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PostSubject: -Ikki-   Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:28 am

Personal Information

Name: Ikki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Relatives: Grandfather

Personality: Ikki is a kid with a very warm heart. She was raised as a hearty country kid and likes doing everything in a sincere manner.


History: Ikki was conceived with one true purpose, to tame the demon that had been ravaging her families farm. Her family was a small ninja clan that worked a ranch, the only reason they ever used nijutsu is because they were born with a kekkai genkai. The family had the unique ability to use their chakra to make an astral form of them selves. Skilled ninja, or ninja with lots of chakra to spare, could give their astral self tangibility.

Apparently, the 5 tailed horse demon did not like the families ranch or farming ways, seeking to free all he work horse they had. Their family was wealthy though, gaining money both from ninjutsu, and from agriculture; as such they hired a special ninja with the ability to seal the beast into the womb of their newest mother.

Ikki was born, but it was to late to save the farm she was destined to inherit. Most of her family had perished to the demons attacks, the ninja who sealed her tried to take her mother to use Ikki for her own will. Weakened by the sealing techniques, the ninja perished to Ikki’s father, but not before taking his life as well.

When Ikki was born the strain was to large for her mother, and she died in labor. Ikki was left with just her grandfather, and a farm he managed by using his kekkai genkai. By the time Ikki was older her family ranch was just in range of the now growing Konoha. Her grandfather could no longer keep things up, and put the young girl to work on the only thing that was still around, the horses.

Ikki spent her days studying at the ninja academy and training horses. During this time her grandfather taught her about their bloodline and told her of what was inside of her before he became too senile. She now is a Genin who doesn’t want to look at the darkness of her past, but the light of her future. She is an optimist and young flower ready to bloom.

Other: Ikki’s bloodline allows one to use chakra to astral project a double of their innermost selves. Since her chakra is infused with the gobi’s her projections reflect the horse in a size no larger than herself. The gobi may be released when Ikki's emotions become excessive or her body is in stress.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: n/a

Village: Konoha

Chakra Nature: Fuuton


-Chakra Staff-
This is a solid staff made of metal that reflects the wielders chakra nature. When Ikki pushes chakra through it, her wind chakra takes the form of a long axe on its edge.


Jutsu Name: Seikitai - Astral Form
Type: Kekkai Genkai
Description: This jutsu makes an astral double of the user. If the user pours enough chakra into the jutsu the astral form will be tangible. For Ikki the double is a horse sized gobi due to its chakra running through hers. The gobi is faster than an average horse but Ikki is currently to unskilled to have it do much of anything else.

The astral form of this technique is like part of the user, it won't disperse with an impact that does not to serious/significant damage. It also grants real time information and control to the user. If it did recieve any damage, it would inturn, upon dispersing/rejoining with the original affect the chakra stamina of the user, in relation to the severity of the damage.

Name of Jutsu: Horse Shunshin
Description: The Gobi effectively does a top speed charge for quick attacks and escapes. Do to its high speed this can only be done in a straight line.

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PostSubject: Re: -Ikki-   Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:00 am

Sorry to have to move this back into this section but i just realized konoha has already got two bijuu so you will have to be in another village.

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