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 Hitei Clan

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PostSubject: Hitei Clan   Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:20 am

Basic Details
Clan Name: Hitei

Clan Location: Suna

Clan Symbol:
Any static looking symbol(small scattered black spots etc.)
A thin line with a jagged zigzag.

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai: The Hitei bloodline grants the ability to have a strange chakra. The chakra itself isn't stronger or used differently then any other, but vibrates at a frequency inside of the body of a Hitei. The Hitei's bodies are able to withstand the vibrating chakra as their tenketsu and chakra gates are much more resilient then normal.

The use of this bloodline comes in when another shinobi gets within their proximity. If a shinobi does cross into it their chakra, if they use any, or have a powerful chakra they arent suppressing will also vibrate, but unlike the Hitei their body, tenketsu, and chakra gates cant handle the vicious vibrations. So anyone near a Hitei using their chakra-abilities will feel their own chakra vibrate inside them in such a way that they are unable to use it. If the chakra is pushed into a non-Hitei body, it would cause all of the chakra in the affected area to vibrate. If affected by this chakra frequency, the more chakra they were using or more chakra they have out the more pain they feel because the more chakra they have out means more vibrations inside them.

If a shinobi were to force themselves to use their chakra while under this effect they would need to push through the pain. It would take will power and endurance to immense pain, as forcing such a painful chakra out of your tenketsu begins to tear and break the tenketsu down.

Also when two vibrating chakras collide the clashing frequencies causes the chakra to send a shockwave outward in proportion to the two chakras that clashed, in other words making a concussive force-blast outwards of painful chakra equivalent to both bodies of chakra, expending and disipaing the chakra in the process.

Because of their chaotic chakra systems, the Hitei have an innate ability to sense chakra that isn’t like their own very easily. This ability starts out in young Hitei shinobi weak, and grows as the shinobi increases in skill with his unstable chakra.

Abilities: n/a


Name of Jutsu: Yure Kuroniku - Vibration Ink Sealer
Rank of Jutsu: C
Description of Jutsu: Placing the seal written on a designated person, the ink comes off the paper and onto the persons skin like a tattoo. This seals someone away from the effects of the Hitei bloodline, or if they are of the Hitei clan seals in their chakra as to not easily affect others. Even though the chakra is sealed, extreme proximity like physical contact can still cause another to feel the Hitei chakra reaction. The less control a Hitei has, the lower the seals effeftiveness is.

Name of Jutsu: Yure Kuroniku Kai - Vibration Ink Seal Release
Rank of Jutsu: C
Description of Jutsu: This jutsu can open and close the Yure Kuroniku that may be placed by a Hitei member, even if they dont know the sealing technique themselves.

Name of Jutsu: Hitei Heitei - Hitei Suppression
Rank of Jutsu: B
Description of Jutsu: This jutsu reduces the need for a seal on a Hitei member or anyone who they may be near. This is more of a developed discipline than a jutsu. Eventualy a Hitei member can hold his chakra in completely, stopping pain to anyone he may be near or touch, and making detection by means of chakra sensing very hard.

Name of Jutsu: Shinchou - Expansion
Rank of Jutsu: D
Description of Jutsu: Expands and contracts the radius of the users chakra. Effectively usess a good amount of chakra, and thins it out, in order to reach a larger radius. The further the range, obviously the more chakra this takes.

Name of Jutsu: Nimpou Hitei Koutetsu - Ninja Art Negation Armor
Rank of Jutsu: B
Description of Jutsu: Creates a second skin around ones self of a semi-thick chakra. Used as a defense against anyone who does a melee attack. The layer of chakra doesn’t actually stop anything from passing through it, and the user will still take damage/pain upon impact.

Name of Jutsu: Tsurai no Jutsu- Heart-Breaking Technique
Rank of Jutsu: -
Description of Jutsu: This Jutsu causes the targets chakra to resonate with a Hitei‘s. Essentially keeping some of the Hitei chakra connected to them. This assures even if they aren’t within to close of a distance to the clan member, if they don’t suppress their chakra usage, they will still do damage to their tenketsu. The main downfall to this Jutsu, is that the connection can only be linked if the target is using chakra. In other words, this jutsu can only link a hitei chakra to another person if they are performing a jutsu, or action that requires them to mold chakra. This is the first Jutsu Shindou has created himself, that requires hand seals.

Clan History: The Hitei clan seems very mysterious. They are rarely seen outside of their small gated community inside Suna. The reason for this isn't because they are mysterious or mischievious, but because of what their bloodline will do to outsiders.

They tend to become hunter-nins when they fully develop whatever style of combat they so chose. The reason for this is because being a hunter-nin means they don't need to worry about having their abilities hurt others, and beneficially their bloodline stops any runaway ninja from doing much harm once they have actually found them.

The Hitei are a diverse and non-strict people who some wish to be able to live outside of their commute, and others have their own goals and achievements. Along the tall fence made of logs around their neighborhood are seals and warning signs carved into the bark saying things like "Beware", "Enter at your own risk" and "Extreme pain pat this point". because of this the school children have made up myths about the Hitei clan being evil demons who were sealed in there to keep the village away from harm. All of this though is just the imagination of children.

Clan members: Hitei Seiteki, Hitei Shindou, Others

Clan founders: Hitei Seiteki

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Hitei Clan
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