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PostSubject: Hideo Uchiha   Hideo Uchiha Icon_minitimeMon Mar 29, 2010 7:46 pm

Personal Information

Name: Hideo Uchiha

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Relatives: Older Brother Younger Sister

Personality: Hideo is the typical Uchiha bad boy who talks when he can back up his words or atleast thinks he can do so. He likes to accept challenges no matter how bad they can be sometimes when he is in the mood to do so. He doesn't like to be shown up by anyone, even superiors such as jounin. He likes to be the spot light in a battle and likes to make flashy moves. He doesn't like being late to anything and hates it when people show up late on him. Hideo enjoys training unless it becomes too much on his body, he likes to take his training slowly. Fireworks are a favorite of his things to watch. He likes sitting down with friends and having a nice quiet dinner.
Around girls he likes to act like the cool guy and pretend he isn't interested, waiting to see which one stays by his side and then sets his sights on her.With his rival he pushes himself to his limits and even beyond that to exhaustion even, just to prove that he is one step ahead of them. Around superiors and adults he tries to act out as much as possible for reasons unknown to him.


Hideo is a skinny young twelve year old who is very handsome as some would consider him. He has long raven colored hair that goes in strands down the sides of his face and spikes up in the back naturally. His hair length is quite long for a boys hair but looks quite good on him. His headband is in the traditional fashion over his forehead like most ninja have it. His face is sharp and good looking. He has a lean body with some toned features only visible in his arms and legs as the rest of his body is covered by his black outfit. His outfit is one whole body piece that carries the uchiha clan symbol on the back. It goes down to his lower thigh on the lower part and on the higher part it has a high collar like most uchiha outfits. on his arms and legs he has bandages and straps that button together, they can be used for taijutsu enhancers or just for style, they seem to take a while to put on. His ninja tabi go to his ankle and are pitch black.

History: Birth to six years old
When Hideo was born it was a thundery night and a depressing night, Sorrow's grandfather had passed away on the day he was born, for his parents it was a day of mixed feelings. They named him Hideo in honor of his birth and in his grandfathers passing. Growing up was a normal life to him, he was an only child so he was able to get all the attention he may need. He didn't become spoiled but he had a good life. He was trained by his father and older brother ever since he turned five years old, he was a natural ninja and it showed through his training.
Academy Days
Hideo joined the academy at age seven and was one of the classes best and brightest students. He was the youngest in his class at first until more and more people joined, soon he wasn't the youngest. While in the academy he was shown to be of great quality and of what is expected of the Uchiha clan. He got good marks on everything he did, able to come out on top of his classes. When in spars he was able to take on more then one of them at a time, he was quite skilled for his age already at genin level. When he turned ten he thought he was ready for the genin exams and had finally gotten his chance to prove himself to everyone. He did what was asked of him in every phase of the exam, he passed all parts with flying colors and earned his headband, he wore it with pride on his forehead.


Ninja Data

Rank: Genin-Prodigy

Position: None.

Village: Leaf

Chakra Nature: Fire and Lightning


Kunai,Shuriken,Ninja Wire,Makibishi Spikes.



Great Fireball

Lion Combo

Shadow of the Dancing Leaf

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