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 The Nightmares of Kumo

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PostSubject: The Nightmares of Kumo   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:02 am

Basic Details
Clan Name: Akuma

Clan Location: Kumogakure no Sato

Clan Symbol: A crimson moon and silver scythe, apart or seperate. They also commonly use the Jashin triangle cicumscribed by a circle.

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genkai: Sinful Assimilation: A dark bloodline used by the Akuma clan. "Keep what you kill" as it were, the Akuma have found a way to make the dead a weapon not through ressurection, but through absorbing that which made them a ninja, their jutsu, their bloodline, or their chakra. This demented power has a long and bloody history, and is well known in Kumo, if not for its power, then for its cost. The user's of this bloodline lose their soul, becoming monster's, if they're lucky. The unlucky, in the opinion of outsider's, become living servants of Jashin and his Bride, Seftu.

Abilities:Assimilated Blood- One of the three powers of the Akuma bloodline, it is the cause of myth's that Akuma are vampires. Their blood is inky and black, and chakra rich. The Akuma clansman has chakra points which intersect with major arteries. This makes their circulatory system act as a surrogate chakra network in certain situations, but also means that bleeding drains their chakra.

Its true purpose and power, Assimilated blood allows for the absorbtion of 'Blood Memories'. It is well known that Akuma deliver vials of their own blood to other clansman, but its purpose is a secret to the outside world. When an Akuma drinks blood, they gain the memories of the person whom provided it. While in its early stages it allows for the assimilation of messages in a truly unbreakable code, science doesn't even understand this unique ability, in later stages the user can absorb blood and use it to learn techniques of the fallen foes.

Assimilated Flesh- Darker and crueler than the Assimilated Blood, Assimilated flesh allows one to change themselves to gain the powers of attached weaponry, or other physical modifications.

Changing one's flesh, either through the applications of medical science or puppetry, requires assistance. The clansman's body is first given a cocktail, passed down the generations, which will put them in a state of death for days, in rare cases years, until the process is complete. This keeps them from bleeding out or feeling pain, and gives the 'experts' plenty of time to do their work carefully. The attachment of weapons, usually claws or tails, is common practice.

Assimilated Soul- If demons walked among us, even they would fear this aspect of the Akuma's power. The ability strip the fallen of their chakra. Those on the brink of death, or those who recently crossed over, are put in a bloody octogram. The clansmen sits at the southern most point of the eight sided star.They fill the bloody symbol with their chakra, and then it flows into the body. It will then pull their chakra from them and inject it into the user, adding that individuals elemental nature to the Akuma clansmen. It also gives them more chakra in general, allowing them to fight, and kill, more with each assimilated foe.

The user of this bloodline, regardless of what they are assimilating, must kill the victim, or at the very least be there when they died. These techniques, other than blood-communication, cannot be used on the living. If used on an Akuma, the victim is cursed by Jashin and Seftu. They gain their fallen brother's powers, but lose their mind and gain an animal instinct. This is what is called becoming "Jashin's Hand" because it is believed that Jashin himself controls these mindless beasts.

Regardless of whether or not members kill a clansman, eventually almost all become Hands of Jashin. The select few, those 'Chosen' by the goddess Seft become Prophets. (Limit of three)


Name: Hell's Blood

Type: Clan Ninjutsu

Rank: C

Element Affinity: None

Description: A natural ability which come easily to all members of the Akuma clan. It turns their already black blood toxic, and slightly acidic. It feels like skin is set on fire when the ichor drips on a non-akuma. If it gets into the system, through open wounds or even the eyes/nose/mouth etc. even the most skilled shinobi will feel almost instantly sick. Stomach cramps, a burning sensation in the infected area, and blurred vision in the case of it getting into the eyes. The effects are persistent, but the blood is highly soluble in water, a cup of it can easily dilute it to uselessness.(Water cures the effects)


Name: Cauterize

Type: Medical Ninjutsu

Rank: D

Element Affinity: Katon

Description: This simplistic, yet gruesome, medical technique does little to reverse damage done, but does stop bleeding quite effectively. By using fire chakra to burn the flesh around a wound it closes it with the heat.


Name: Black Devil's Left Hand

Type: Ninjutsu

Rank: A

Element Affinity: None

Description: The user gathers chakra in their left hand, condensing it until they have a small black orb. They then thrust it into an opponents body, and while it can have a minor effect with a bit of contact, for full effect the attack must collide full on with the back or torso. The effect of the chakra tears through the very cells of the body, causing quick spreading necrosis. A very painful process, it spreads into a six sided star the siz inches from point to opposite point, in a few moments. The feeling of having your flesh dying is more than even most jounin can bear, but other than the pain, the damage done is literally only skin deep. However, this justsu requires a significant amount of chakra, and repeated use becomes exhausting rather quickly.


Name: Crimson Devil's Right Hand

Type: Ninjutsu

Rank: C

Element Affinity: None

Description: The user will gather chakra in their right hand, and then form a crimson orb. The crimson energy, when thrust into the user or an ally, will cause the adrenal glands to push a massive amount of adrenaline through the veins. This causes them to have temporary increases in reflexes and reaction time. The boost lasts about five minutes. The increase in heart and respiration rate, if over used, can cause serious damage, however, and the amount of chakra required is enough that over use can also exhaust the user's chakra system.


Clan History: The Akuma clan. Evil by any definition, including their own, they are allowed to live in Kumogakure only because the Raikage wishes not to have them as an enemy. They live in the hidden lightning in a love/hate relationship with the village itself. On one hand, they are fabulous assasin's when you need someone dead and want no body left to find, on the other hand, they aren't very secretive about how they dispose of the body.

The clan was founded nearly a hundred years before the shinobi villages. Back then they were a harmless, friendly coven of witches. Their priestess, Seftu, was a beautiful young maiden. She loved life in all its forms. And yet, something was missing in her life. She found it in the woods gathering herbs.

A Follower of Jashin was in the woods, meditating. He had converted to Jashinism but couldn't kill, even in his gods name. Seftu sat down and talked to him, and they fell in love. As the man tried to find his inner murderer, Seftu was drawn to this dark practice of Slaughter. She didn't understand it, but she wanted more. Eventually her entire coven was converted.

Seftu's teachings were by far the cruelest of any religion. She taught her followers dark magics, the dark rituals of cannibalism. Eventually, a nearby village, farmers most likely, came and attacked the cultists. Seftu died defending her people, and her husband finally killed someone. He slayed the man who killed his wife, and it felt amazing. His skin turned black and Jashin's power flowed through him. He killed them all, the followers of Seftu mauling the farmer's like wild animals.

After the struggle, the dead priestess Seftu was given a magnificent funeral, and the clan made a wish on her ashes. Their wish was that Seftu would watch them from the Left side of Jashin, and it is believed that she bacame Jashin's bride to do just that.

What happened after that is unknown, but the clan eventually beame murderous monsters. They settled a short distance from modern day Kumogakure, hoping to practice their ways in moderate privacy, only leaving their stronghold, an massive temple of marble and bone, to slaughter travelers and small villages to provide feasts for their many festivals.

When the village of Lightning was founded, the current leader of the Akuma gave the Raikage an offer. The Village wouldn't investigate any crimes claimed by the Akuma, as long as none of those crimes were against Kumo citizens or shinobi. If the village agreed, then the clan would do missions, and try to maintain some form of self-control when it came to Lightning ninja. The Raikage has yet to get back to them, however.

Despite claiming to be Jashinists, the fact that they worship Seftu is unique to the clan, and most Jashinists either believe them to be a different sect of the religion, or in some cases as blasphemous heathens.

Clan members: Sonyo Akuma, Prophet of Seftu, Prodigy of the Akuma(My character)

Clan founders: Seftu Akuma

***NOTE*** For Assimilated blood, you can only learn five jutsu from the fallen foe whilst drinking their blood, but can gain any additional IC knowledge without limit.

Assimilated Soul gives the user a larger collection of chakra, and gives them control over the victim's elemental nature. In the case of multiple elements, only one is assimilated. Each additional Assimilation of an element provides more chakra, but no additional bonus.

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The Nightmares of Kumo
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