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PostSubject: Mitsukiri Hitomi   Mitsukiri Hitomi Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 10:01 pm

Personal Information

Name: Mitsukiri Hitomi

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Relatives: She has her big sister Asura, her mother, and her father.

Personality: Will add it as she develops. As of now, she is a brilliant young girl who tends to plan things out as she goes. She is always trying to make friends, being kind and courteous to all that she meets. She is kind of obsessed with wolves and everything related to it.

Appearance: Hitomi has long, silky, brown hair that reaches down to about halfway down her back. She has deep blue eyes that seem to hypnotize those who gaze into them. She wears a lot of eye liner, making her eyes have a really dark outline. She tends to wear a fishnet shirt underneath a blue t-shirt. She wears a pair of black shorts underneath a blue skirt that goes down to about her knees. She wears her headband as a belt. She has a necklace with the head of a wolf as the pendant to symbolize her love of wolves. She also wears an open black jacket with a silver wolf on the back of it. She keeps her ninja tools in its hidden pockets.

History: She entered the academy a year early. Because of this, she was fairly shy. She spent a whole year just trying to make friends, with little to no success. She would always run away whenever she came close to talking to someone. After the year ended, she met an Inuzuka boy. She ended up developing a huge crush on him and became obsessed with his partner wolf. A few weeks later, her crush ended with her crush punching her in the stomach. He kept attacking her, meaning to kill her, until a jonin came in, stopping him. She was nearly unconscious, bleeding like crazy. It turned out that the Inuzuka genin was actually a rogue Inuzuka in disguise. The jonin killed the Inuzuka and saved her life by bringing her to the Konohagakure hospital. There she met another young girl. The two quickly became friends. The pair of them always hung out and did research together, including a ton on wolves as per Hitomi's request. The two of them graduated the academy with flying colors. They were split onto different teams however, when they became genin.

Soon after become genin, Hitomi met a pack of wolves, with whom she helped saved from a hunter. She noticed one of the puppies had a strange mark on his forehead. She was able to get some alone time with the puppy. The puppy spoke and revealed itself as a ninja wolf who had gotten raised by the wolf pack. She became very close friends with the puppy, who revealed his name to be Tourufu. Since then, Tourufu and Hitomi have been inseparable. She has not learned any jutsu as of yet. She has mostly worked on her taijutsu and planning skills.


Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: N/A

Village: Konohagakure

Chakra Nature: Fire

The only equipment she carries with her are basic ninja tools, such as kunai and shuriken.

N/A for now.
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Mitsukiri Hitomi
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