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Hyoujin Ryu Within_the_shadows____by_osy057

Personal Information

Hyoujin Ryu



Hyoujin Ryo, Kiya, Makaiye [Younger Twin Brother, Mother and Father, respectively]

Ryu is a young man who has proven to have the physical, mental, and emotional resilience to push himself through any challenge that comes his way. An exceptionally skilled fighter, he prides himself in his talent and abilities, and despite usually being a laid back person, he does not take kindly to insults of his skill. He believes that hard work is the only true expression of one's power, and that being born with a unique ability beyond that of humans automatically makes someone incapable of knowing what skill really is. He also feels strongly against ninjutsu and genjutsu, believing that use of such things, while effective in combat, are proof that someone is not truly a strong individual and use of such things are compensation for being weak. Yet still more surprising is that he expresses these same feelings for those who wear armor, fight at long range, use cheap tactics or devices, and more. It is seems that anything beyond human taijutsu or Kenjutsu skills is looked down upon by Ryu. It is for these reasons that Ryu does not have many friends, and most people believe he is an arrogant and rude individual. However, for those that manage to fit into his narrow minded view of skill, he is an extremely caring and friendly person, doing whatever he can to help them grow. Even for those that don't, he would almost always step in the front lines to protect them, though it would be accompanied with disrespectful remarks of weakness and lack of skill enough to protect themselves.

Ryu is an extremely loyal and dedicated fellow, never wavering from the path of his goals, and never failing without stressing every ounce of his capability. He is the type to always volunteer for any missions, no matter how dangerous or difficult they may be, for he views challenge and risk as ways of improving physical and mental strength. He prefers to always be in the front lines of combat, claiming it is for the reason that he is obviously superior to most of his peers in terms of both skill and confidence, though many times it is secretly intended as nothing more than to ensure the protection and survival of comrades. Ryu looks up to Kirikata more than anyone else, even his parents, as he trained and tought him, and is one of the few people to not thing of him as a horrible person because of his views. However, one of his main goals in life is to surpass Kirikata's level of skill in melee combat.

Ryu seems to loathe his brother, looking down on him for being so incredibly weak, physically and emotionally. He constantly scolds and verbally abuses his brother, never holding back his thoughts when it comes to his younger twins complete lack of skill. He knows that Ryo hates him for being clearly superior, but he secretly uses this hatred as hopes of giving his twin the push he needs to gain power. Although he would never admit such things, he knows that Ryo is a great child, and where he lacks in actual skill and power, he makes up for with a personality that would make him great. He looks at his brother as the most warm hearted person on the planet, and seeks to one day help his brother become Mizukage or the Mizu Daimyo for his personality alone is enough to turn any country into a sanctuary of peace. Ryu would kill a man without hesitation for insulting his brother, even if he himself says such things quite often, for they do not know the truth of his twin. However, Ryu has never openly expressed or hinted at any such feelings, so the passionate hatred between the two remains obvious.

Hyoujin Ryu Osy057_Ryu1

Hyoujin Ryu was born in Kirigakure no Sato deep within Mizu no Kuni, the older of a set of twins, though only by a few minutes. Despite the simultaneous birth, they have always been very far apart their entire lives. Ryu was born with white hair, a blue area in the front, and Ryo, his younger twin brother, was born with blue hair that has a white area in the front. Even since they were toddlers, Ryu proved to show a great level of intelligence beyond others his age, grasping new concepts quite quickly, and performing difficult tasks with relative ease. His brother, on the other hand, seemed very lazy and lacking in the learning department, that was, when he was not crying. These were only some of the reasons that Ryu excelled far beyond Ryo over the years, not much caring for or appreciating his brother, viewing him as weak and useless. There were many times where Ryu would try to help and teach his brother, but gave up on it after countless failed attempts, finding it pointless to try teaching someone who would not learn, be it by lack of skill, or lack of will.

Further distance would be created between the two siblings as they both believed their parents to favor Ryu, always supporting and acknowledging him for his great skill and intellect, while Ryo never received such complimentary words. Their parents constantly tried to tell both of them that they did not favor one or the other, but they two children did not believe them, as Ryu was clearly superior in every aspect, or so it seemed. While still a young child, Ryu would begin martial arts training, wanting to become a shinobi to put his skills to use, an act which both of his parents suggested and supported entirely. A few years after he had begun, he met one of the higher ranking ninja of the village by the name of Kirikata, a skilled swordsman. Taking under his wing, the man would teach him much in the ways of Kenjutsu, and just as with everything in life before, he would learn at an exceptional speed. He would refuse any training with ninjutsu or genjutsu, explaining his views and beliefs on true skill. Ryu knew that Kirikata was also skilled with some ninjutsu, but respected him for the fact that he proved to be a highly talented ninja with taijutsu alone.

Although the details are vague, at some point he received the legendary weapon crafted specifically for him, Tekigouken. The process and workings of the forging process remain entirely unknown, but it was made by the same blacksmith outside of Kirigakure that forged Kirikata's own sword. He would take to the weapon like a child with a puppy, and a Kage to a village, looking after it like a piece of his own body, treating it like the most important responsibility of his life. He would train with it for years, using his already great knowledge of numerous weapons and expanding it even further. He stayed out of the Academy, learning most basic skills from Kirikata while training with taijutsu and kenjutsu of virtually every style, for many years. At the age of seventeen, he entered the Academy with his younger brother, who had been in it for years, failing countless times. Ryu graduated the class after proving on his own levels his skill in taijustu, claiming that he refused to use ninjutsu techniques. He knew the techniques, believing them to be entirely required to graduate, but said he would never use anything more than a Kawarimi, and only if his life depended on it, just to prove that Ninjutsu were not necessary to be great. His brother finally graduated as well at the very bottom of his class.

Ryu has since joined a Genin team under the wing of his already former Sensei, Kirikata, by personal request of both parties. During one of the training sessions with his sensei since his graduation, one of Kirikata's attacks with his large sword slashed across Ryu's forehead protector, presuming it was the only thing that saved his life from the accidental connecting of the attack. Ryu removed it, claiming that he did not want to wear any sort of protection against things he did not have the personal skill to avoid, and that he would never learn if he did not have to fear death even during training. Ever since, he now bares the slashed forehead protector on the leather strap of his sword holder.

Ryu has mastered nearly every form of publicly known martial arts, both hand-to-hand, and weapons.

Ninja Data



Kirigakure no Sato

Chakra Nature:


Tekigouken - Adaptable Sword
One of the uniquely crafted legendary swords that have made the select swordsmen of Kirigakure so frightening, the Tekigouken is often overlooked, as its abilities are useless if not in the hands of an incredibly skilled shinobi. It is claimed that if the shinobi wielding it is not an expert with at least thirty different weapons, then it is useless, and more of a hindrance than anything. Much as its name implies, the Tekigouken is capable of taking the form of virtually any close to mid-range weapon. The weapon reacts from the users thoughts, able to lengthen as a rope weapon or staff, able to grow larger as a blunt weapon, sharpen considerably as a bladed weapon, and more. The weapon will drain the chakra of he who wields it, though this great downfall acts as a double-edged sword, quite literally. This means that it can change form by a single hand seal, even one hand being enough to make it react from the users chakra. More simply manipulations of the current form only require a consciously willed thought. The weapons natural form is a large sword with a uniquely shaped blade, which it will remain as when not willed into any other form, and will revert to this weapon when he no longer needs it in a specific form. Despite the endless possibilities of the weapons' shape, the colors are always the same, with the main damaging part of the weapon being blue, any connecting pieces being a dull silver, and the handles being black. If a weapon is made that lacks one or two of the three main sections of his primary weapon, it will consist only of the colors that properly match. Because of the users chakra in it at all times, the weapon can be recalled back to their grip like a magnet if they so choose, and if broken apart or becoming a weapon consisting of many pieces that are not connected, it will gather itself back into a single object. Further by cause of the weapon using his own chakra to work, is that he has proven to be able to swing it even after making it into a large sword twice his size, though it is not quite as effortless as with smaller weapons. How this works entirely is still a mystery. In addition, the large amount of chakra in the weapon, along with the already extremely durable construction, makes this weapon nearly indestructible, along with being virtually entirely resistant to temperature extremes and lacking of any electrical conductivity.


Although Ryu has refused to learn Ninjutsu or Genjutsu techniques beyond those that are dependent on one's physical movement. He is regarded as a Genius and a Prodigy due to his extremely fast learning in the fields of Taijutsu and Kenjutsu of all forms. It is unknown if Ryu is capable of utilizing Ninjutsu techniques, or if he even has an innate elemental chakra nature, as he refuses all such things. It is because of both his seemingly natural affinity for taijutsu and his complete lack of ninjutsu, that many believe him to possess a bloodline limit himself and simply not want to admit it. As an additional side-effect of his constant, dedicated, and hard work, his body is in peak physical condition for his age, including strength, stamina, durability and flexibility.

Hyoujin Ryu Osy057_Ryu

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