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PostSubject: Hajime's Tools   Hajime's Tools Icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 4:11 pm

Name: Gama
Origin: Taki no Kuni
The sword itself works effective as a defensive blade, and has its uses in hand to hand combat. However, the sword has a special formation within the blade itself, having a number of holes near the base of the blade and corresponding holes in mirror formation on the handle. Though this seems insignificant and tends to make the sword easier to break, they are utilized in combination of ninjutsu to make this a very deadly weapon.

By concentrating one's chakras and swinging the blade while holding particular holes, the weapon makes a strange whistling sound that works as a medium rather than hand seals. This allows for Hajime to form seals while performing taijutsu-style combat with his sword.
A straight-blade katana that has a length of 21 inches.

Name: Saru
Origin: Ame no Kuni
A small, straight-blade weapon. Hebi is unique in that it is slightly smaller than the average length of a wakizashi. This makes it less effective in offensive combat, but makes the blade itself more useful as a defensive weapon. However, a chain has been clipped on to the end and allows for the weapon to be swung about at a distance, much like a kusari-gama.
A small wakizashi with a chain attached to the end of the hilt of the blade.

Name: Hebi
Origin: Ame no Kuni
The sword itself is rather sturdy, and works effectively in combat. It most commonly is used for offense and taijutsu due to its heavy stature and long blade.
A long, curved-blade sword that has a 26 inch blade.
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