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 Hayazhi Kotomi

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PostSubject: Hayazhi Kotomi   Hayazhi Kotomi Icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 1:08 pm

Personal Information

Name: Hayazhi Kotomi

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Relatives: Father(ANBU), rest was killed by her grandfather

Personality: Due to her past, Kotomi tends to find peace in books, meaning you often find her reading a book. She is quiet, but not shy, if people want to talk to her, its often them that speaks to her.

-Update soon-


Hayazhi Kotomi Bfhogo


Kotomi`s family had always been against the ninja`s in the village. Her great great grandfather had been one of the nomades who had begun building the sand village, when the kazekage`s clan first arrived. One of the women from the kazekage`s clan, named Kumi, fell in love with her great great grandfather, and they had 2 children, one being a boy with short black hair, the other being a girl with long dark purple hair, having the beauty of kumi, who was a cousin to the first kazekage.

As the years went by, and the sand village began to take shape, Ganji(the great great grandfather), began to notice a change in his beautyfull wife. She began to strife further and further away from him, comming later home, smiling less, as if she only was with him because of their children. He soon discoverd she was seeing someone else, a man from one of the other nomade families that had been here since the beggining, thoose who had begun to learn the ways of the shinobi.

Generations passed, and a vinter night, something terribel happend. Kotomi`s grandmother had left her grandfather. It had happend every time someone from the Hayazhi family married someone from the kazekage`s clan. It had her grandfather go bezerk. Due to the shinobis comming from the other villages, and the missions they went on, it led to the hospital being crowded time to time. On a mere 5 hours span, her grandfather killed 90% of the people in the hospital, along with his cheating wife, and the remainning of the Hayazhi clan, by using the kenjutsu skills passed down in the clan. Finaly he killed himself at the front doors of the current village leader`s building, swearing revenge onto the clan. Her grandfather was known as the blood avenger after that.

Now, around 20 years after the massacra, the Hayazhi clan is almost dead. The remainning are Fumo, who is the son of "the blood avenger", that managed to survive by hiding in the basement of the clan household, and his datugher, Kotomi.

Kotomi is a very unsual girl, mostly because of her beauty and looks. Many says she could be a recarnation of her great great grandmother. People call her the "jewel of the sands", due to her beauty, while most people mean she is dangerous, due to the actions of her grandfather.

Kotomi`s father has been trainning her in the arts of kenjutsu, letting her use her grandfather`s katana, having even more people belive ehr to be dangerous. Kotomi is now 14. She has failed the genin exsams twice, because of her lack of intrest in it, it seemend like she just wanted to read. At her third try, she passed just on the edge, mostly because her clone wasent so good, but it could at least stand and resembled her acceptably.

Kotomi has yet to be assigned a squad, through she dosent really mind it, in fact she loves it, since she passed the acadamy, it gives her more time to read her books.

Other: Any additional information you would like to add that does not fit into any of the above or below sections.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: None

Village: Hidden sand village

Chakra Nature: Wind


Standard ninja gear(steelwire, smokebombs, exsplotion tags, kunai`s shurikin and small medic kit).

Her grandfather`s sword that he used to kill the people at the hospital, her clan, and her grandmother:

Hayazhi Kotomi 2160xz


Name:Wind cutter
Rank: D
Element: wind
By infusing her hands with wind, Kotomi can, by swing her katana, created a cutting slash of wind. The sharpness and wide of the attack depends on the amount of chakra she has put into it.

Name:Flying knifes
Rank: C
Element: Wind
This jutsu will infuse wind-based chakra into bladed weapons. The user can than manipulate the blades in a spinning manner to attack the target.

Name: Wind Storm
Rank: C
Element: Wind
A simple technique that when the users hands are clapped together, wind is compressed and transformed into a powerful gale. The jutsu used as an isolated attack has the power to easily knock over a human. Though the true value comes from using it together with projectile weapons like shuriken or kunai. Their speed, power, and ability to wound or even kill are all increased several times.

All Academy level jutsu (Kawarimi, Bunshin, Henge, Shunshin, Rope Binding, etc.) are automatically known. So you do not need to list those.

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