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 Konzaki Nazurus

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Konzaki Nazurus

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PostSubject: Konzaki Nazurus   Konzaki Nazurus Icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 2:36 pm

Personal Information

Name: Konzaki Nazurus

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Relatives: Adoptive Child: Rukuro

Personality: Though he may have the outward apperance of a lazy man who wants to do nothing more than sit around and sleep all day. There is more to him then what others tend to think of him. For starters he is extremely blunt in his wording and matters of carrying himself. He is almost never willing to pull his punches just for the sake of another person’s well being.

Hanatsuno is a horrible person who always seems to only care about himself and is willing to put almost anyone in danger to do so. Though most of the time he is willing to get his true point across, it is often seen as if he is a cruel man who only wants to be alone and simply keep all his desires, wishes, and dreams to himself at all times. The only saving grace to his appearance of complete lack of a human soul is the fact that he is a huge joker. He is often doing things that are rather unique simply for just a few laughs, which makes it next to impossible to realize when he is joking and when he is serious.

Appearance: A man who wishes to hide himself within the form of an elderly man far too much. He is a of average built and height for someone of his age, even though he attempts to hide this all too much. He has no tattoos on his body carries a single scar across his face that sits over his left eye. Despite his age, Konzaki’s age does not seem to reflect the appearance of his face.

Konzaki has a light tan on his body and has a pair of beautiful green eyes. He is said to be quite attractive for his age and the only true indicator of his age is the fact that he has pure white hair atop his skull. It is often thought that he dyes his hair, but in fact he has had the same shade of hair since birth.

Konzaki prides himself on his built and physic when in comparison to those equal to him in terms of age. He has a rather built body, that even younger men often have troubles keeping up with. This is due to the physical labor it takes for him to create as well as carry each of his skills along with him. Seeing as how he’s been working on his ninjutsu.

Konzaki’s choice of clothing is a primary blue suit that has a gold trim around most of it. He has a long blue jacket that has a set of gold buttons sitting around their center and is followed by a gold trim down to its end. The jacket is long in its length, stopping just short of the beginnings of his boots.

He has a pair of baggy blue pants, which match the overall set up of his uniform, and end with the beginning of his boots. The boots he wear’s are tall black army like boots worn by rarely anyone else within the hidden Cloud Village, though this choice of clothing does give him some limits while living within his living space, he has been able to make do with very little complications.

This entire uniform is unique only to him and it’s appearance and design are unique to others who live within the hidden cloud village. It represents Konzaki’s overall personality and outlook on his job as a shinobi, the only other person ever seen to even attempt to wear such a design is his one and only apprentice, Rukuro, and even he can’t stand it.

Quote :

In truth, the story of Konzaki takes place some years ago, back when his parents were nothing more than wanderers attempting to find their place in the world. It was as though he was unable to even come to terms with himself upon noticing that for some reason he is unable to even reflect on his parents. They died shortly after his teenage years, and now he is unable to even remember them due to his constant works in assisting the people around him and their troubles.

Konzaki was seen and accepted as a man due to his kindness upon becoming a recognized shinobi. He was always going around and about attempting to better and assist the others around him in all their problems even when he was younger, however as he began to get more and more dedicated into his works he began to develop a deep and heavy seated emotional connection with those around him. It wasn’t as though he was hiding himself, but at the same time as he slowly began to develop and transform into a man who was known simply as a shinobi with such high level of esteems.

As a young man Konzaki is known throughout the lightening country as one of the few men to have reached the rank and esteem that was needed for anyone to become a leader in need. It was as though he was a very well balanced and simplistic outlook on the world itself. In truth, he feels as though he isn\'t quite up to the esteem and control that is expected of him, however his story basically seems to carry on about as though nothing more than a simplistic outlook. As he continued his works and desires as a man, he slowly began to draw himself onto the ideas of assisting his friends and allies to the point that they now saw him as a pillar of strength and understanding.

When the village was being slowly built up from its original level some years ago, it was as though he was seriously seen and accepted as the acting leader of it before it was erected. Upon having the village erected however, they were in need of a leader and lord who was capable of assisting them through all the hardships of the village’s development. So in the end they decided on Konzaki due to the fact that he had been with them for some time, during the time period of the villages development. And even now he continues to act as though one of the more respected men of the Lightening Country.

During his time and development however, Konzaki began to emerge as a well respected man who was capable of assisting everyone and anyone who was in need. However, due to the works which had been grown up as when a shinobi he was unable to even properly accept and sit back with the idea of being a leader. It was as though try as he might, something was lacking from his life and with each and every passing moment he was unable to even clearly accept or understand his own skills and power which was needed for him. It was as though he had very little understanding or acceptance of the world itself.

Konzaki developed his skills as an expert at using electromagnetic fields and his lightening chakra began to make him one of the more powerful shinobi in his up and rising village, so he was often given odd and off beat details. As he began to develop his knowledge and understanding, Konzaki began to lose focus of himself as a man. He longed for a family and at the very least friends who could accept him and his offbeat personality to the point that he was unable to even rest and accept any of it. Now, he had grown into a figure of power and acceptance so he was technically developing into the leader that they had wanted of him.

However, as time began to progress Konzaki had managed to come across a young child who had slowly began to turn him into a more respectable man. The child’s name was Rukuro and his parents had been killed during one of the redevelopment projects of the country, yet for some reason he didn’t have much of a story aside from that. The young man didn’t seem to come up and about as a shinobi, yet for the most part he still was attractive to Konzaki in the sense that he could act as a small portion of himself. It was as though roughly five years after helping raise Rukuro. Konzaki took him under his wing officially as his adoptive father.

Upon having fallen back into line as a Shinobi though, Konzaki began to develop new and more complex groups and teachings to his village to the point that they were following his lead without fail. He carries his child, his pride, and his power with such a simplistic style and form that it is something which enables him to come across as a very skilled man. Now, he is seen as nothing more than a leader who is so understanding and well balanced that he is seen as one of the wisest men in the shinobi world.

Other: As Acting Raikage, Konzaki generates and creates his own divisions to work beneath him similar to Anbu, however much more unique. Each having their own styles and such.

Ninja Data

Rank: Kage

Position: Kage

Village: Kumo

Chakra Nature: Lightening


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Konzaki Nazurus

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PostSubject: Re: Konzaki Nazurus   Konzaki Nazurus Icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 3:07 pm

Jutsu List

Lightening Jutsu


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PostSubject: Re: Konzaki Nazurus   Konzaki Nazurus Icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 11:07 am

Sorry this took so long to get to, as I am unable to check IP addresses on my phone while at work. But we have come to a ruling.

Although not a completely detailed and specific rule, there are rules against creating overpowered characters. Whether you intend to or not, being both the Raikage AND Kumo's Jinchuuriki has trouble written all over it. Because of this, we can not allow you to have the Raikage position, especially since you are also trying for a second Kage. We will also not allow you to rule more than one village, so delete one or the other, please. If you keep this one, edit it to a different village.

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