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PostSubject: Shindou   Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:51 am

Personal Information

Name: Hitei Shindou

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Relatives: Hitei Clan

Personality: In one word, awkward. He isn't comfortable with being around his ‘peers’ but he wants to be. He sometimes thinks too darkly about things and wonders if its normal for him to think in such a gloomy way. Part of him feels like he should change, and wants to, but otherwise he remains who he really is, and continues to act in his own strange way. Shindou is quite confident in his abilities, at times, but he clearly knows when he is obviously outmatched, or should not test his abilities against another. He has his own unique goals and dreams in life as a shinobi.

Appearance: A thin but fit boy, Shindou's body is that of a gymnasts‘. His Platinum hair hangs just below his ears, and call major attention to his eyes. His face usually has a fake smile on it to hide what would often otherwise be an awkward look.

History: Shindou, like most of the Shinobi from his clan, grew up fairly lonely due to his bloodline. He had friends at a very young age, just like any regular boy. But the first time he learned to activate his chakra his clans abilities awoke within him, and having friends was then all but impossible. He became rejected by those around him, not because they were rude or mean, but becaue obviously they didnt want to feel the physical pain of being in Shindous proximity.

Being forced into lonelynes started to slowly change him. He had become used to playing and running around like everyone else and when this could no longer be he started to feel malice towards those who would run. From then on he could only rationally socialize with his family. Missing the life he used to lead he grew bored and frustrated. In his head he knew it was no ones fault that others rejected him, but he couldnt help but feel hurt and eventualy angry for it. Extra time on his hands and a lot of creative ingenuity gave him the ability to change all this, or so he hoped. He hopes to become the first one from his village to in one way or another suppress his power, and become close to others. Now he tries his best to make friends… but after being in a state of solitude for so long he, and the family members he wants to free from the same curse he hsuffers from don’t quiet know how to ‘fit in’. Try as he might his actions and words are quite awkward… or twisted.

Other: Of the Hitei clan Bloodline.

Ninja Data

Rank: Genin

Position: n/a

Village: Suna

Chakra Nature: Fuuton


(All of Shindou’s kunai, shuuriken etc are made of a special metal that hones and channels the natures of the users chakra.)

Morning Star & Mace Heads

Typical Ninja Equipmen

Item Name:
Chakra Tags
Item Type: Unique
Used For: Offense/Defense
Item Description: Similar to an explosive tag, these tags are small rectangular pieces of paper that have the owners Chakra infused in it. When Shindou decides to activate it, it releases the chakra stored in it in a small aura around it. The release is a non-violent array of his chakra. Shindou uses these to get his chakra in places he wants for his jutsu.


Name of Jutsu: Yure Kuroniku Kai - Vibration Ink Seal Release
Rank of Jutsu: C
Description of Jutsu: This jutsu can open and close the Yure Kuroniku that may be placed by a Hitei member, even if they dont know the sealing technique themselves.

Name of Jutsu: Shinchou - Expansion
Rank of Jutsu: D
Description of Jutsu: Expands and contracts the radius of the users chakra. Effectively usess a good amount of chakra, and thins it out, in order to reach a larger radius. The further the range, obviously the more chakra this takes.

Name of Jutsu:
Kunai Rope Darts
Rank of Jutsu: C
Description of Jutsu: This is Shindous Taijutsu, as well as his prefered weapon. Using the average kunai, he atatches his chakra to the ring like a rope, and can then use them as rope darts. Shindou is very skilled with his aim and swings of his rope darts, having once practiced using buckets of water on ropes and spining them around hitting targets without letting any of the water drop. Do to this he has become able to use this weapon, that has evolved from what is esentialy a spear on a string to a very efective hand to hand, and ranged weapon.
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