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Takon Rayne

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PostSubject: Takon Rayne   Takon Rayne Icon_minitimeTue Jun 08, 2010 9:38 pm

Personal Information

Name: Takon Rayne

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Relatives: Mother, Father, Brother.

Personality: Takon for the most part is like any other thirteen year old kid and is basically over excitable, over emotional, quick to jump to conclusions, and most of all hormone deranged. Even with all the common faults most teens have he still manages to work as hard as he can when he trains even though the results may make him regret it the next day he will never stop his hard work. He will admit most of all that he is not smart when compared to the top of the class, when it comes to strategic thinking that is. However at critical skills and reaction time he believes he has a true gift for.

Appearance: Takon Rayne Foxdemon2


Pre Academy:
Before Takon was old enough to join the academy he simply had a basic childhood which included running around and enjoying the carelessness of life. He had a few friends who he would always play with at the playground every other day when he wasnt at home playing with his family which consisted of an older brother, mother, and father. All of which he loved more then anything he could imagine even at just a young age.

That was a good life, but everyone knows good things dont always last. He had just turned Seven a month before entering the academy a sure future shinobi great as his father was a Jounin of tehe Village and well respected as a model shinobi. That turned sour on an S-ranked mission with his father assissting the ANBU on a retrieval mission bringing back the body of a dead Main Family Member Hyuuga. His father sacrificed his life in a diversion to secure that the ANBU could reach the body safely and keep IWA from attaining the Hyuugas secrets.

When news reached the family they were all stunned. Most of all was Takon's older brother and Hero Daichi, he was 17 and had just attained Jounin. His older brother took every mission that was available day after day never stopping. Most times only coming home to get more gear then leaving again which quickly distanced him from his family but Takon was still close to him, always getting stories of far off lands.

It seemed even this level of normalness wasnt to last as his brother was finally killed on a simply C-rank mission by a stray kunai thrown by a younger member of his own team. The accident all but left the two remaining members of the Rayne family destoried with tears nearly almost always in their eyes seeing as how neither were trained shinobi. It did however have a longing effect on Takon who since the incident devoted his life to everything invovling getting stronger.

Post Academy:
With the determination astowed upon him after the death of his brother he was able to pass the academy with ease his first go around on taking the Genin Exam. He excelled in everyway aside from the basic Bunshin which caused him great difficulty to do perfect. He could only do one at a time without causing one of them to become disfigured, his control lacked in most areas using low amounts of chakra. This problem was answered by his Chuunin teacher showing him he had massive amounts of chakra damaging his control greatly. Meaning he would waste chakra everytime he performed a low ranked jutsu.

Massive amounts of Chakra. Horrible control. Difficulty learning basic techniques.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin


Village: Konoha

Chakra Nature: Raiton


•Kunai x3

•Shuriken x5

•Ninja Wire x2


Basic Academy Techniques


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PostSubject: Re: Takon Rayne   Takon Rayne Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 10:57 am

Try explain why he attains a Massive amount of Chakra in 'Other'

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