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 Kanatashi Clan

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PostSubject: Kanatashi Clan   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:43 pm

Basic Details

Clan Name: Kanatashi Clan

Clan Location: Iwagakure

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai: The levels of the Kekkei Genkai are represented by the clan symbols. Each of the four icons in the symbol, represents a level. Each time you gain a level...well, you'll see.

Level 1: Every clan member starts out here. At level one, in battle, the left leg of the user will become surrounded with a small amount of chakra. However, for this to work, the chakra must be drawn from the user's chakra pool. While the user's leg is surrounded by this small chakra, physical attacks from that leg are much stronger than kicks without the chakra.

Level 2: Once the user has attained a certain level, (1-2 years of practice) level two is achieved. Level two means that the users other leg, (right) is surrounded with chakra. When both legs are surrounded with a small amount of chakra, combos are discovered, and attacks can become deadly. Level two draws even more chakra than level one, but due to the users constant training, it lessens little by little over time.

Level 3: Once the user has attained level 3, (3-6 years after level 2) the user will be able to surround their right arm with a small amount of chakra. Along with the two legs and the currently attained arm, the user will be able to perform even more deadly jutsu than before. This level requires more chakra than level two.

Level 4: If the user has attained this level, they have mastered the clan's Kekkei Genkai. This is achieved after level 3, (7-11 years after level 3). The user's left arm is consumed with a small amount of chakra, and combos are as deadly as ever. The taijutsu at this level is usually forbidden to use, due to clan rules due to it's power.

Abilities: The Kanatashi clan has limitless possibilities to their taijutsu abilities. They all have advanced taijutsu techniques, althought they lack Genjutsu, and Genjutsu resistance.

Jutsu: N/A


Clan History: The Kanatashi clan started out 150 years ago in the land of Tsuchi no Kuni. The clans founders, (Tomomi and Yuuta) were happily married, and living a quiet life. One day, Yuuta was called away with a group of rogue ninja to go deal with a problem. The Survival rate was 13%. Yuuta never told Tomomi what the mission was.
While Tomomi had faith in her husband, she knew there was a good possibility he could die. Now, Tomomi spent most of her time waiting for Yuuta to come home training Taijutsu.

While training taijutsu one day, she hatched an idea right out of the blue. What if I could fuse chakra with taijutsu? Back then, it seemed almost impossible, but Tomomi tried anyway. She didn't even know where to start. She practiced hours on end, trying to find a way to get her chakra to fuse with her kicks, punches, headbutts, anything. One day, when calm, she punched her punching bag, and noticed it left an unusual indent. When running her hand over it, she discovered that it had heat to it. Excited, she continued punching the bag, and punch after punch, sure enough, it left heat with indents. As months went by, chakra began surrounding her arms when she punched. Her punches landed harding, more accurately, and the timing was impeccable.

Yuuta came back, a total of 4 months on the mission. Turns out 100% of the people who went survived. Tomomi quickly forced him to learn the techniques, and as the years went by, the two had children, their children's children had children, and so on.

Clan members: Kanatashi Taiki, and other NPCS.

Clan founders: Kanatashi Tomomi (Deceased) Kanatashi Yuuta (Deceased)

Note: The 'Small Bursts of Chakra', look like a weird fire type substance, and flare up about 3-5 inches off the skin.

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Kanatashi Clan
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