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[N A M E: Uchiha Kurogane Naoto

[A G E: Twelve [12]

[G E N D E R: Male

[F A M I L Y: Uchiha Clan | Kurogane Hidetoshi [Adoptive Father] | Kurogane Rito [Adoptive Brother]

NAOTO Ee3e92b3

On the balmy summer evening of July 25th a demoted former Jonin-sensei known as Uchiha Suzumi delivered after six hours of labor. Her husband of almost fifteen years, Uchiha Kotaro, handled the delivery himself as a medical ninja. However over the years his wife became more and more emotionally unstable, a condition that she'd had since childhood which worsened over the years; then drastically so with each passing week of her pregnancy. For the image of the clan however Kotaro swept his wife's mental instability under the rug for the sake of appearances and to appease Uchiha elders. Suzumi eventually grew to detest the wretched baby inside of her that was causing her so much pain. By the time Naoto took his first breath she wanted nothing more than to see the light leave his tiny onyx eyes. She looked at him and told him to kill the baby, that she no longer wanted it and would do it herself if he refused. Common sense screamed at him to denounce his wife as a madwoman and turn her over to the care of the village. However that would reflect badly upon the clan, questions would be asked, and he would end up losing the woman he had been pathetically in love with since a boy. Instead he henged into the form of a teenage girl, wrapped him up, and appeared on the doorstep of his old sensei in the wee hours of the night. Before he knocked and put his plan into action he removed the Uchiha Clan pendent from his flak vest. Using a senbon he etched the only words he could think of on the back of it and pinned it to the blanket swaddling his son. Kurogane Hidetoshi answered the door that night to be met with a desperate plea from a petite Genin girl explaining how she wasn't ready to be a parent, was too young to care for this baby, and begging him to take the child. Confounded with the waterworks and an Oscar worthy performance on Kotaro's part: Hidetoshi agreed and from that point on raised Naoto along with his own grandson, only a few months older than him.

Shortly after both Uchiha Suzumi and Kotaro disappeared from the village and have not been seen since.

Growing up Naoto had never questioned his parentage too much. He was told his mother was a young girl, no older than fourteen, and felt she couldn't care for him properly. It was left at that. The day before him and Rito were to be enrolled in the academy together Hidetoshi sat the down and gave them the best piece of advice he could. He explained to them that would always be behind families like the Hyuga, the Uchiha, and others who possessed kekkei genkai. As such they wouldn't get any breaks and have to work twice as hard to come up on top of these children who were born with the gifts the Kurogane family lacked. Naoto was determined to prove him wrong.

It rained true from day one.

Throughout his years in the Academy Naoto worked himself to the brink of exhaustion sometimes, only to usually wind up losing out to a clan "prodigy" and end up below them. It infuriated him to the point where he started to hate those with bloodline abilities that gave them an edge. The only area where he was not eclipsed was when it came to genjutsu, something the teachers found he had a natural talent for. Upon graduation he ranked 4th in his class. As a graduation present Hidetoshi handed his son the pin his "mother" left on his blanket, though by the time the color was gone and it looked nothing more than an ordinary button. Still, he wore it from that day on without a second thought.

Now he awaits to be assigned a team and begin the first steps down the path of a ninja.

[O T H E R:
  • Although Naoto is a full blooded Uchiha he remains ignorant of his kekkei genkai as well as his heritage. As such any clan hijutsu aside from the sharingan and the skills derived from it will have to be discovered and learned ICly.


[R A N K: Genin

[P O S I T I O N: N/A

[V I L L A G E: Konohagakure no Sato | Hi no Kuni

[C H A K R A | N A T U R E: Katon


[Old Keepsake]
A simple metal pin bearing the insignia uchiha family on the front and the words "GOOD LUCK" etched into the back. Over time however the colors of red and white paint have peeled off leaving a dull silver, causing it to appear as nothing more than a decorative button rather than the infamous clan symbol. Given to him by his father.

A plain brown backpack Naoto often carries with him. Inside extra equipment such as kunai, shuriken, windmill shuriken, blank scrolls, extra sets of clothes, bandages, and a journal is kept. Used for long missions.

[Windmill Shuriken]
In its folded state, all four arms of the shuriken are folded together. When full unfolded the large shuriken can be thrown through the air causing great damage. Sealed inside of a scroll unless otherwise stated.

Scrolls remain one of the most important pieces of equipment in a ninja's arsenal. Because of their size, multiple scrolls can be carried into battle in the front pouches of a flak jacket or in a pouch. This will save space and not sacrifice a much needed piece of equipment which may be required later. The scroll allows the ninja to summon creatures, people and items to their aid. There are blank scrolls within this shinobi's possession as well as ones which contain large amounts of extra weapons.


[Basic Academy techniques]

Katon Ryugekido [Fire Release: Dragon Rage Technique]
A Technique created by Naoto in which the user will perform three handsigns and recomposition their own chakra. Then they will proceed to expel a large ball of flames outward that will continue to soar onward until it collides with a target. Upon collision the flames will decompress and fan outward. A variantion of this technique is instead of shooting out a single big fireball the user shoots out several smaller ones. The size of the attack itself varies with the amount of chakra utilized.

Magen Nijuushin no jutsu [Demonic Illusion: Doppelganger technique]
A genjutsu created by Naoto. The user will make a set of two handsigns and cause a perfect copy of themselves to appear before the intended targets. To the eye it appears as nothing more than a clone and thus it is unlikely many would think it a genjutsu at first plance. However it will not dispurce even when "struck." This false Naoto will attack the targets relentlessly, using any techniques the actual one knows and any weapons he has on his person. Any pain this doppleganger causes will the felt by the victims so long as they are within the illusion. The doppelganger will remain until the intended targets "kai" out of the genjutsu, causing it to dispurce along with any injuries the opponents believe it caused them. A common tactic is for Naoto to cast this genjutsu ahead of time then quickly hide and allow his enemies to waste chakra fighting it.
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