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 Meetings and Meditations.

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PostSubject: Meetings and Meditations.   Meetings and Meditations. Icon_minitimeWed Apr 21, 2010 2:39 pm

Sonyo sighed as he sat on the elevated rock on the small plateau. It was a small, level plain which he used for meditation and training. Today was the former. Thunder storms all around, the smell of rain on the wind, and the blood of a dear on his blade, he was in a good mood for some silent prayer to his mother and father, the parents of all his clan.

Seftu Goddess of Cannibalism, Torture, and Bloodlust.

Jashin, God of Slaughter and Destruction.

Don't you wish your parents were that cool? Sonyo smiled to himself. It was a hollow gesture. He couldn't really feel joy. Or sorrow. He was empty. Utterly and entirely empty. He sat on the stone cross legged, his hands rested on his knees. He was surrounded by the smell of rain and blood. On the ground was a bloody circle, writtin in deer blood, the carcass resting only a few feet away, already attracting flies and scavengers.

The stone he sat upon was already triangular. Painstakingly chiseled while he was in the academy. This was his sanctuary, his place of worship. This was a temple to his gods.

He sat in silent meditation, chakra dancing around him in a cerulean aura. He had been trying for weeks to get his chakra to vibrate a different color. Blue was to calm, passive. He wanted the color of blood! But, with nothing to go on, he was stuck meditating while he envisioned his chakra as a crimson mist that looked like blood red steam, but he kept getting distracted, wondering if boiled blood actually produced red steam. It was definitely something to look into later, but he had to get back on track.

So, the young Akuma sat there, wasting his time meditating on an aesthetic change to his chakra.
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Meetings and Meditations.
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