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PostSubject: Aburame Ryoma   Aburame Ryoma Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 8:51 pm

Personal Information

Name: Aburame Ryoma

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Relatives: Mother – Rika, Father – Aburame Shichiro

Typical of most Aburame, Ryoma’s personality is based on a sense of logic and hierarchy. However, as his mother wasn’t an Aburame clan member, he is somewhat capable of straying from his logical point of view in order to understand the actions of others; even if it does sometimes baffle him. In Ryoma’s eyes, life is like a giant game. The world is the board and the people around him are the pieces; and like all strategy games, it is logic and strategic planning that win the day. Not emotions.

He enjoys playing strategy games to pass the time but his primary hobby, which can sometimes border on obsession, is cultivating new types of kikaichū that can prove useful in battle or other aspects of his shinobi career. His goal in life is simple; to be a worthy ninja of Konoha and serve his village as best as the Hokage deems fit. Ryoma despises dissenters and nuke-nins; people who abandoned their village for their own foolish reasons rather than serving their village as a ninja should.

Ryoma has dark green, slightly spiky hair with a large bang framing the left side of his face. He wears a pair of oval sunglasses with a gunmetal-grey frame and midnight-blue tinted lenses. His eyes, when they are visible, are slightly angular and are dark green in color. Ryoma is taller than average and fairly slim, even a little bit lanky. He has a fairly pale complexion; a result of his usual choice of attire.

The young Aburame has had his left ear pierced with a silver clamp in the cartilage and a small hoop in the lobe, the two of which are joined by a length of silver chain. Hanging from the hoop is another short length of chain with an amber droplet attached. Ryoma usually wears his Konoha hitai-ate around his neck.

He can almost always been seen a dark grey trench coat with an ear-high collar and several green belts on it; one around the middle of the collar and one around the neck to hold the collar closed, one around each wrist, and finally two around the bottom of the coat. He wears the top two done up so his collar covers the bottom half of his face but leaves the rest undone. Ryoma wears a green short shirt kimono and black pants; under which he wears mesh armor that shows out of his sleeves and legs of his outfit. The outfit is completed by a dark green utility belt, two hip pouches attached to the back, a kunai and shuriken holster strapped to his right thigh, and black ninja sandals.

The few times he isn’t wearing his usual outfit he wears a black short shirt kimono with ash-grey edges with matching colored pants, a light green obi, his sunglasses, and a pair of wooden geta.

Unlike a lot of other ninja who grow up to be famous, Ryoma was not a prodigy nor did he have a terrible childhood. In fact, life in the Aburame household growing up was very routine and structured. He always knew he was going to be a ninja in some description; given his clan techniques and abilities it would most likely be as some sort of subterfuge specialist. So when he went to the academy he focused on the basics, becoming well rounded enough to be in the upper percentile of his class but not among the top three. He lacked any true friends because most of the other children considered him and his bugs to be weird.

Not having any friends would seem detriment to a child’s psyche. Well, any child other than an Aburame or an Inuzuka perhaps. Ryoma’s closest friends, also his partners for life, were his kikaichū so the Aburame never felt truly alone. After a few years at the academy, he graduated alongside the rest of his class and as an incentive to keep performing well he was given a jutsu scroll from his father for the Insect Clone technique.

Other: He rarely takes his left hand out of his pocket, even when fighting unless he needs to make hand seals. As a result of his kikaichū feeding on his chakra, he has below average reserves a majority of the time. When his insects feed on another his reserves tend to surge to above average; to avoid potential chakra exhaustion he has decided to focus on a less-well known branch of the Ninja Arts when he gets a bit older, Fūinjutsu.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin


Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Chakra Nature: Suiton


- Basic Shinobi Equipment
- First Aid Kit


Aburame Ninjutsu
Kikaichū no Jutsu:

Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu:

Rp Sample
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Guest My birthday is coming up soon so i might be a little inactive as before cause i won't be coming on computer much.
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Aburame Ryoma
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