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PostSubject: Umehara, Hiruko   Umehara, Hiruko Icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 12:08 pm

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Personal Information

Name: Umehara, Hiruko

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Relatives: Mother (Aiko Umehara), Father (Saburo Umehara-Deceased), Aunt and Uncle (may be mentioned, however not seeing them in person anytime soon).

Personality: Hiruko in a nutshell would be calm but mishevious. He has the wits of a fox and the attitude of a lone wolf. He can be a serious, studying boy, who gets things done efficiently without tire, which usually leaves him with a long free time on his hands. Or he can be a daydreamer, something that usually happens when he thinks about his life in Atsumi. One thing he likes is to be near water or swimming. That and doing anything that involves boats. The impact made on his life from being around ships and the sea all his life has affected him into believing it's the one thing he's ever done right on this world. A natural at grace and speed, if you place him on a ship, he'll know exactly where he's going and exactly what he's doing. Aside from the water, he likes to train, eat ramen, sometimes surf or go fishing, draw pictures and sleep...a lot.


Born in Atsumi, Fire Country to a sailing family with no children previously, Hiruko was raised as a child who loved and revered the sea. Even since his youngest years swathed in naivety, he knew about the wrath and gentle grace of the oceans surrounding the countries and islands of the world. His knowledge came from his father, who's teachings of the waters would forever stay in his heart, as it had in his father when he was a kid. Born without any extraordinary chakra control, Hiruko was never sent to the academy for any kind of study in ninjutsu; this led to a relative dislike for shinobi who thought they could board his father's ships and order the members of it's crew around. His father complained of such things often, even though Hiruko never left his home save on errands till he was seven, his biases were largely based on this influence.

For the seven years he remained at home, he was taught (besides little chores like cooking and cleaning) a great deal about rope work, how to make or repair a net, the proper ways to scale a mast, how to fold the sails, names, ranks and jobs of the men aboard a vessel, and most of all, how to read the winds and tides. Most of these skills he obtained only in theory seeing as how he had never been on a ship in his life at that point. But for hours on end, he would stand upon the roof of his house feeling the shifts in the currents of air above him and watch boats in the harbor, send bottles out on a certain part of the coast and see where or if he'd find them again on another. The ability to correctly read and identify the directions of the currents of both water and air were his trademark even at the age of seven, which is when his father's cabin boy suddenly took ill and could no longer travel.

Hiruko was snatched up immediately, though not for any talents he possessed, just to mop the floors. He never complained, not once did he even break face slightly. It was difficult at first having to perform the labor of a ten year old without previous experience, but with a few days to build up some momentum, he managed to time out his activities so he did not wear himself down but still keep busy. The rest of his known life was spent at sea from the moment he'd stepped aboard his father's frigate.

He had little to no interaction with the members of his father's crew in his first year at sea. Honestly, a seven year old kid, how much could he talk about? But he was ever so determined, and he never gave up when he was handed a chore. He made it habit to listen to the traders who traveled with the company and picked up on countless subjects both at home and abroad, which were of fascination to scholar and sailor alike. Hidden coves in the cliff sides, unusual shifting tides, warming waters in strange areas. But those were only the mysteries of the sea. He soon heard of shinobi excursions on the mainlands, about battles between villages, new blood lines, battle tactics. Even from a certain scholar asking his father to transport a collection of ancient statues from Konoha to Mist, he had gathered a miraculous knowledge of history in it's own right and could repeat word for word what he was told and make his own inferences as to the meaning of his words.

The members of the crew who had taken a liking to him were none other than the Sailing master, the first mate and the cook. Through the three, in observation and instruction the next four years he was taught the basics of sailing. How to rig the mast, codes of conduct, how to steer the ship, tap the sails, and of course combine his unique knack for reading the currents with his new knowledge. His usual schedule did not interfere in the slightest with his new activities, in fact with his skill at timing his chores he had become so efficient in his work he had hours of free time to spend as he chose, and on trips that could total up to as many as three weeks, they were welcome.

When he had turned 11, his father recieved an order on the week he had stayed home to visit his mother. Word came a week later that the cargo had not made port, and a week after that, another message told that the ship had been destroyed. Hiruko's father and his boat had been destroyed by pirates. It had been a thing of mercy that he had not been aboard.

Half devastated, half enraged, Hiruko didn't know what to do. Before long, a couple of his relatives who had also been visiting him and his mother decided it would be best that he and his mom moved to Konohagakure. Hiruko was forced to accept, and in about a week, his mother and him were living in a townhouse in Konohagakure. The townhouse resided near the lake; Hiruko would begin to make a habit of fishing and swimming there. At the right age, he was signed into the Ninja Academy to become a shinobi. He failed his first exam, due to the fact he had never even attempted using chakra before.

This year however, he is about 4th highest marked student in the class and will probably suceed.

Other: Bleh

Ninja Data

Rank: Academy Student

Position: None

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Chakra Nature: Suiton


Name: Had no real name, but he calls it Scratch
Rank: B
Special Abilities: It's a standard Katana, with no real ability. However, with chakra use, it can attack a bit stronger than a regular katana, depending on the wielder's chakra strength.
Origin: Hiroku saved up a lot of money to find hiself a blade for combat purposes. After a while of doing chores for others, he was able to buy it from the weapons shop. He's become rather good at wielding it, however, he is an academy student, so he cannot defeat an ANBU with this thing alone.


Suiton Jutsu

Stage 1 (Academy Ranked) Water Jutsu

Name: Mizu no Waruasobi (Trick of Water)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element: Suiton
Description: A very simple technique which involves a simple flick of one's hands and a muster of sweat in the fingers. A precise flick comes from of the hands or even a shake can be made as if trying to get something off one's hands. The water streaks from the hand of the user and towards the enemy's eye. This unexpected irritation can blur their vision for a little bit.

Name: Uo Tsuba (Fish Spit)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element: Suiton
Description: A simple jet of water shot from the mouth. It can hit with enough force to stun you if it hits properly. To give an example of its power, those academy students that wield it could use it while playing a game of tag.

Name: Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element: Suiton
Description: Any Shinobi that uses water ninjutsu should likely have this technique. This involves learning basic manipulation of the properties of water. Boiling, freezing, and pressurization of water are included in these studies. Freezing is mostly limited to small amounts of water, and boiling includes the creation of steam by further putting chakra into the water. The more water there is, the longer and harder it will be to change the water's properties.
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PostSubject: Re: Umehara, Hiruko   Umehara, Hiruko Icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 1:53 pm

Must be a Genin, not an Academy Student. You will have just graduated from the Academy.

Mizu Soujuu (Water Manipulation) - This is denied. Water "manipulation" or changing the properties of water itself is not an ordinary or common technique. Specific jutsu are required for most things, with very few exceptions. Freezing would be an act of Hyoton(Ice Element), and boiling would be an act of Futton(Boil Element), both of which require bloodline limits.

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