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 Want To Be Staff?

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PostSubject: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:10 pm

I have been getting a lot of PMs lately about people wanting to be staff members, so I decided a thread is a lot easier than countless of the same reply.

The reason we only have two staff currently, is because we weren't expecting it to become so popular so quickly. Needless to say, we will be recruiting more staff to help speed up the approval process. So if you want to be a staff member, just fill out the template I will link and please be patient. We might take a while to get back to you, as Kida and I will talk over each request before making it final, to ensure that we have quality staff. Also understand that we might say no to you, for the good of the site and its members. If you think that will upset you, then do not apply.

A few rules for any staff applicants. These key points will be looked at before anything else.

  • Patience: This is a key thing, and one of the most important. If you are easily angered by little things, do not apply. We need staff that are clam and willing to work things out.
  • Not power hungry: We will NOT tolerate staff that abuse their powers. If someone disagree's with you or states their opinion in a calm manner, that is their right. If you ban them, yell at them, or do anything against them because "You are staff and you can do that" we will destaff you, maybe even ban you. The ONLY difference between members and staff are that the staff are moderators, and willing to dedicate their time to helping the site grow and the members stay happy. You don't have powers that allow you to break the rules whenever you want.
  • Knowledgeable: Meaning that you know about Naruto, preferably mostly from the Manga. This is a canon site, but we follow the rules and facts that have been stated in the manga. Filler episodes are NOT considered canon, so remember that, as plenty of things in fillers directly clash with facts from canon.
  • Lenient: Don't ban every jutsu because you don't like it, or it seems a bit too difficult to do. Look it over in detail, look at the character in question (their training, history, abilities, etc. etc.), look over any relations of that ability in canon, try to figure out how it would work at their current rank, and later on when they become a lot stronger. The list goes on. This works the other way too - Don't approve stuff that is either blatant copies of canon stuff (bloodlines that copy jutsu or make Susanoo-esque beings, clans that use canine familiars to fight, genjutsu that force them to view painful memories until they're mentally crippled, etc. etc.).
  • Team member: Remember, the staff is a team. If one staff approves something that another disagrees with, or vice-versa, then talk it out and settle it maturely and calmly. We are all on the same team here. Also on this note, is that you must be able to handle constructive criticism without taking offense. If you do something that another possibly more experienced staff member sees isn't the right way, and they tell you your mistake, don't act like he is harassing and insulting you. If you feel that is happening, talk to another staff or myself and we'll figure it out and work it out.
  • Good example: Members will do what they see staff doing, in many cases. If a staff is a jerk all the time, members will know they can be also. if a staff makes horribly overpowered characters, then the members will too. Do the right thing and be as good in every area as you want our members to be.
  • English: I assure you this is not a racist comment at all. I do not care if English is not your first language, I understand and honestly I envy your ability to speak multiple languages. What I mean by this is that this site is in English, and it even states in the rules that grammar, spelling and all things of the sort are required. While we are not too strict on this rule, we will be for staff. As in the above, we want staff to be good examples to our members, and as such, we want staff that spell correctly, use proper grammar and punctuation, etc. etc.

I am sure there is more, but I will add it if necessary, though I feel that is a basic enough example of what we're looking for. If you think you can follow all of this and are on often and want to help out, then apply with the below template. Best of luck to you, and apologies in advance for anyone that isn't accepted, but we appreciate the offer to help either way. ^_^

Name: The name you want to be known by. Real name, character name, nickname, whatever you prefer.
RP Experience: How long have you been RPing?
Staff Experience: How often have you been staff? Any special staff skills(codes, banners, etc.)?
What You Can Do: What do you have to offer that would make us want you as a staff member? List as much as you want, that you feel is of any importance.
What You Want To Do: Do you have any preferences in what your staff duties are? Maybe you like doing profiles, but hate jutsu. List both what you prefer, and what you demand, as tasks of yours.
Other: Finally, list anything else you want us to know. Whatever you'd like. ^_^

[b]RP Experience:[/b] 
[b]Staff Experience:[/b] 
[b]What You Can Do:[/b] 
[b]What You Want To Do:[/b] 

~Click For Character List~
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:37 pm

Name:  You can call me Kaze-sama or Kaze for short
RP Experience:  I have had 4-5 years of Rping experience on various sites.
Staff Experience:  I have had 1 year of mod experience in total. 4-5 months here and there. I used to run a nation on another RP.
What You Can Do:  I can make jutsu, clans, I can be on whenever you need me to be on. I can't really code or do anything like that, I can be a wandering dictionary.
What You Want To Do:  I would like to do Jutsus and Clans. I don't really demand anything anymore.
Other:  I suffer from insomnia a lot and I am a registered genius.
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Hideo Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:47 pm

Name: Zak (Hideo)
RP Experience: Nearing 2 Years
Staff Experience: Multiple Sites. Mostly admin.
What You Can Do: I usually enforce rules,check apps,Im on often, Im good with people.
What You Want To Do: im willing to do anything im asked of.
Other: Nothing special I dont think.
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:56 pm

Name: Danzo Hoshigaki
RP Experience: Been Rping for about Four years
Staff Experience: Within the four years of my rping Experience i have owned three site. All being active for at least four months. I have been co.owner of Two popular sites, and have been a mod on numerous sites.
What You Can Do:I know just about everything about the admin panel and can do just about anything that is needed to help the site.
What You Want To Do: Be an admin because i like helping people with stuff, and Approving Applications, Jutsu's, and Clans.
Other: I'm active!
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 3:00 pm

Name: Amanda
RP Experience: 2-3 years
Staff Experience: I created a site about two months ago, have been an admin on one that just recently started, an admin on another for 4 months, mod on two other sites for a year.
What You Can Do: I am pretty skilled with codes and have experience in coding. I can be a stickler on grammar and spelling, I am a moving, living, breathing dictionary and thesaurus in one. I'm good with people and online usually everyday often.
What You Want To Do: I would like to help with character applications. I could do any coding or edits that you might need. I really don't like jutsu so it would be much appreciated if I wouldn't do that.
Other: I am a book worm and love to create sigs, banners, avatars, and wall papers. I also enjoy making stick animations.
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Uchiha Karasu

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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:45 pm

Name: Michael
RP Experience: 7.5 years, consistantly over 3 boards
Staff Experience: General Mod for half a year, Apps mod for two years
What You Can Do: I'm good at checking apps.
What You Want To Do: Check apps.
Other: N/A
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Aoi Ozanaru


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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:36 pm

Name: Amanda Davis (Mandy)
RP Experience: 6 years roughly
Staff Experience:
Staff on Konaha Rpg for about 1 year.
Staff on Alex's Dbz Rpg for about 6 months
Admin on Dbz Rising for 1 1/2 years
What You Can Do: I can code in HTML; I have created hundreds of custom jutsu and bloodlines and characters on Konaha among other Naruto site, for this I believe I would be good at checking them since I do check for realism and potential (If they can do the attack). I know the Forumotion moderation panel very well. I am also a very quick reader, I can get through applications and other things in a quickly while still reading it all and understanding it.
What You Want To Do: Anything honestly. I will check applications/custom Jutsu/Custom Clans/Watch for Rule Breaking. Anything you guys need me to do I can do it usually, even help create a site.
Other: I am rather Active. (This is Ishada)
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:24 am

Name: Yamatazi Akio (Chantz J. Anderson)

RP Experience: 1 Year

Staff Experience: 3 Months, mostly on inactive sites, but I have had one active site that I modded.

What You Can Do: Well, I can code pretty well. My English is also impeccable. I'm pretty personable, so I'll work well with others.

What You Want To Do: Just be a mod, and help make this forum the best it can be! (Insert Cheesy Smile)

Other: I really. Really. Really. Like Buffalo Wings.
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:40 pm

Name: I'm Being Forced Let's leave it at Jay
RP Experience: Exact Time is so iffy, Can't even remember. Longer then Six Years though
Staff Experience: Been around and back, From Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and even D-Gray Man. I've just about touched basis on any and all mainstream shounen Sites, granted I'm still pretty active on em.
What You Can Do: You've seen what I can do first hand, you've seen how I think and how I'm capable of going about dealing with things.
What You Want To Do: Sleep, RP, and avoid Chris like the plague
Other: Active Enough to be here.
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Karasu No Takeshi

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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:24 am

Name: Senri
RP Experience: 4 years +
Staff Experience: I have been a moderator and an admin on several sites and I am currently a moderator on a Naruto based rp site called Roots of Deception and I am a semi-mod for my village on another site called Naruto Rising Infamy, but prior to that I have modded several other sites
What You Can Do: Profile Checking is my specialty, but I also have extensive knowledge of jutsu, clan and Kekkei Genkai so I can assist with adding to your registry of information or I could make a database of these jutsu and clans for you. I can also mod fights and training sessions and even advertise as I am on a ton of sites.
What You Want To Do: I will be pleased with whatever I get, I want to be placed where you see me fit the most.
Other: I am awesome end of story! xD
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:24 pm

Name: Senken ; Thebab91 ; Marth-kun ; The Breakdown. All of the prior are my alias, but you can call me Jeremy.
RP Experience: 5 years
Staff Experience:

Multiple websites, currently heading two that never lifted off. One of which I currently am working on Javascript for, as well as changing up the rules, definitions and systems on. My experience in prior sites include that of Thirdhokage proboards, which was a site that held over 200 members, Narutorpgv1/v2, both of which held 100+ members, and a number of smaller sites that commonly had a few very active members. As a staff member I always was told that I had a great judgement and was very open to new ideas as well as holding to my bases on ground rules.

What You Can Do:

Site mapping
Image Editing Skills [cg and basic image editing]
Javascript encoding [adjusting javascript code]
HTML coding and encoding
CSS coding and encoding
Provide active participation in position

What You Want To Do:

Jutsu and Weapons Registration
Profile Registration
IC Battle Moderation


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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:50 pm


Jaku, irl Tucker


RP Experience:

4 years off and on, mostly on Naruto or Bleach sites.


Staff Experience:

Once a mission mod on a Naruto sight, owner of a failed Bleach site, so I am accustomed to the panel although I little actual admin experience.


What You Can Do:

I speak English well, and can usually spot any overpowering or lack of effort fairly easily.


What You Want To Do:

Application mod, or any other position that needs to be filled, although I don’t really feel the need to become an admin.



I would ask the Admins before making any major decisions
And notice the lovely formatting, which was fun to do ;D

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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:56 am

Name: Katsu/ferb

RP Experience: 2-4 Years of expierence.

Staff Experience: Staff on lot's of sites. Mod on Naruto Shin'en. Admin On Shinobi Wars, Shinobi Warriors and Shinobi Bonds

Links to those sites:

Shinobi War
Naruto Shin'en
Shinobi Bonds
Shinobi Warriors

What You Can Do:

  • Host Events
  • Approve and unapprove apps
  • Watch If people break Rules
  • Come on 2-5 Times a week
  • Help people that need help

What You Want To Do:
Applications/Creations Mod. Nothing much wanted I do not want to be admin.

Other: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Want To Be Staff?   

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Want To Be Staff?
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