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PostSubject: Rules and Information   Rules and Information Icon_minitimeSun Mar 28, 2010 4:07 pm


  • Be rude: This is a roleplay site to have fun and enjoy yourself. Don't get worked up over nothing and turn into a total jerk. If you have a temper - Learn to calm down.
  • Be immature: Not everyone is out to get you; not every comment is an insult; not every statement of opinion is a blatant personal flame. So chill out, and be mature while on this site. I don't mean joking around and having fun aren't allowed, I am talking about *real* maturity.
  • Godmod: Some characters are strong; some are natural born geniuses; some are born with powerful bloodlines; some have the intelligence or skill of a ninja three times their age. However, NO person is invincible, all knowing, and capable of everything. Everyone has a weakness or lacks heavily in a certain area, even in a mental or emotional standpoint.
  • Metagame: This is a rule that is often overlooked and ignored most of the time, but it will be heavily enforced here. Your character will NOT have knowledge that he or she has not gained IC. If they have not witnessed or fought against a bloodline, or have not extensively studied and researched such things, they would not know what it was. It has been noted in the manga that even clans within a village are not well known by other people, with Genin of a village rarely knowing any capabilities of other clans or bloodlines even within their own village. This applies to all sorts of information, not only combat abilities, so if you have not actually gained knowledge of a certain subject IC, then your character will not know whatever that might be.
  • Post one liners: We will have a 90 word minimum for roleplays. This is not to deter people and make you seem like we are elitists, but 90 words is a VERY small amount for this sort of stuff. We do understand that there will be some times where a short post is all that can come out of a reply, which is fine on occasion, but do NOT constantly roleplay with one and two sentence posts. It makes you look like you lack of any intelligent skill, and it will seem as if you are insulting the effort put into others' posts. If you claim you can type much more but choose not to out of laziness, then choose a different site, because if you're too lazy to roleplay, then don't roleplay.
  • Be illiterate: A few misspelled words will always happen, but try to the best of your ability. All roleplaying here is done in past-tense third-person. We would like to see proper spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Smex: This site is for fun and many children are here. Along with the terms of use of the forums, "Mature" stuff is not allowed. If your characters want to go at it, take it to PMs or whatever else you'd like, so long as it is not publicly viewable.
  • Deny Death: Death happens, it is the ninja world. If you are in a thread where you think a fight might occur, and you don't want anyone in the thread to die, put [No Kill] or something similar in the topic. If you have any other thread demands, list them at the beginning of the first post, and ensure all posting parties agree with it.
  • NPC: NPCs are always needed and often important, but this site is about *working* for your power and developing through RP, usually with others. You can not randomly create and NPC characters just to make your character gain power more quickly beyond what other people are doing by working with others.
  • Twist canon facts: What the manga has stated as fact, shall remain as such here. Fillers are NOT canon, so while some abilities from them may be allowed, those which completely defy all canon logic and fact will not be allowed.
  • Leave a Village: Almost everyone will be starting out as Genin, for purposes of the sites plot and intention. As we know, Genin are pretty much the weakest within the village, hence why they are rarely allowed to go on difficult missions, for their own safety. For this reason, Genin are NOT allowed to leave their village just to go walk around the country or go to other villages just to randomly spar someone else. If you want to leave the village and not be considered a Nukenin, you must be escorted by a Jounin and have permission from the Kage themselves, unless leaving the village is part of your mission, in which case you would be with your sensei and teammates anyway.

Important Details -

  • Genin: This site is based around shinobi from when they first become Genin, immediately after graduating from the Academy. You will develop your characters history, mentallity, and emotions through roleplay and learn jutsu by training and being taught by a sensei, clan member, family or friends, and become whatever you wish to. How your character ends up is up to you and those around you, different abilities, personalities, and lessons leading you to be the next pure hearted ruler of your village, an S-Ranked Nukenin murderer, or anything in between. All characters for now (until we get more members and begin to develop more site-wide plot) will start out as Genin or Jounin (to teach either a team, or specific Genin) and a ruler of each village. Finally, to prevent any overpowered histories of any kind, all Genin will be between the ages of 12 to 18.
  • Kage/Ruler: A ruler of every village will be required, and will be the main decision of any rules, traditions, or methods of the village. This position will likely not see a lot of action for quite some time, other than basic political stuff, but it is still very important. However, if it's a lot of RP you are looking for, I would definitely suggest making another character as well. Only one ruler per person.
  • Jounin: We will need Jounin sensei to lead the Genin teams and teach them, for they will be one of the major keys to ensure the proper education and growth of the village's ninja. Those wishing to make Jounin are expected to be knowledgeable, skilled, and good teachers. Teaching method of the Jounin, however, is entirely up to you.
  • Chuunin: As of currently, we will not be accepting Chuunin applications, for they do not typically serve any major purpose in the development of Genin within the village. Most Chuunin will come around during the exams, for those who pass the tests and receive the rank advancement.
  • Nukenin: Also known as Missing-Nin, will currently not be allowed at all. If you plan to be a missing-nin, you will have to have in character reason, and manage to successfully defect and escape from your village on your own, through roleplay.

Notes of Mention -

  • NOT Canon: This site is not canon based. The Kyuubi didn't attack Konoha thirteen years ago, Naruto doesn't exist, Orochimaru was never born. The ONLY canon things are the villages, and the clans and bloodlines, though you can still make custom clans and bloodlines as you wish. No clans in the manga have been wiped out, Akatsuki or Oto do not exist. This list goes on, though it should seem obvious.
  • Timeline: Because it is not based on canon times, so the history of the villages will obviously be different, the timeline of this site takes place about 20 years after the founding and creation of the hidden villages. Whoever makes the ruler of each village will type out any details of its history, important notes of its founding, and any unique rules that the village may have.
  • Wiped Out Clans: Because of the timeline and lack of canon events, the Kaguya, Uchiha, Haku's clan, etc, are alive and well, though because most people tend to act very overpowered with them and everyone wants to be a member of those clans, they will be limited in number and power. ALL bloodline members will have to start out as Genin and develop their skills IC through roleplay, meaning that the Uchiha will have to activate their Sharingan for the first time and gain each tomoe at a time. This sort of preventative measure will be the same for all bloodlines to ensure nobody tries making a Genin with the ability to easily kill anyone without having worked to achieve their power.
  • Plot: Finally - There is none just yet. The basis of this site is to have all events centered around the ninja as Genin, much like in the manga, seeing the children learn, grow, and develop into all levels of skill and mentality, covering all walks of life. Once things kick off and certain things start happening, it will very likely become many connecting and widely-stemming story lines for all sorts of people amongst the various villages. For now, you create story yourself amongst the roleplay with your peers and sensei.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules and Information   Rules and Information Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 10:42 am

New Rule:

Kind of sad that this isn't common sense and not known, but I feel I must add this nonetheless. Clans and Jinchuuriki can not be used with one character. This is to prevent overpowering. We all felt this was common sense, however with recent events and with newer things on the horizon, I feel this must be added. If anyone objects, pm me or Kida about it.
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Rules and Information
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