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PostSubject: Villages and You   Villages and You Icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 1:52 pm

Although we wanted to keep this site as realistic as possible when it came to the Genin experience, we did not expect there to be such a huge lack of RP because of the village-only RP limitation. Because of this, the staff have decided to temporarily remove this rule, allowing Genin to leave the village and RP elsewhere. However, you must read these sub-rules of the change. If you do not agree with any of these, then stick to your own village as you currently do. The removal of this rule might very well cause a lot of imbalance and make people work the system to because stronger than we ever intended - This is a hope to greatly enhance the amount and depth of roleplay, in hopes that people will develop their characters more completely, NOT a means to make you as powerful as possible as quickly as possible. For this reason, we have decided to add some risks, to ensure that you are confidently roleplaying to develop your character and start some possible plot, and not just to get strong as you can with no real IC progress of any sort.

  • This rule is not necessarily permanent. If it does not go as we had hoped, or proves to be far too unstable, we will revoke it and return things to how they originally were. If we do this, it will not ruin what IC stuff you have done. You will be allowed to finish the thread(s) that you are in, but you will not be able to start more outside the village, or try to loophole the system by saying you went to different places in the thread you were in.
  • RP outside your village is free-game to anyone. There is a respect system in place here, that if you put [Closed for Jimmy] in the title, then only Jimmy will join. However, if other people want to join (sticking to their IC personality) for whatever reason, then it will be allowed.
  • RP outside your village is also not supporting by the [No Kill] option. If you are wandering outside your village and get into a fight, then anyone has the right to try to kill you if they choose. Again, a respect system, and hopes that nobody will go around killing whoever they can, especially since you can't be in every country at once.
  • If you wish to go to another village beside your own, you MUST gain actual IC knowledge through RP that lets you know where that village is. Despite being the major ones, they are still HIDDEN villages, and most people don't know exactly where they are. You can not say "Oh, a Jounin from my village told me" unless that 'Jounin' is a character played by someone else, and they themselves have gained that knowledge. NPC's do not count.
  • The Kage's have all rights within their own village. If Jimmy from Konoha decides to go into Kiri, and the Mizukage hates outsiders, they have every right to order you be killed on the spot, imprisoned, tortured, whatever they want. If you go somewhere, be sure you aren't hated.
  • Another rule the same as the one above - If you leave the village without an official reason, the Kage could claim you as a Missing-Nin and order someone to hunt you down and kill you. If you are going to leave your village, be sure that it's fine by your village standards.

Finally, it is your own responsibility to check this thread often for updates. If we see things that need to be changed, added, or removed, we will do so. We won't post a new announcement every time we change something, so check this often to make sure things are no different.

Most importantly - Enjoy. Have fun and get to RPing. This is a chance to develop your char with other people, despite the risks. =)

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