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PostSubject: Reichi   Reichi Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 5:00 pm

Personal Information

Name: Tokui Reichi
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 4 ft 7 in
Weight: 85 lbs

Reichi Jio-teen


Tokui Clan [no abilities]


Reichi is an arrogant child who likes to stir things up. Not having had much attention as a child, he always has liked to be the one to do something so out there that people would pay attention to them. He doesn't mind if he's seen as in a bad light, as long as he's on the forefront of everyone's thoughts.

Despite his somewhat reckless and childish behavior, Reichi tends to be rather straight forward and honest to those he meets. Rarely will he talk bad about someone before them talking about him in such a way first. Still, he does trash-talk others in the way that he would say he is better than all of them. In truth he sees himself as the lowest trash within the village, but his pride wont let him admit to it. Instead he continues to act as he does in order to keep people away, yet close at the same time.

And being unpredictable as he is, Reichi always tries to find new ways to be himself. Rather than sticking to one gag every day, he will attempt to bring up a new way to get his name out there every day. Only on days where he cannot think of something fool-hearted act to perform will he show signs of his true persona, a somewhat lost boy who never really found love from anyone.


When Reichi was young, his parents gave him away to a boarding home where he currently makes his stay. They could not afford to keep him as their own child, so they dropped him off in the care of one of Suna's housing developments and would leave the village soon after to continue travels. As his father was a travelling salesman, it was only natural that he would continue on with his life soon after having ditched his son.

Reichi was a late bloomer. He never really was introduced to the life of a ninja until he was near ten years old. At this time he would first be introduced to his parents who would come in and visit the village to see their child. And though happy to know that his parents were well, he was still scornful of their having disowned him. Still, they would tell him of ninja that they had hired and how he himself should become a ninja so that he might one day act as their bodyguard and live with them. Despite the idea of being used, Reichi wanted nothing more than just to be able to see his parents every day.

So he would join the academy thinking well that he would later on retire from the village's core and become strong and be able to act as a well-rounded guard for his parents in later life.

By this time, most everyone his age had already gone under the most basic trainings of the academy. They were lightyears ahead of him by the standards of practice, so he would have to start in a year much younger than himself in age, but still similar to his own level in maturity and skill. Despite his age difference, he managed to fit in quite well with ninja two years younger than himself. He also managed to quickly pick up on the basic skills that most kids learn when they start to talk and walk, including building his chakras.

When his time at the academy was done, at age Thirteen Reichi would realize that he loved the idea of becoming a strong ninja. And though still wanting to become able to live with his parents to make up for lost time, he was beginning to grow doubt in his mind about whether or not he would still want to join them by the time he would be strong enough to do so. However, he had plenty of time to think about that in later years. Until then, he would continue to train hard in order to become a powerful ninja for the village, focusing on his ninjutsu as the forefront of his abilities.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin
Position: General Shinobi
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Chakra Nature: 風遁, Fūton [Wind Release]


Name: Fishing Hook
Origin: General Kirigakure Armory
Appearance: [link]
A small metal hook that is able to easily delve into flesh, split bone and support near 50 kgs of pressure without bending. Reichi utilizes these in many of his tools.

Name: Leash
Origin: General Item
Appearance: [link]
A six-foot long leash that has a retractable hook on either end. Reichi keeps the leash with one hook attached to his form, either by belt or another means, but has replaced the secondary retractable hook with a Fishing Hook for use to make this a deadly weapon in combat. Each leash can hold hundreds of pounds of pressure without ripping. The reason behind this is the inter-fiber weave that holds it together.

Name: Exploding Pouch
Origin: General Kirigakure Armory
Appearance: [link]
A small pouch that reacts to the user's chakra and explodes. The damage dealt by the explosion is enough to punch a hole through a concrete wall. Reichi carries twenty or so of these on his person.

Name: Senbon Needle
Origin: General Kirigakure Armory
Appearance: [link]
A small metal needle that can easily be used for medical use or combat. It makes for a great throwing weapon, but can be used for melee combat.


Name: Whipping
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: E
Element Affinity: None
A basic taijutsu style that allows for Reichi to attack his enemies, from a close distance, using the leashes and hooks that he attaches to his form. Strikes from these fishing hooks can leave lacerations and scars on the enemy, causing light or heavy bleeding, depending on where they strike.

Name: Dust Kicker
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element Affinity: Wind
A ninjutsu utilizing the Wind Element. Inhaling a large amount of air, the user then forms the necessary seals and follows this by exhaling. As the user exhales, they release a gust of wind from their windpipe that has enough force to lift dust, sand, dirt and small rocks into the air. The range of this technique isn't more than ten feet, but it will slow down an unsuspecting target who is trying to advance on the user's position.

Name: Twister
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Element Affinity: None
A highly precise taijutsu strike that utilizes Reichi's leashes and fishing hooks. By rotating his body quickly and then ceasing rotation after starting, Reichi can whip his leashes outward toward the enemy so that they all collectively whip around and strike them from behind. This style of taijutsu is commonly used in combination with normal hand-to-hand combat as a way to distract the enemy from the attack coming from behind.

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