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PostSubject: Bijuu and Jinchuuriki   Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Icon_minitimeSun Mar 28, 2010 4:46 pm

Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Shukaku2Ichibi is the one-tailed demon tanuki. It gives the host the ability to control sand for various techniques. The demon will attempt to protect its host from any possible harm automatically with a sand shield.
Jinchuuriki - Himura Amaya - Sunagakure no Sato
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki NibiNibi is the two-tailed demon cat. Gives the user a passive resistance to fire and huge enhancement to Katon jutsu.
Jinchuuriki -
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki SanbiSanbi is the three-tailed demon turtle. It gives the user a huge enhancement to Suiton, and a great level of durability against physical damage.
Jinchuuriki -
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki YonbiYonbi is the four-tailed demon ape. It gives the host the ability to simultaneously utilize Katon and Doton Elements, allowing them to form Yoton Element techniques.
Jinchuuriki - E' Suijo
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki GobiGobi is the five-tailed demon whale-horse. Gives user immense speed even in normal human form, the more the tails the faster and stronger the user. The user will have an enhancement to wind jutsu and will feel lighter meaing he/she will be more nimble.
Jinchuuriki - Kida Touzen - Konohagakure no Sato
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki RokubiRokubi is the six-tailed demon slug. Allows the user to create slimy tentacles that can extend out of their body.
Jinchuuriki - Nishimura, Chouko
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki ShichibiShichibi is the seven-tailed demon rhinoceros beetle. Abilities currently unknown.
Jinchuuriki - Karasu No Takeshi - Kusagakure no Sato
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki HachibiHachibi is the eight-tailed demon ox-squid. It gives the user a huge increase in chakra as well as physical strength and speed.
Jinchuuriki - Hikari,Kitsune - Kirigakure no Sato
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki KyuubiKyuubi is the nine-tailed demon fox. It gives the user a nearly limitless level of chakra. It will serve to protect its host by healing any damage or injuries at an extremely accelerated rate.
Jinchuuriki - Ishimura, Katsumi - Konohagakure no Sato

Bijuu are very powerful and give unique abilities impossible to most others. Because of this, if you wish to have one of the tailed beasts, your application must be good enough to show us that you can handle it without getting the bijuu killed easily and will not blatantly abuse its power beyond what is intended. All Jinchuuriki will start out as Genin rank, and for this reason they will NOT have full control over their bijuu. They will have to train and learn of it over time. If you only train with your own personal jutsu and never release the bijuu or use its power, you are NOT going to be able to master it easily. If you have not mastered the bijuu's abilities, you will NOT be able to use it to break genjutsu or release the forms by will without any trauma. These are just examples, and all similar situations will be monitored and dealt with.

The bijuu that have been completely revealed in canon will stay as they are in terms of abilities. If you are applying for any of the bijuu that have not been revealed, it will be your duty to give a full and detailed explanation of any powers or abilities, drawbacks, and any passive effects or automatic protective abilities. To explain the abilities of the demon, just add it in under the JUTSU section in your character's profile as if you would any other jutsu, with the bijuu's name instead of a jutsu name.

If you want a Bijuu, first check the list above to make sure it is not taken, and hope that nobody is currently in the process of applying for one. There is no Bijuu registration, just make it obvious in your characters profile that they have the bijuu. It must be VERY detailed in history, personality, techniques, and anything else that might affect your character. As there is no registration thread for the Bijuu, we are judging you entirely on the quality of your profile, and if the staff do not feel you are up to par to handle it, we will likely have to deny it. If you do get accepted as a Jinchuuriki, remember that you are a Genin who JUST graduated from the academy. Chances are you are very unskilled and weak with the abilities, and will need to learn and train over time just like every other shinobi. You will need to develop the skills, and the control of the bijuu. If we see you fully releasing the demon, tapping into all of its chakra with ease, and breaking every genjutsu effortlessly because of the Bijuu, and have not portrayed enough IC proof of your training and learning to be able to do such things, you will either be warned, or have your bijuu/character removed.

Finally - Have fun with it. As one of the nine Jinchuuriki, you have a great deal of power, personality, and drama basically built-in for you to play with and develop as you wish. We except these nine people, above all else, to show a great degree of depth in all areas, and there is no better way for such a thing to pick a Bijuu because you want the fun and enjoyment of such a thing.

~As a safety measure and balancing procedure, there can be a maximum of three Bijuu to any one village~
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PostSubject: Re: Bijuu and Jinchuuriki   Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Icon_minitimeWed Jun 23, 2010 7:47 am

*Update* NEW RULE *Update*
High leveled positions like Bijuu and hokage characters must be on at the very least once a week or they are striped from their position.

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Guest My birthday is coming up soon so i might be a little inactive as before cause i won't be coming on computer much.
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