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PostSubject: Kiri Yajuu   Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:41 pm

Higure Kisuke

Born into the family of Higure and son to ex-Seven Swordsmen member Kitsune, Kisuke has been expected to fill his father's shoes since the day he was born. As a child, Kisuke was told that he would one day hold claim to one of the swords of Kirigakure, but he never really understood what that meant until after his father's passing. When his older brother took up Kitsune's sword, Kisuke would be left to look for his prize elsewhere.

As such, he would stumble unto the first Kiri Yajuu, and would quickly take a liking toward his new teacher. Even when going to the academy, he would take time out of his day to stop by and visit the elderly swordsman in order to receive teaching. He never got to play with the sword that the man was known for mastering, but he would learn small steps of information that would one day help him to master the weapon for his own use.

Graduating from the academy early, Kisuke would become a great ninja who utilized his advanced strength and skill in taijutsu to take what he needed. And though he never learned many skills in tracking or reconnaissance, he did become severely well-trained in utilizing a blade. During his younger years, he would be known for utilizing a short-length zanbatou.

Short after becoming a Chuunin, the boy would receive license to be properly called a student to one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. As such, his teacher would abduct him from the regular training regime, and would take three years to train the boy in learning to master the essential skills needed to utilize the sword properly. And though he did not quite master all of the skills necessary, he did prove himself worthy to wield the blade.

Picking up the Nokogiri and taking it with him, the boy would rejoin the regular shinobi lifestyle and take up arms with the same team he had been on during his career as a Genin. It would be around this time that his master would die, and in his passing the name of Kiri Yajuu would be lost.

Joining up with the ANBU, Kisuke would earn well his time and place among the top shinobi of the village. It would be here that the boy would be placed into a special division with the ANBU, consisting of other swordsmen like himself. With these people, Kisuke would gain a name and reputation as the clearing wind. And after only a year or so, the name that was bound with his weapon would be entitled to him. Like his teacher, he would earn the title of Kiri Yajuu, the Monster of the Mist.

After finishing up his service as a member of the ANBU, Kisuke would be promoted to the rank of Jounin. It would be here that he would rejoin with his childhood team, as to continue without their Jounin sensei.

Personal Information

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Relatives: Higure Clan Members
Appearance: [x]

A rather kind figure, Kisuke happens to be rather polite to anyone he meets. Though, he has an odd way of showing it. Being raised as he was, by an old coot, he developed a rather harsh language. However, his actions speak louder than words at most times. So even if he's yelling at someone, it might be his way of displaying that he cares.

Being rather overconfident in his own luck and fortune, Kisuke also has developed a winning personality. That is to say that he loves a challenge, and plays with win. As backed by every word, if he doesn't talk of himself as the best, then he's not worth talking about. Kisuke also tends to be a quickly violent figure, despite his most commonly kind personality. It may be due to high stress or just from his own habit of picking up on challenges he sees, but he fights rather often because of it.

Though wise in his abilities and that of what his teacher passed down to him, Kisuke is a rather unintelligent kind of guy. He speaks out on a whim, doesn't think about what he says and usually speaks too much of the truth for most people to hear. And though this is a quick way to get oneself in trouble, it's also a nice kind of perk about being friends with him, because you know he wont keep secrets from people or lie to anyone he knows.

Other: n/a

Ninja Data

Rank: Jounin
Position: Shinobigatana [Seven Swordsmen]
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Chakra Nature: Fuuton [Wind] | Katon [Fire]



The saw blade of Kirigakure has become well known throughout the world as the weapon of great wind. Though it's offensive qualities are great, it also has become well known for its supplementary uses and the abilities it holds for defensive purposes. The weapon is thick and durable, strong enough to handle even the most forceful of attacks, yet light and graceful in its wielding.

When collapsed, the weapon is utilized as a sword. Although large, its light weight allows for the wielder to swing it about near effortlessly. However, as a sword it only manages to be something of a beat-stick. Having no sharp edge, the blade of the weapon will work well to bludgeon, but not to cut. As the blade is a living entity, it does provide its own forms of built-in abilities that can activate upon will of the sword itself. Though the sword also can read into the will of the user, depending on the situation. To make up for its lack of a sharp edge, the blade is able to recompose and manipulate the nature of chakra to create a spinning and rotating line of blades, made entirely out of chakra, that can cut through many materials like how a chainsaw would through wood. However, its only strong enough to cut through materials like wood in density, and not much stronger than that. As such, this ability is utilized sparingly, rather than as an unblockable attack.

The weapon is also something of a great adaptation weapon, as the blade is able to expand in size upon will. As such, it increases in weight and mass, making it harder to break through, but also harder to wield due to its increased weight. In this, the sword can grow up to ten times its natural size, and this increase can happen almost instantaneously upon the will of the user. However, even though the sword can grow in size, the sword cannot shrink beyond its natural size.

The Nokogiri is not just a large sword, as its true form is that of a large fan. By twisting the locking mechanism at the end of the blade, which takes allot of strength to do, one can unfurl the two side-edges of the blade and reveal a specially woven cloth that hides within the blade. This cloth makes up the form of the fan and is only hidden for the reasons of not having it cut or sliced. However, this weapon is vastly powerful, hence why it is used. When swung, this fan will release a powerful gust of wind that is capable of knocking over trees and ripping up the very ground that the user stands before.


Nokogiri [Saw]
A ninjutsu technique that requires no hand seals. By concentrating his chakra into the blade, the wielder of the Nokogiri can force the blade to create hundreds of small blades that focus around the edge of the blade. These blades then move rapidly to create massive amounts of friction, allowing for the weapon to cut through tough materials with ease. In most cases, this can cut through rock and wooden defenses, but will not cut through metals with equal or greater density than iron.

Baika no Jutsu [Multi-size Expansion]
A ninjutsu technique that requires no hand seals. By concentrating his chakra into the blade, the wielder of the Nokogiri can force the blade to expand in size. This expansion in size is temporary and will only sustain for a few seconds, unless a steady flow of chakra is in place. Using this skill, the wielder can make the Nokogiri grow to gargantuan sizes and utilize its increased size and weight to deal a heavier blow unto a target.

Daitoppa [Great Breakthrough]
Daitoppa is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Wind Element. After swinging the large fan, Nokogiri, it will release a large blast of wind capable of leveling almost anything in its way.

Kazekiri [Wind Cutter]
Kazekiri is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes the Wind Element. After swinging the large fan, Nokogiri, it will release a number of blades of wind that are capable of cutting through basic forms of defense and are easily capable of cutting through the human form with ease.

Senpuu [Whirlwind]
Senpuu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes the Wind Element. After swinging the large fan, Nokogiri, it will create a number of small twisters of wind that are capable of throwing people through the air and even toppling over weaker forms of defense. These twisters do not last very long, but are very effective against handling multiple foes.

Daisenpuu [Great Whirlwind]
Senpuu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes the Wind Element. After swinging the large fan, Nokogiri, it will create a single large twister that is capable of pulling trees from their roots and ripping buildings apart by the foundation. Due to the size and nature of this skill, it is seldom used, but is very effective in taking down a singular pesky enemy.

Kaijin Bakudan [Ash Bomb]
Kaijin Bakudan is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Fire element. First, the ninja performs the needed hand seals. After inhaling a drag from his cigarette, the user can then fire off a small bud of ash from the end of his cigarette. This ash is red hot and explodes on contact with the same force as one would find in the common exploding note.

Enmaku [Smokescreen]
Enmaku is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes both the Fire element. First, the ninja performs the needed hand seals. After inhaling a drag from his cigarette, the user can then release a large amount of smoke out onto the field. This smoke is toxic to breath, and remains in the area, even if there is a breeze or it is used in an open area. If anyone breathes in this smoke, they'll have only a minute or so before they pass out due to the toxic property of the smoke. This smoke is a great method for blinding any foe. Due to the nature of this skill, it can be smothered out by water or cleared through use of moisture in the air.

Kaijin Ryu [Smoke Dragon]
Enmaku is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Fire element. First, the ninja forms the needed hand seals. The user will then exhale a large amount of ash from their mouth that will fly out in the shape of a pillar at the target. The pillar will then take on the shape of a dragon, and attempt to envelope anyone it targets. Being enveloped is followed by minor burns and being shrouded in smoke. The dragon then disperses once finished and the smoke remains on the field even after the dragon is gone.

Katsu [Split]
Enmaku is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Fire element. After releasing an amount of smoke into the air, the user can then form this single kata and activate the smoke so that it ignites in a fiery explosion.
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Kiri Yajuu
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