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PostSubject: Chikara   Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:55 am

Basic Details

Clan Name: Chikara
Clan Location: Kumogakure no Sato
Clan Symbol:


Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai:

Streaming ながれ [Nagare]

An ability known to be utilized by the Chikara clan, this skill allows for a ninja to stream electrical energy and change the nature there-of to utilize the high-frequency vibrations, that the skill creates, to cut through the air around themselves using friction that the molecules create from having the ions pass electrons back and forth between one another. This style of manipulation, though creating an extremely versatile cutting edge, reduces the electrical chakra's discharge. The techniques utilizing this skill may still numb the body part that it strikes, but unless they are doused in water, the skill tends not to shock them due to the nature of the skill.

The Chikara, and a few select others outside of the clan that know similar techniques, are the only well known users of this style of combination between elemental nature manipulation as well as shape manipulation. As such, they have taken precedent in claiming this genius-level skill to be of their invention.


Karada 體 [Body]
Over generations of breeding, the Chikara clan have bred a body that can withstand great pressure and stress. Their true ability lays in their innate bodily strength. This inheritance gives them the capability for great physical strength. The muscles themselves are well built and are genetically designed for lengthened use as well as heightened performance. Because of this, they tend to be able to lift massive amounts of of weight with relative ease in comparison to the normal person.

The inherited ability only is available to those who work on it though. As nothing ever comes free, the clan has devised a way to train the body with minimal stress. Simple daily routines such as meditation and ritual posing, train the muscles to reach the legendary quality that makes this clan so well known world-wide.




Clan History:

Since the time of the clan's creation, this clan's name has been seen in various scriptures of historic placement. During this time, they were well known for their great physical strength and large numbers. The clan themselves would be considered on par with the greater clans of the rest of the ninja world, but found themselves employed under the Daimyo of Lightning Country before any other nations could claim their power. The clan would later be noted for helping to create the foundation for the Hidden Cloud.

When the Hidden Cloud was first created, the clan known as Chikara would take home in a collection of small islands within the valley of branching waters, just West of the village. The village would acknowledge the area to being still within the boundaries of the Hidden Lightning, and here they would set up the clan's districts. Within the district, they would set up the clan's Temple, residential housing and the head mansion for where the true-blood lineage would take residence for years to come.

Clan members:

Main House

  • Clan Head - Chikara Eiji

Branch Houses

Clan founders:

Chikara Seishi [deceased]

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