friends but because of the Ichibi inside of her she tends to be really cold towards others and blunt. Also, when she was young and couldn't control the killing impulses that she got from the influence of the Ichibi, she became feared as she had killed several kids her age because she would get upset.

She became really heartless and distrustful also. Through her experience, she decided she would show the village her true face and to take down all who meant to harm her.

From that time on she was feared and really lonely. Occasionally an assassin was sent after her, hired by her own father because he became fearful of her. She would kill the assassin. But she was hurt by all that had happened and decided never to trust anyone ever again.


History: The Ichibi was sealed into Amaya at birth because the tailed beast had started to attack the village. When the beast had been subdued to a certain point, it was quickly sealed into Amaya who happened to have just been born. Her mother died during child birth because of complications. From that time on, Amaya would be tormented by the beast inside of her, staying awake at all times to suppress it within her.

However, when she was younger, her control wasn't as strong. So she would occasionally give in to the desires she felt for blood and killing from the influence of the Ichibi. Several kids were killed when she got upset that they wouldn't let her join in their games. From that time on, many became scared of her, believing she was just a monster. Even her own father became scared of her.

She would desperately try to get friends and the acceptance of somebody, but could find none. She was utterly alone throughout her own childhood. And one day the assassins started to show up. She became scared, not understanding why she was trying to be killed. Sunagakure had decided she was too dangerous even though they had been hoping for a super weapon to use against other villages. They hired trained assassins but nothing would get past the sand shield that the Ichibi would use to protect its jinchuriki.

She grew accustomed to the assassins that would show up once in a while, becoming heartless as she would kill them. She began to believe that nobody could be trusted, only herself. She entered into the academy, disliking everyone in the village for their betrayal and the other kids in the academy kept their distance, fearing her constantly. She went through the academy, thinking of it as only something that she needed to get through so she could move to higher heights to show the village her true face and to bring down those who wanted to harm her.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: One tailed jinchuriki

Village: Sunagakure



Carries a gourd like Gaara does with special chakra infused sand strapped on her back. (Put this just in case)


Name: Feigning Sleep Technique
Rank: D
Class: Ninjutsu, supplementary
Description: This ninjutsu forces the user to fall asleep. Amaya uses this jutsu to bring out the Ichibi.

Name: Sand Binding Coffin
Rank: D
Class: Ninjutsu, offensive
Range: short-mid
Description: With her ability to control sand, Amaya encases her opponents in a large amount of the special chakra-infused sand kept inside her gourd, immobilizing them. It can be used to suffocate an opponent or in preparation for a deadlier technique, the Sand Waterfall Funeral.

Name: Sand Waterfall Funeral
Rank: D
Class: Ninjutsu, Offensive
Range: short-mid
Description: After wrapping an opponent with sand, Amaya will cause the sand to implode and crush whatever is within. When used to kill a person, the death is so quick that there isn't even time to feel pain. The pressure also produces a sizable fountain of blood. Amaya can control the pressure used in the attack, which allows her to either break bones or completely liquefy an opponent.

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Amaya Himura {Ichibi}
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