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PostSubject: Yuuko Kurama   Yuuko Kurama Icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 9:37 pm

Personal Information

Name: Kurama, Yuuko

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Relatives: all dead

Personality: She herself is actually really kind and considerate. She is a calm person, extremely loyal to her village, and a dedicated shinobi. She knows she isn't the strongest, but hopes to be able to use her genjutsu powers to be a great shinobi some day. She isn't all out kind either as she won't hesitate to do what she needs to but she isn't ruthless either. She sometimes acts distant and far away because of her powers.

However, with inheriting the full Kurama clan genjutsu powers, she also has a second personality. This personality is completely ruthless and will kill anyone. This overwhelming personality is in control of her full true powers as she can't actually control them. So if this personality breaks out, destruction is sure to come.


History: Yuuko was born into the Kurama Clan, inheriting the full genjutsu powers that came only every few generations. She had always been a small child and not that strong. She also had a tendency to wander off, as she would follow an illusion that she had accidently created or such. Her parents wanted her to become a really great ninja, however, since she was weaker, it was harder for her to complete the tasks of a ninja like others could. Thus she decided to focus primarily on her genjutsu.

A set back had always been her second personality. It kept growing stronger in her until one day it came out. It wrecked havoc on the Kurama Clan's homes, killing all the people within the buildings. Thus her second personality killed off the rest of the clan. There are rumors that there are still some around that survived by luck that they were away on that day.

Yuuko was frightened when she finally regained control of her body. She found her clan's homes in shambles and lots of the clan lying in the streets dead. She didn't know that she had done it at the time, but the villagers realized what she had done and she became an outcast even though the Hokage ordered silence on the incident. Yuuko did eventually figure out that she had killed them all. She then became determined to fight this second personality and become better in control of her powers.


Ninja Data

Rank: Genin


Village: Konohagakure

Chakra Nature: Suiton


Ninja wire, Sekkaku Sword (can't use the genjutsu though)


will learn IC
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Yuuko Kurama
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